Virani MacVicar vs. Lilim Alterion – Round 1

Commentator: “A cagey opening to this fight as you might expect when the stakes are so high.  Both these women know that one punch can turn this fight on a dime.  But there’s Virani finding a home for her jab early in the fight.  A good sign for the Canadian as she’d probably like to keep Lilim at a distance if possible.”

Thomas and I talked about winning this first round and getting off on the right foot.  Lilim has a tendency to be something of a slow starter and I want to take advantage of that.  The crowd is behind me and I want to keep them in the fight as well.  I fire off a couple of jabs which Lilim blocks, and then I fire off another one which does land.  One out of three ain’t bad, I guess.

Lilim: My fight with Virani finally begins. I know she’s going to try and out box me. She also has good hand speed so I don’t want to get countered when I try to go in. So. I try to get a good feel of her range. After we travel around the ring she fires off three jabs. I keep my gloves up and block them except her left shoots passed my gloves and hits my face. It jolts my head back a little, but it doesn’t hurt. Her punches really are fast. I just need to keep a cool head. I’ll get used to her range.

Commentator: “It’s time for Alterion to go on the attack as she grabs the middle of the ring and forces Virani towards the ropes.  The Canadian doesn’t seem too phased by being backed up.  Lilim goes for a combination of punches, and the crowd reacts, but it looks like Virani absorbed them all pretty easily on her gloves.  Virani’s improving as a defensive boxer, and she’ll be happy to keep the hard-hitting Alterion from hitting her by any means necessary.”

After finding a home for my jab, Lilim comes right back, cutting off the ring and keeping her head moving.  I stay patient, not letting her through a counter off a lazy jab.  Then, like a volcano, Lilim erupts in a four punch combination.  They come at me like lightning, each one following the last, but by some miracle I’m able to block them all.  I guess hard work in the gym does pay off.

Lilim: I try to cut the ring off and push Virani to the ropes so that it be easier to land my power punches. I move my hands and throw out a swift right, left, right, left jab combo to try and back her up more. All the punches smash into Virani’s gloves. As I expected her stance and defense are at a pretty high level. Landing a hit on her will not be easy.

Thomas: Virani’s defence has improved, but she’s not going to win this fight on defence.  This is a fight between punchers.  I’m glad to see her taking those punches on her gloves and not her chin though!

At Ringside:

Alesia: Nice defending there.

Regina: She has to throw back quickly, though, does Virani.

Alesia: Yeah, otherwise she’ll be thrown back on the canvas and have a throwback to the Kayleigh fight!

Commentator: “An action fight was promised, but it has not quite delivered so far.  It’s been a tense and cagey opening so far, but now there’s a nice right hand to the body from Lilim.  Virani tried to counter with a left hook but it just didn’t find the range.  Lilim will probably look to the body often in this fight and judging by MacVicar’s reaction, she didn’t like eating that right hand at all.

Lilim: I wasn’t able to trap her on the ropes and I’m not having so much luck trying to find gaps in Virani’s defense. Instead I decided to aim lower since her body was more exposed. I drop my right arm slightly to snap out a right jab, but at the same time I noticed Virani swung her left arm. Thankfully my right hand was faster and landed first. It was the first clean punch I landed on Virani in the fight. Her body was strong though, it felt like I just punched a solid wall, but the impact of the blow must have been enough to make her left hook accidentally miss me. Which is good because I know how strong her left hand is. I won’t allow her to hit me with it.

Virani: I see Lilim lowering her shoulder to throw a punch to the body.  Well that means there’s nothing protecting her head, so I turn and twist into a left hook.  Unfortunately, I misjudge the distance and my hook is short of where I thought Lilim’s head was going.  Lilim has no such problem finding the target, whacking me cleanly in the midsection.  I absorb it, but it does sting.

At ringside:

Regina: That was a solid right hand but Virani’s abs took it well.

Alesia: Ab-solutely.

Commentator: “Lilim continues to be the aggressor in the early part of the first round.  There’s another flurry from Alterion, but Virani again intercepts them, keeping up a tight, moving guard and keeping her head moving.  The last punch was a solid left hand that echos around the arena as Virani blocks it.  Good stuff from the Canadian.”

