Virani MacVicar vs. Cammy O’Connell – Intro

Virani’s next fight will be against the very tough Cammille ‘The Knockout Nurse’ O’Connell (3-0). Boxing Monthly will have an interview with Ms. O’Connell posted shortly.

As October is Breast Cancer awareness month, this will be a special ‘Fight for the Cure’ themed event. Both boxers will be wearing Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons on their trunks. Cancer affects us all. Let us Knock Cancer Out!

Commentator: First out is ‘The Knockout Nurse’ Camille O’Connell. After a decent career as a Muay Thai practitioner, Cammy has taken up the sweet science and has found success. She is 3-0 in boxing and is coming off a knockout win in her last fight. A nurse by day, O’Connell seems supremely confident that she can beat Virani MacVicar and cause her own star to rise in the process. We know that she has good power, but she was KO’d a couple of times in her Muay Thai fights. One thing is for sure, Virani has not chosen a patsy for her return to the ring.

At ringside:

Lilim: Hard to imagine she’s a nurse. Camille looks tough. What do you know about her?

Auroun: Looks tough? Heh that’s an understatement. Cammy is knockout puncher. There wasn’t any videos of her fights online, but there were some articles. I read one where she landed a right uppercut that completely knocked her opponent out cold. Poor girl had to go to the hospital, because Cammy broke her jaw.

Lilim: Geez that’s awful.

Auroun: Yeah O’Connell is the real deal. She’s a scary hard puncher. I sort of wished Virani picked another opponent for her comeback match. I hope she’s ready.

Pentakill’s Blade of the Ruined King blares over the speakers as Virani makes her entrance.

Commentator: And now Virani MacVicar makes her return to the ring. The crowd gives MacVicar solid applause. Though Virani is not from the British Isles, her charm and her skills have made her popular on these shores. MacVicar is well known for her offensive ability and punching power, including her celebrated left hook. She’s coming back from a dramatic loss to Kayleigh Parsons, and we will have to see if she is the same fighter she was before her loss. She looks to be in excellent shape and appears to have added some muscle to her frame as well.

Virani: Damn it feels good to be back. On my way to the ring I strike a little pose as I take in the atmosphere of the fight. The crowd cheer for me as I hear my music playing. This is where I belong. This is who I am. I am The Canadian Cobra. I live for this.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, we are live on EBC Sport. First up, six rounds of boxing in the featherweight division. Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner, she is coming in with a perfect record of three wins, and no losses. Fighting out of Boston, USA, please welcome the Knockout Nurse, Camille O’Connell.

Commentator: “Camille O’Connell though she is undefeated, is coming in to this fight as the clear underdog. She does not appear to be cowed by the occasion. Her background in Muay Thai will certainly help her cope with the pressure of the situation. Of course, she’ll have to deal with her opponent as well.

Ring Announcer: “And in the red corner, her opponent, fighting out of Toronto, Canada, with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, with two wins by way of knockout, please welcome back ‘The Canadian Cobra’ Virani MacVicar!”

Commentator: “A nice ovation for the Canadian as she returns to the ring. She’ll be looking to get rid of the rust from her layoff and get back to winning ways. She’ll also be looking to add a few more fans to her already impressive fan club.”

Virani: It is so lovely to hear my name announced and to have people applaud. I look great, I feel great, I’m damn ready for this.

Thomas: I’ve been watching Virani for signs of nervousness. This girl is not nervous, this girl is ready to fight and knock her opponent out. This is the new and improved Virani MacVicar. Watch out world.

At Ringside:

Auroun: Yeaaaaahhhh!!! Go Virani!!! You can do this!!!

Lilim: Good luck Virani!!

Auroun: Its so cool we get to see this in real life. She looks happy to be back.

Lilim: That’s a look of pure happiness on her face. She’s glad to be back in that ring. For me it feels really good stepping into that ring for the first time before a match. It’s a strange great feeling. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

Auroun: That always surprises me when I hear that from you. Cause you never smile when you fight. You always look so serious.

Lilim: I smile.

Auroun: A little bit, but you should show it a little more. Your fans will love it. Even right now you look super serious and annoyed.

Lilim: I’m not annoyed. I’m always happy. That’s just how my face normally is.

Auroun: I know. Heheheh. Well stop it.

Lilim: Uuggh! Alright I’ll try to look happier. But I don’t think I can do it like Virani. She looks like she’s in an ice cream shop right now. Heheh. I’m glad she’s back

Commentator: “Marshall Howard will be our referee for this contest.”

Marshall: “Ladies, we discussed the rules back in the dressing room. This is a six round fight. I want you to protect yourselves at all times. I expect a good, clean, fight, okay? Touch ’em up.”

Virani: Cammy is a pretty intimidating figure, I have to admit. I know her reputation as a hard puncher. I respect it. But she’s not a great boxer. She’s just powerful. Thomas also suspects that she might not have the best chin either. I’d love to put that to the test. The plan is to be a bit cautious early and then to turn it on late in the round. Can’t wait.

Commentator: “Looks like we have a special guest at ringside, ‘The Azure Valkyrie’ Lilim Alterion. She must be here as a part of the ‘Fight for the Cure’ promotion. Lilim Alterion has stated that it is her intention to win the USA title. And with the way she has fought recently, one would suspect that she will be fighting for that title soon enough.”

Are you alright Auroun? You look really stressed out.Auroun: I’m fine. I’m not nervous at all.Lilim: Did you forget to gel your hair?Auroun:……..Okay I’m nervous wreck. Yeah I did. I was so worried about this match I totally forget to do my normal hair style. Does it look weird on me?

Lilim: No I think it actually looks good on you. It’s a good change.

Auroun: Thank you. But I should warn you I might throw up on you.

Lilim: What!?

Auroun: Haaa just kidding, but no seriously it feels like there’s a huge knot in my stomach.

Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar
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