The Canadian bird takes off and the German makes a mistake that costs her points.
Fighters prepare for battle in tough sparring. Then they meet in the center of the ring before the fight starts.
Laila Ali's Women Boxing Wrap up talks about the rises and falls of some of the division's top fighters.
Stars - Alesia
Alesia Schumann
Sophie Schumann
Chelsea Carter
Heather Barker
Stars - Alex
Virani MacVicar
Kayleigh Parsons
Emma McGale
Cast - Alesia
Zohana Patel
ChloƩ Potvin
Sky Houghton
Taylor Grant
Steffi Slater
Leyla Abdul
Cast - Alex
Hee Jung Park
Kasandra Sobieski
Michaela Sommer
Yenifer Perez
Carla Flores
Wambui Njeri
Recent fights
On her pro debut, Leonie von Hammerstein is sent to Astrid Olsson.
Emma McGale takes on big puncher Takara Oshima at Super Featherweight.
Chelsea Carter and Taylor Grant battle for the American Super Lightweight title.
The Polish Canadian returns to the ring against a former world title contender.