I don’t exactly like inviting people to throw punches at my head, but in the early going I want to keep my defence sturdy.  Lilim’s more known for her hook than straight punches, so I keep my guard almost like earmuffs, protecting from looping hooks, though not offering much in the way of offence.  Lilim flurries again, and again I manage to block.  But damn, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a punch through my guard like I do with Lilim’s punches.  I think Lilim might be part sledgehammer.

Lilim: The round has been pretty slow so far. Virani hasn’t thrown much at me. As much as I like taking a warm up round, this pace is a little too slow for me. So, I’ll set the pace of this fight.  I squeezed my blue gloves tightly and started throwing hooks that had more power behind them. All my hooks landed, but they all bounced off Virani’s gloves. To finish my flurry I swung the hardest left hook that I could, but Virani stopped it clean and didn’t even flinch. I was a tad surprised by that. Guess that means I’ll have to try harder.

At ringside:

Regina: You see Lilim’s shoulders? We have to make you gain strength in that area.

Alesia: Because shouldering the blame for weak shoulders would make you shudder, huh?

Regina: You and your puns. You spend too much time with Esther.

Commentator: “We are waiting for this one to hot up…but there’s an exchange!  Looks like Virani got off her right hand before Lilim could respond with a right hand of her own.  Good work from the Canadian Cobra.”

I’m a bit tired of letting Lilim set the pace of this fight.  I could wait and and be the counterpuncher, but its not my style.  I fake and then fire off a right hand which lands clean on Lilim’s cheek, sending a bit of sweat flying from her head.  Okay Virani, solid punch, but I have to be aware of Lilim’s punches.  Her counter was a fraction too late here, but she could have easily landed and given me a punch to remember.

Lilim:  So far I’m in control of this fight. I still have Virani on the defensive. I then instantly noticed Virani dropped her left glove slightly. Without hesitating I swing my favorite right hook at her head, but in flash Virani’s hand launched at me and speared me in the cheek first. My head was forced to turn over my shoulder and I grunted from the impact.

I shook my head slightly and looked back at Virani. Okay that punch hurt, but I can handle it. She beat me in that exchange, but I’ll get her back. Let’s go MacVicar.

Commentator: “The action heats up in the centre of the ring as both women flurry and try to land some punches.  A couple of glancing blows…and now an exchange where both right hands land.  Neither woman seems too hurt but both took a solid shot to give out a solid punch.  This is the kind of action we were expecting from this fight!”

Before I knew it we were both really into the fight now with the crowd cheering louder. This is what we wanted. In the center of the ring we were throwing jabs and hooks back and forth. Virani didn’t care about her defense and neither did I. None of us were backing down except we weren’t landing any serious punches except for a left jab that graced my cheek a little. Then I saw a perfect moment to strike. I fired a hard right hand that lands perfectly, but right her hand also slammed into my cheek at the same time and turns my head. Uuugh. That hurt a little. Hopefully my punch was harder.

After a bit of a tame start, this one is action packed now, both Lilim and I fire away with little regard to our defence.  She pings a left hand that jolts my head and then Lilim and I both fire right hands which basically land at the same time.  Ow.  Damn.  I can only hope that I’m doing equal damage to Lilim on these trades…

At ringside:

Alesia: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? And shouldn’t we also do that in the gym?

Regina: The last frame of Rocky III? You don’t want to trade with me, babe!

Commentator: “Alterion backing Virani down…and the Canadian tries to go for a right hand to the body but Lilim snaps a fast jab that stops that in its tracks.  The jab from Alterion also landed in a good spot, just beside the eye.  That kind of punch can start up some swelling…”

Virani:  Lilim keeps the pressure on me, walking me down and towards the ropes.  I don’t want to be on the ropes against Lilim, she’s too dangerous.  I think I see an opening and try to throw a right hand to the body, but before I can, Lilim’s impossibly fast jab catches me by the eye.  Crap, Ow.  Stupid Virani.  Be better.
Lilim: I’m confident of my infighting abilities and I know I can do some serious damage if I go a little harder. I throw a few more jabs and hooks that back Virani up closer to the ropes. My sharp eyes catch Virani moving her right arm to attack. My instincts kick in and I fire my fastest left jab that crashes into Virani’s skull and slightly snaps her head back. I can do this.

