Alesia Schumann vs. Lilly Sanchez – Round 5


Kanti: “BOX!”

Round 5 starts quickly. Alesia and Lilly go straight to each other and Ally holds the middle of the ring, but she lets her Mexican opponent launch the first attack.

The Aztec Princess pops the right jab, but her German opponent turns her body to the right while bending and throwing a fast left hook. She targets the swollen right eye and catches it. The white glove adds further pain to the already injured eye.

Marlene: “Shit! Protect that eye, Lilly!”

In the meantime, Kanti is thinking: “Those gloves don’t show my nails very well after all the work I put into them…”

Esther: “Now is a great time to be a Schumann fan. She’s juicing up Sanchez’ eye and will probably try to make it explode.”

Threatened, Lilly is desperate to fight back early in Round 5. She waits and invites Ally to keep punching.

Confident that her left hook can keep landing, the Diva goes for it once again but the Mexican is waiting for it. When the blonde’s left arm starts moving, she goes forward and inside to throw her right hook from a perfect angle.

The pink glove has no trouble finding Alesia’s face. Smack!

Esther: “If there is one problem Schumann cannot solve, it is when Sanchez gets her arms inside to get a punch in. Let’s hope she’s not too claustrophobic in close quarters…”

A few seconds pass between Lilly’s accurate right hook and the next action. Lilly is bent on defending herself better, though.

The two fighters circle in the middle of the ring with jabs on their minds. After a few fakes, Alesia is first to fire with a straight left on Lilly’s chin, but the Aztec Princess throws almost at the same time, finding the German’s left cheek.

Both grunt while receiving a stiff punch in the face.

Esther: “This looks like the follow-up on Rocky and Apollo throwing jabs at each other in the last frame of Rocky III, with both landing. Hopefully it won’t take decades before we know about the result of this fight, though. I’m not patient!”

Lilly finds new determination after trading blows with Alesia. She becomes more patient to try and counterattack.

Ally tries to fool her into making the wrong moves, but Lilly doesn’t commit herself easily. They throw a few cautious punches until there seems to be an opening in the pink guard. The German goes for the right cross but Lilly resets her feet, comes inside of Alesia’s, and smacks her slightly off balance with a left cross.

At ringside, Regina raises her hands in disbelief. She thinks: “Dafuq?”

Esther: “She went down hard, but she may not yet be out. Sanchezfound a speed lane on the Autobahn for a 200 km/h cross and a solid crash. She can keep on trucking for now.”

Re-energised by her left cross, her very best punch, Lilly goes on the attack against a shaken Alesia.

The visitor comes forward as Ally is in the middle of the ring. The Bavarian wants to hit hard with a counter by taking the body with a left hook. Just as she crouches, though, Lilly comes in with a right hook well above the arm. The pink glove lands on Ally’s chin!

Marlene: “Come on, girl! You’re getting back into this fight! Give it to her!”

Esther: “Sanchez is recovering from her previous knockdown and upping her game to face a tough-as-nails Schumann. I think I’ll drop off my chair before we have a result here!”

Lilly has gained momentum in Round 5 with a couple of solid head punches and Alesia brings her hands up. She falls back defensively.

In fact, much to Regina’s annoyance, Ally has her guard up without doing anything else. Encouraged, her Mexican opponent becomes more daring. She throws a few more punches to the head, which Alesia blocks.

Once the guard has been brought up for long enough, Lilly fakes a left hook to the head but changes her motion to dig to the body. Ally doesn’t have enough time to react before a pink glove makes its way to her ribs.

Alesia grunts because of the pain.

Regina thinks: “WTF. We really have to work on fighting back after taking a couple of shots.”

Esther: “Sanchez is chopping liver at the moment, probably hoping to turn Schumann into minced meat. Punches to that area are a hit or miss. If they hit, you go down in a second or two.”

Alesia made a mistake when keeping her hands too high and waiting to block.

