Title fight
In her first world title defense, an aggressive Steffi Slater tests Sky Houghton's resilience with a strong start.
Bitter rivals
Kayleigh Parsons tries to get into the head of Michaela Sommer. Weigh-ins and introductions take place.
Alesia Schumann retakes the German throne in style at the expense of a rival she dislikes.
Gray and Orange
BOX! Magazine sees two dominant colours trending in the second half of 2022, so you better buy the right garments to be in fashion.
Virani gets the victory, but are Sandra and the media happy with the result?
Takara Oshima announces her retirement from professional boxing after getting knocked out one time too many.
Stars - Alesia
Alesia Schumann
Sophie Schumann
Chelsea Carter
Heather Barker
Stars - Alex
Virani MacVicar
Kayleigh Parsons
Emma McGale
Cast - Alesia
Zohana Patel
ChloƩ Potvin
Sky Houghton
Taylor Grant
Steffi Slater
Leyla Abdul
Cast - Alex
Hee Jung Park
Kasandra Sobieski
Michaela Sommer
Yenifer Perez
Carla Flores
Wambui Njeri
Recent fights
Two of the best Lightweights battle to qualify for a world title shot.
On her pro debut, Leonie von Hammerstein is sent to Astrid Olsson.
Emma McGale takes on big puncher Takara Oshima at Super Featherweight.
Chelsea Carter and Taylor Grant battle for the American Super Lightweight title.