At ringside:

Regina: Nice jab from Lilim there.

Alesia: She’s a jabber, not a jobber.

Regina rolls her eyes

Commentator: “We move back to the middle of the ring…Virani fires a jab, but Lilim smashes her with a huge overhand right counter!  Big shot from Lilim, she got her weight behind that one!”

Virani:  I want to try to establish my jab again, so I can get the tempo going back in my direction. I fire off a pair of jabs, but on the second one, Lilim slips and fires a huge overhand right that gets me right on the chin.  Instantly, I see stars and I feel my knees buckle…

Lilim: I can’t keep Virani on the ropes. Her footwork is too good. But if Virani wants to slug it out in the center ring, I’m ready to go! I get in close and Virani throws a pair of jabs. I block the first one and I dodge the second one. At the same time I see her open and I counter with my hardest overhand right. My timing is perfect and I see my punch landing flush and smashing up against Virani’s jaw. I hear the loud sound of my punch land, her head jerks over her shoulder, and a small spray of spit flies from her lips. My eyes then raise slightly when I see her knees bend. Did I just…

Thomas:  Uh, oh.

Auroun: Ooooh crap!!! Great hit Lil!!! Geez she landed that counter perfectly! Virani doesn’t look so good!

At ringside:

Alesia: Holy scheiße, what an overhand!

Regina: A cheeky punch.

Alesia: Hey, I’m the pun maniac here, not you.

Regina: Shush.

Commentator: “Virani’s legs give way as she falls to the canvas!  A knockdown for Lilim Alterion in the opening round!  The Azure Valkyrie is a big power puncher and she punished MacVicar with a great counter!  We’ll have to see how hurt Virani is….”

Lilim: I see Virani fall back onto the canvas. The crowd went wild around us and I’m sort of in a state of disbelief as I look at her face. Virani looks stunned, but I turned and went to the nearest neutral corner. I’m proud of my accomplishment, but I can’t believe I just knocked down The Canadian Cobra.

Virani:  My legs have no strength, so I topple backward onto my butt and back.  I’m with it enough to prevent my head from smacking against the canvas, but Lilim landed a hell of a punch there and I am a bit dazed, to say the least.  I gotta take my time and get up.  I am sure as hell not getting knocked out in the first round of this fight!

Jett: Great job Lilim. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect counter. Virani wasn’t even ready for it. She looks a little confused. Lil might have already won this thing. I didn’t think Virani was ready for a fighter like Lilim. It’s looking like I might have been right. But perhaps not this early in the match.

Thomas: Damn, Virani’s down.  The crowd is going crazy.  Virani’s been down in the first round before and she was able to beat the count there…but we all know how that one turned out.  I don’t think Virani’s too hurt.  It was a great punch from Lilim, but I don’t think that will be enough to keep Virani down.  At least, I hope not.

At ringside:

Alesia jumps to her feet: Nooooo!

Regina: Calm down, it’s just a flash knockdown. She’ll get up.

Commentator: “MacVicar is on the canvas in the first round!  Lilim hustles to the neutral corner as Kanti comes in to start the count.  Drama here in the 1st!”

Kanti: Welp, Virani’s on the canvas again in the first round.  Just like the last fight I refereed with her.  I look down at her and start the count “1!”

Virani: Ungh, that hurt.  My ears are ringing a bit and my vision is a bit cloudy, but otherwise I’m okay.  I think my legs are a bit wobbly though.  I can see Kanti above me starting the count.  Okay Virani, time to get off the canvas.  I did not come here to get knocked out in the very first round!

Kanti: “2…3….4” Virani’s moving and up to one knee.  Good signs.