The left hook to the body that Lilly gave her caught the liver. She drops, falls on her knees and hands. It’s her turn to gasp for hair and groan because of body shot pain.

Marlene: “Oh baby, that was quick! You got her where it hurts!”

Esther: “Schumann goes down for the second time in the fight! Bombs are flying and landing to the body, and both fighters had to kneel in front of each other. A spectacular fight for the fans! It’s the German’s turn to try and beat the count in difficult conditions.”

Alesia is still in pain on the canvas, not moving yet after getting knocked down in Round 5.

Lilly: “I’m not done with you! If you stay down, I’m dragging your ass to my gym in Mexico and giving you a private beating! Maybe you’d like that?”

Kanti: “Quiet! Go to the neutral corner or I’m taking a point away!

Marlene: “Go to the corner now! Don’t give her more time to get up!”

Lilly gives Kanti a death stare and intentionally walks slowly to the corner. She thinks: “I’m not done with her! I’m not!”

Esther: “Scenes in Berlin! Sanchez has gone mad with a threat turn into a private torturer. Let’s see what Schumann will make of it.”

Kanti sent Lilly to the neutral corner and she starts the count.

Kanti: “One…”

Regina: “COME ON, BABE! GET UP!”

There’s a reaction. Alesia looks at her coach in the red corner and starts pushing up with her right glove while grunting.

The crowd cheers. “Get up! Get up!” says a young fan.

Esther: “I’m taking bets. There’s a chance she will get up from this!”

Regina: “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Kanti: “Two… three…”

Ally adds her left hand to the pushing effort and lifts her left leg to put a foot on the canvas. She’s progressing.

Esther: “I don’t know if it’s in her interest to do this, but she is on her way to get up again. Pure courage? Foolish pride? Extreme strength? All of them combined? Probably!”

Kanti: “Four… five…”

The Bavarian re-positions her legs and she’s halfway up, making sure that she’s stable enough to keep going.

Esther: “I have exclusive news for you: once she retires, that girl will launch the Schumann Steel Factory and make a killing on the market.”

Now the hardest part. The ‘second half’ of the count is underway and Alesia has to rise up at once.

Kanti: “Six… seven…”

Ally is on both feet and she lifts her upper body. She’s not fully stable yet, but her commitment is undeniable.

Esther: “Schumann has two more seconds to do this. In a few more, she could have Sanchez trying to beat her to a pulp. Who could say no to that?”

Kanti: “Eight… nine…”

Ally looks the ref in the eye.

Kanti: “Are you able to continue?”

Alesia: “My only concern is whether I left the oven on or not, to be honest.”

Kanti: “Funny. Ok, but you better protect yourself or I’ll make it a short night.”

The crowd cheers loudly. The fight will continue!

Kanti gave Alesia the go-ahead to keep fighting. She orders both to get to the middle of the ring, but Lilly takes her sweet time.

At last, the German and the Mexican are in the middle of the ring and hostilities can resume.

Lilly: “It’s so nice of you to come back for more, because I have so much more to give you!”

Lilly tightens her fists inside the pink gloves. Alesia hears the sound of leather getting more compact and she gives her opponent a hostile blank stare.

Kanti: “BOX!”

Are you ready for more?

Marlene: “GO AFTER HER!”


Lilly wants to turn Alesia into a punching bag. She takes the center of the ring again to attack. The German, for her part, makes surviving the round a priority. Who cares about giving a show if it means sitting on your butt in a few seconds?

Lilly has her plants her feet on the canvas before throwing punches, putting as much force into them as she can. Alesia backs near the red corner and the target is tempting. The Aztec Princess unleashes a fierce left cross. The German bends her knees and lowers her upper body to avoid it!

Esther: “Sanchez combines the grace of a swan and the brutality of a bear, but this time, she met a slippery German duck.”

Lilly remains aggressive as time passes late in Round 5. She wants to hurt Alesia now to take advantage of her after a knockdown.