Lilim: With my gloves at my hips I lightly bounce on my toes in the neutral corner to stay loose as I watch the ref count Virani out. I have mixed feelings about this. I feel awesome, strong, and confident on scoring a clean knockdown, but this time it’s against a fighter I used to cheer for. Virani looks stunned as she’s trying to get up. I might have already won this fight. A part of me feels a little disappointed that this fight is already over, but I’ll happily take the win. All those thoughts instantly vanished when I saw Virani get on one knee by the count of four. I take it all back. Maybe she’s not as hurt as I thought.

Virani: My body reacts pretty well as I push myself up to one knee.  The count is at four.  Plenty of time.  I glance over to my corner and look at Thomas.  His mouth is set in a grim line, but he quickly claps and shouts for me to get up.  Okay Thomas.  I’ll get up.  I just want to wait so I can get the most out of this count.

“5…6…7.”  She’s up and looking okay.  “Do you want to continue?”

“I’m okay.  I want to continue.”  I look at Kanti calmly, trying to look like getting knocked on my butt was no big deal.  I’m a bit woozy, but its clearing up quickly.  I’m okay, let me fight.

Kanti: They always say the same thing.  I give Virani one last look.  Her eyes are clear and her legs are solid.  No reason to stop this one.  “Okay, Box!”

Lilim: Virani is up and she looks okay now. I should have known better. Virani is too strong to let a punch like that stop her this early. However, it’s possible she could be pretending to be okay. I could probably take her down now if I hurry. I put my gloves up and I’m ready to go for another knockout win.

Thomas: “Defence, Virani, Defence!”  Looks like Lilim just stunned her with that counter.  It seems like Virani is fine, but only she knows for sure.  Big setback though, we had hoped to be up on points and get off to a good start.  This is the opposite of that.

Jett: “Keep up the pressure Lil, but watch out for her counters! Fight smart!” As much as I want to believe we have this fight in the bag. Virani still looks like she has all her senses which is a little concerning. Lilim’s punching power is no joke, but Virani got up a little quick. Hmmm… At least Lilim is winning this round.

At ringside:

Regina: See? I told you she’d get up. Who’s the boxing expert here?

Alesia, with a sarcastic tone: Sigh… you. Regina is always right.

Commentator: “Virani is up and the fight will resume!  Virani’s corner is asking for defense, but she slips a jab and lands a good straight right hand!  That’s one way to say that you are recovered from a knockdown – punch your opponent in the face!”

Virani: I feel pretty good, almost back to normal, really.  Lilim clearly wants to be aggressive and put me away.  Not so fast.  She throws a straight left, but I’m able to slip it and throw a nice right hand that scores.  Earth-shattering punch?  Nah.  But it lets Lilim know that I ain’t going to be easy prey.  I was knocked down, but I am not out of this fight.  Not by a long shot.

I know Virani will go down again if I can land another one of my power punches. I go on the offense by swinging a couple hard hooks that Virani blocked or dodged. I’m not giving up and I move my glove and shoot out a straight left, but instead Virani counters me with a swift right hand that that turns my head slightly. “Ugh!” Dang her hand speed is still so fast.

Commentator: “Lilim fakes a jab and then steps in and lands a savage body shot that lands under Virani’s ribcage.  Virani positioned her hands to block a jab and was too slow to react to Lilim’s quick move to the body.  If Lilim can get inside like that on a consistent basis, this could be a short night for the Canadian Cobra.”

Virani: I see Lilim fire off a jab and I raise my arms to parry her short jab.  Too late, I notice her pulling back the jab and slipping to my left.  Too late I realize she is dipping her shoulder to throw to the body.  Her punch lands with a thud that I feel as much as hear.  Damn this girl can punch.  I have to suck it up though, even sure I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow…and for the rest of this fight.

Lilim: I got to try and get past Virani’s strong defensive skills. So, I snap out a false jab and Virani raises her gloves to meet it. I frown as I instantly drop my right glove and slam Virani’s abdomen with a hard right hook. The sound made a loud “BAP,” noise as it landed. My glove felt like I was hitting a rock, but hopefully it will slow Virani down.

  Lilim’s off to a good start.  That was a good false jab to set up her getting inside.  Virani’s good enough to make sure that’s the only punch that lands, but I can tell that one hurt her.  Heck that almost hurt me and I’m not even in the ring!