She throws punch after punch but the German remains elusive. She blocks and avoids all of them.

Lilly goes for her monster of a left cross once again. Ally blocks it, but the power behind it unsettles her guard. The Mexican sees a chance to score with the right hook. She wastes no time throwing it but Alesia bends forward and slips under it. Danger averted.

Lilly: “Dammit!”

Esther: “There is little time left in the round and Sanchez is unable to capitalize on what she did earlier in the round against an increasingly slippery Schumann. Whoever greased her up has done a good job!”

Lilly intensifies the pressure in the last 15 seconds of the round and she finally brings Alesia near a corner.

Now that she has a chance to land something significant, the Aztec Princess switches to the orthodox position to surprise Ally with a devil of a right cross, aiming for the chin.

Nein, says the German. Alesia steps to her left and twists her upper body to avoid the punch by a few centimeters. She now has an opening to throw a right hand, unless Lilly is faster with her left.

Esther: “Schumann is putting together a defensive masterclass after going down earlier in this round. Sanchez will growl back to her corner in a few seconds, unless she decides to bite her opponent now. It’s been done in a boxing ring before.”

Lilly missed a right hand a second ago and she’s slightly off balance, perfectly open for a counterattack.

Alesia doesn’t miss this chance. Her right hand is in great position to throw an overhand hook. She twists her upper body and takes aim to land a stinging shot that Lilly can’t do anything about. Pish!

Marlene: “Damn! You should have finished her earlier!”

Esther: “Don’t get mad, get even, as they say. Schumannisn’t going to make Sanchez’ job easy, even in a round in which the Mexican hurt her bad. She’s a persistent little thing.”

DING! Round 5 ends and our fighters go back to their corners. We go to Lilly’s first.

Lilly: “I don’t know what it takes to get rid of her, mom. I hit her hard to the body and she came back up, she defended and even smacked me at the end.”

Marlene: “It’s not time to sulk. If you want to win this fight, you have to step it up. You need your best boxing to overcome Alesia. Do you understand?”

Lilly: “Yes. What should I do?”

Marlene: “You need to land your left cross again. It’s your biggest punch. It may not be enough to knock her out, but it can set up the table.”

Lilly: “Right.”

Marlene: “You also need to hit her on the counterattack. It’s the only way you can hurt her decisively. If it means baiting her to get her close, do it.”

Lilly: “Ok!”

Esther: “Marlene is doing excellent coaching here, giving her daughter a reality check and smart tips. It doesn’t make Schumann a lesser beast, but it may help.”

We now go to Alesia’s corner before Round 6.

Regina: “I’m not happy that you took a second knockdown, but your reaction late in the round was the best one. Your defense allowed you to survive and land a clean shot.”

Alesia: “I know. I took too many punches already. This is a hard fight.”

Regina: “It doesn’t mean you can’t win. Remember the basics: defend and counter when you have your chance. Go in, land your uppercut and then go to the body.”

Alesia: “Genau.”

Regina: “We already have reached our goal tonight by making this fight very competitive while only we expected it. Now let’s get the bonus.”

Alesia: “Yes!”

Esther: “Regina said: go with strength. That’s never a bad idea when you are telling your fighter to use the punch that can rip off her opponent’s head and make it land in the crowd.”

We’ll get to Round 6 very, very soon. Beforehand, Esther Schouten is about to give us her scorecard update.

Esther: “We warned you that this would be a good fight and the two ladies have delivered in the first five rounds. Sanchez took all the points in the last two minutes with pure punching power and a knockdown. Beware of Schumann, though, who was as sneaky as a fox with her defending and late counter.”

“We have a deadlock at 46 points each. Nothing seems to separate these two. Perhaps building a wall would work, but it wouldn’t make for a very good fight. Let’s have them punch each other once more instead, because we share a liking for organised violence. That they are still standing at this point shows that both are exceptionally tough.”

Alesia Schumann
German Super Lightweight champion, former world champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann
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