At ringside:

Regina: If Virani thinks quickly, the next time she’ll leave the body open and catch Lilim with a left hook as she goes down to punch.

Alesia: Nice way to hook up!

Commentator: “Virani is really having difficulty landing anything of substance now.  Lilim’s defence and quickness appear to have caught her off guard. Perhaps the knockdown has made her more cautious as well.  There’s a quick 1-2 that Lilim avoids.  Nice, tight defence from the Azure Valkyrie.”

Virani: I know that I’ve lost this round, but I’m trying to show Lilim that I’m in this fight.  Even when she comes forward, Lilim shows some nice defence and head movement.  I kind of want to throw a punch to the body, but the last time I did, she popped me with a good jab.  I decide to fire off a 1-2 combination, but Lilim blocks the jab, and sways to her right to evade my right hand.  Damn.  I thought Lilim would be easier to hit!

Lilim: Virani is going more on the offense. I go on the defensive mode by keeping my gloves up to block and dodge all of her punches with my speed. Her punches are fast, but luckily, I can move fast when I need too. I’m still in control of this fight and I keep trying to find another big knockout punch I can land. I know my punches can hurt Virani. I’ll do it again.

At ringside:

Alesia: Lilim is very disciplined so far.

Regina: More disciplined than you and that second beer you’re guzzling.

Alesia: Sigh… it’s mostly water and vitamins!

Commentator: “Near the end of the round now and Virani will be looking to give Lilim a message to think about on her stool.  She slips a nice jab by sliding to her left…”

Lilim: I’m fighting well in this round and I feel confident. Feeling that the end of the round is near I want to end the round on a high note before the bell rings. I see a good moment to strike and I take it without a second thought. I sniped out a sharp left jab and I see it barely miss Virani as she slips to her left. What!? I can’t believe she dodged that!

Virani: Lilim’s fighting really well, I need to combine defence and attack, and I have to do it quickly.  I see a jab coming and I take a quick step to my left, sliding my body to the right to the left to slip the punch.  I drop my left hand to keep it out of Lilim’s sight line…maybe I can land my left…

At ringside:

Alesia: That’s it, baby! Defense! Defense!

Regina: Stop stealing my lines.


“…and Virani connects with a savage left hook!  Lilim’s mouthpiece is dislodged and it goes flying away!  Lilim tried to get Virani with a right hand, but she missed and Virani made her pay!  Beautiful punch from the Canadian Cobra.  That is her signature punch and you can tell why, she knows how to get all of her power behind her hook.  Can Alterion withstand Virani’s punch?”

Lilim: After my left jab missed I followed and started to swinging a right hook. In a flash pain exploded on the side of my right cheek when Virani’s left hook landed flush. “Uuuggh!” My mind goes blank, my head jerks over my shoulder, spit spurts from my mouth, and the force of the punch was strong enough to force my mouthpiece to fly out. I don’t know what is happening, but I feel like my world is spinning. What is happening?

Virani: I see that Lilim’s right hand is coming for my head.  If she counters my counter, I could be in deep trouble.  Her arm whizzes underneath mine, but my punch gets their first, rattling Lilim’s jaw and sending her mouthpiece flying away.  I hear a little moan escape from Lilim’s lips.  I landed that flush.  My best punch, really good timing…if I can’t hurt Lilim with this…I don’t even know.

At ringside:

Alesia: Yes! Go get her, tiger!

Regina: It’s Cobra.

Alesia rolls her eyes.

Virani v. Lilim 15 Virani v. Lilim 15 - Closeup Virani v. Lilim 15 - Alternative Views

Commentator: “Alterion is down!  She took a big left hook from Virani MacVicar, and her legs collapsed under her!  Lilim falls into the ropes, sprawled on the canvas!  Alterion cannot be saved by the bell.  Amazing drama here in the 1st.  Virani avenges her knockdown and sends the American down to the canvas near the conclusion of the round!  We were promised fireworks and this one is delivering!”

Holy crap I just knocked Lilim Alterion down.  She couldn’t take my left hook.  I haven’t knocked her out, of course, I fully expect that she’ll get up.  But damn, Lilim Alterion is down in the first round.  It’s great to know that she isn’t the granite-jawed slugger that some people think she is.  Time to hustle to the neutral corner and hope against hope that I somehow knocked Lilim out with one punch.

Lilim: With my world spinning and my legs are gone. I fall to the canvas and land on my back. What just happened? I was winning and now I just blurry vision of Virani looking down at me. I got knocked down? How? Luckily my vision clears and my world swiftly stops spinning. I need to start getting up now. I can’t lose in the first round.

Thomas: Okay, I did not expect that.  Lilim looks okay, but she crashed to the canvas pretty dramatically.  The mental message it sends to Lilim might be worth more than the damage that Virani’s left hook did to her.  Now Lilim has to respect Virani’s power.

Jett: Oh, crap I was afraid of something like that happening. Virani totally set her up for that insane left hook. I think the whole damn crowd heard that hit land. I don’t even think Lilim saw it coming. That was a perfect counter. I know Virani’s left hand was strong, but I was hoping Lilim could withstand it. It was stupid of me to think that. I completely underestimated Virani’s power. I just hope Lil isn’t too hurt. She needs to beat the count.

At ringside:

Alesia starts singing: She goes down, down down down… All night long!

You really should stop listening to Mötley Crüe.

Virani v. Lilim 16 Virani v. Lilim 16 - Alternative Views

Commentator: “The count begins as the crowd roars.  Lilim is already scrambling to get to her feet though.”

Kanti: I point Virani to a neutral corner, but Virani is going there. I look at Lilim and see she’s still conscious. That was a hard hit she took, but she’s awake. I make sure to give eye contact and I show her one finger as I begin the countdown. “ONE!… TWO!”

Lilim: My vision is a little dazed, but thankfully it clears up. I can hear the ref’s voice clearly even among the loud noise of the crowd. I think I can even hear Auroun’s yelling in the distance. I know his voice well. I grab onto the ropes and I manage to sit up.

Kanti: “THREE!… FOUR!”

Lilim: I quickly get on my knees and a take a moment to take a deep breath to help clear my head more. I know I’m okay, but I don’t want to rush it. I could lose my balance and fall back down. I feel better, but I notice the fog in my mind is still there lingering a little. I just need to take it slow.

Kanti: “FOUR!… FIVE!”

Lilim: I summon power to my legs and I managed to stand up straight. I put my gloves up to my head and look at the referee to show that I’m okay. I really don’t want to lose this fight in the first round. Not when I was doing so good. I promised myself I wouldn’t lose again.

Kanti: “SIX!” I stop the count and I take a good look at Lilim’s face. There are no cuts. She still looks a little stunned, but her eyes are completely clear and her legs seem strong as well. She doesn’t look any worse than Virani did when she went down. I grab Lilim’s gloves and wipe them. “You okay to continue?”

Lilim: I nod my head eagerly. “Yes Ma’am. I can keep going.”

“DING! DING!” Bell chimes to end round 1.

Kanti: I don’t think a boxer has ever called me Ma’am before during a fight. She’s polite.  There are worse things. I nod my head back at her. “Alright.” And I make a signal to show the fight goes on, but the round is already over. I turn, walk over, and pick up Lilim’s blue mouthpiece so I can give it to her coach.

Lilim: Well it was a good round until I got knocked down. Damn it. Oh well. I guess that’s what I get for being too confident. I’ll just have to do better next round.

No time to waste, I hustle to the neutral corner.  By the time I get there, it already seems like Lilim is getting up.  Blast.  Damn.  Crud.  It would have been so nice if she just stayed down.  Too much to hope for, I guess.  By the count of 4 she is on her knees, and by the count of 6, she is on her feet.  I shrug as the bell rings.  Time to get my minute of rest.  Nice first round, Ms. Alterion.

At ringside:

Alesia: Whoa… she got hammered by that left hook and she still got up. She’s as tough as nails. Get it?

Regina shakes her head.

Virani v. Lilim 17

Commentator: “The fighters return to their corners after a hard fought first round…and are they smiling at each other?”

Virani:  That was a hell of a round. Insanely action packed. And…fun?  That’s an odd thought to have pass through my mind. I look over at Lilim as she walks back to her corner and Lilim shoots me a confident looking smile.  It’s as if she’s thinking the same thing I am. Freaky.  Okay Virani, get focused, you pulled that round out of the fire, but you have to be better…

Lilim: The first round is over and I wish we could just keep going. I don’t want to go back to my corner. I can’t help having fun. Wait fun? I just got up from being knocked down and I’m actually enjoying this more than normal? What is wrong with me? It has to be because I’m fighting Virani. I can’t help, but smile. I look up and I see Virani smiling back at me. That’s so crazy. She feels the same as well. Heh that seems just like her. I better bring my A-game for the second round. Cause I know she will too.

Commentator: “And it seems like both The Canadian Cobra and The Azure Valkyrie are developing a rivalry before our very eyes. Lilim has stated she is a fan of her opponent and rumors have stated Virani is interested in her opponent’s career too. It seems were about to find out what happens when a fan fights their own fan. A unique match up. But both of these women want the win. Let’s go to ring side.

At ringside:

Alesia: Two knockdowns in the first round and they’re smiling each other. This is crazy.

Regina: Almost as crazy as you!

Virani v. Lilim 18

Commentator: “Let’s listen in on what Lilim Alterion’s corner has to say about this first round.  It was looking like Lilim’s round until she got caught with a big left hook from Virani and knocked down.”

Lilim: “
She’s strong.”

Jett: “Are okay Lil? Talk to me.”

Lilim: “Little dazed at first, but I’m okay now. I’m just a little mad at myself for not seeing that counter.”

Jett: “Don’t get frustrated, the fight has just started. You now know how dangerous her left really is. You’ll be ready next time. Her punches are strong, but yours are still stronger.”

Lilim: “I know my punchers can hurt her. I’ll get her again in this round.”

Jett: “I know you will. Now she’s going to try and keep you at a distance. I want to see good head movement, get on the inside, and land those shots. When get a chance keep landing those body shots too. She’ll tire out in no time. You got this fight!”

Virani v. Lilim 19

Commentator: “Now lets listen in on the red corner, as Virani MacVicar converses with her coach, Thomas Nagy.”

Thomas: “Exciting round, Cobra.  How are you feeling?”

“Lilim hits like a tank, as expected.  I got off to a slow start, but I at least I was able to get off the canvas and do some damage.”

Thomas: “Well, she got blasted with your left hook and couldn’t take it, so I expect her to be a bit more cautious of that punch.  Still, Lilim only knows one direction, and that’s straight ahead.  She looked good walking to her corner, so I don’t think she’s hurt badly or anything.”

Virani: “Nah, I got her good though.”

Thomas: “Okay, this round, bust her up with her jab and don’t let her get inside.  Watch for her counters though, she can end this fight with one punch.”

Virani: “I’ll be more careful.”

Thomas: “Keep going, we knew this wouldn’t be easy.  You can do it, V.”

Virani v. Lilim 20

Commentator: “We are through an eventful first round. I can see no choice but to make this round even.  Both women were down, both women landed hurtful punches and the crowd is still buzzing.  If this was just the first round, we have had the appetizer for a very tasty meal.  Make sure you have extra treats for this one.”

Auroun: “Oh my god. I can’t believe they both already got knocked down and it was only the first round. Uuuugghh. I won’t make it through this one. The stress is too much. My palms are already sweaty. I was hoping Lilim would easily win this fight with her punching power. I thought Virani wouldn’t be able to take it. But I was a moron. I underestimated Virani. She has trained her mind and body so well. She got up from Lil’s power punches and she’s gotten so damn good at slipping those punches of hers in. Not to mention that godly left hand of hers. Lilim is good at adapting so Virani better watch out. But, Virani is super smart she could adapt just as easily….. Awwww man!!! It’s too early to tell who has the upper hand. Uuuuugghhh! I hate this!!! Please be careful Lil!!!”

At ringside:

Alesia: So how do you score it?

Regina: 9-9. Each lost a point with a knockdown and it’s pretty even.

Alesia nods.

Virani v. Lilim 21

Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar
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