Virani MacVicar vs. Masae – prematch

DE Box-Promotion are happy to announcethat an agreement has been reached to stage a fight between Virani MacVicar and Masae in Toronto, Canada in late January.

This will be Virani’s 8th professional fight, pitting her against an experienced Masae, who has 16 wins and 8 losses on record.

“We have been approached by Masae’s handler to stage a fight for her and the MacVicar camp was very interested in working with us, says Heidi Becker, CEO of DE Box-Promotion. We will, therefore, organise the fight in collaboration with the two parties.”

The bout will take place at the Air Canada Centre, with tickets available for sale very shortly. It will be televised in Canada, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“Securing broader TV rights was a key part of the deal, which made DE Box-Promotion a natural partner for this event, says Amy Bennett, who promotes MacVicar. This bout will provide extra visibility for Virani and for Canadian boxing.”

“Masae will be delighted to travel to Canada for this fight, says Yumi Yashima, who coaches Masae. We look forward to this first experience in the Great White North.”

Heidi Becker: “Ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome to the Hilton Hotel in Toronto. I am Heidi Becker, CEO of DE Box-Promotion and your host for this press conference. Our company will stage its first fight on foreign ground in partnership with her promoter Amy Bennett to bring you Virani MacVicar against Masae, from Japan. 8 rounds of boxing between an up and coming fighter and a solid veteran.

The two of them show up on stage, all smiles because both are convinced that they can win this easily.

Virani thinks: “Defeating Masae will be a good way to rebound after the loss to Lilim. I can use Alesia’s tricks by hitting that soft body and using the left hook.”

Masae thinks: “It’s always nice when a young fighter underestimates me. Virani will be a good prey.”

Heidi Becker: “Introducing the visitor first. Masae is from Osaka and is 39 years old. She has 16 wins, 8 of them by the way of knockout, 8 losses and 2 draws. She wants to rebound from a KO against Alesia Schumann last year.”

Masae: “Thank you for bringing me here in Canada. I always wanted to see this country. Virani is a super nice young woman who has my respect. Until we get in the ring, that is. She’s the perfect opponent for me at this point and time. I will pick her apart with the kind of experience she doesn’t currently have, but I hope we can remain friends after that.”

Heidi Becker
: “The local fighter is well known in Toronto. Virani MacVicar has 4 wins and 2 losses. Her recent fight with Lilim Alterion has shown that she can rub shoulders with one of the best boxers in the United States early in her career.”

Virani: “Thank you, Heidi. Masae sounds confident that she knows what will happen in that ring, but I’m confident it will be the opposite. I respect Masae and her skills, but I believe that she is a bit past her prime and that I will be able to deliver the fans a knockout victory that they want to see. I want to show everyone that despite the tough losses I’ve had, that I’ve learned and become a better fighter.”

Heidi Becker: “Dear reporters, the floor is yours.”

Reporter: “Virani, you said that you learned during your fight against Alterion. What do you draw from it?”

Virani: “I realise that my game plan has to be balanced, especially to avoid going toe to toe with a puncher. I want to show that against Masae and start rising again.”

Reporter: “Masae, I saw the press conference you gave with Alesia Schumann ahead of your fight with her. You boasted your experience back then, but the result was far from good for you. Why should things be any different this time?”

Masae: “Unfortunately, Alesia is the hardest puncher I ever faced. I don’t think Virani would stand a chance against her. Anyway, to answer your question, Yumi and I have worked extremely hard on body strength and tactics to avoid what happened in my last fight.”

Reporter: “Thomas, why face Masae? Virani may be the bookmakers’ favourite but the opponent does have a lot more experience. Isn’t that risky?”

Thomas: “All opponents can be dangerous in their own way and we are taking this fight very seriously. We know what Masae can do and we will have a game plan to face her.”

Reporter: ‘Yumi, your fighter is 39. Do you still see a possible title shot coming for her?

Yumi: “A win here will prove that she is worthy of a title shot. That’s our priority and we thank Virani for giving us the opportunity to do this.”


We go back to the Hilton Hotel in Toronto for the official weigh-in one day prior to the fight between Virani MacVicar and Masae.

Virani is first to step on the scale. Since this is in the Lightweight division, she has to weigh 135 pounds at most.

Announcer: “Let’s see what we have here… 134.3! Congratulations Virani, you made it!”

The Cobra raises her fists in the air and gives the attendance her trademark smile.

Virani steps off the scale and Masae is next. She’s in a great mood as she does.

Announcer: “What do we have here? 134.6 pounds! You had no problem losing five for this one. Congratulations, Masae!”

The visitor is all smiles. Making the weight means no changes to the contract, or purse.

“Hello and welcome to the Air Canada Centre in freezing Toronto, Canada. I’m Esther Schouten, your analyst on Box TV’s first international broadcast. We’ll help fight the bitter cold with a hot battle.”

“Virani “The Canadian Cobra” MacVicar will face Masae, from Japan in the Lightweight division. 8 rounds of boxing between two women who want to get back to their winning ways after suffering KO defeats.”

“MacVicar, aged 28, hails from here Toronto. Her record stands at 4 wins and 2 losses. A talented and courageous fighter, she got knocked out by Lilim Alterion in her last bout. She faces a boxer who also has a bit of a mixed record.”

“Masae, 39, does have 16 wins but she also lost 8 times. The lady from Osaka City is coming back after a brutal KO at the hands of Alesia Schumann in Tokyo.”

“This matchup will oppose two fundamentally different styles. MacVicar is a born attacker who sometimes throws caution to the wind and who has paid for it a couple of times. Beware of her left hook, which has probably been registered as a weapon by the Canadian authorities. On the other hand, Masae has a fluid style based on intelligence and speed but she has a weak body that several opponents have exploited.”

“When I talked to the coaches today, both were looking forward to this. Thomas Nagy, who coaches MacVicar, believes that his fighter learned hard lessons against Alterion and that she will prove her worth tonight. Yumi Yashima, who coaches Masae, says that her fighter has come back from tough losses before to outbox the opposition.”

“Get ready for action! The fighters are about to walk out!”

Let’s take a look at Virani’s dressing room while she prepares for the fight.

After some stretching, Thomas makes her work on the handpads for a while to break a light sweat before a last-minute discussion.

Thomas: “Good work. We’re ready. How are you feeling?”

Virani:“Nervous but pumped at the same time. Coming back from a KO loss sucks but I may be too addicted to fighting to not be excited. That’s normal, right?”

Thomas: “Absolutely. What matters here is that you don’t let the last fight’s result control you. Just think of what’s at stake whenever you need a little motivation. This fight is televised in big boxing markets. We’re fighting in the freakin’ Air Canada Centre! Your friend Alesia is here to cheer for you and we have the backing of a major German promoter. That’s great!”

Virani: “True. And Masae is beatable.”

Thomas:  “Yes she is. Of course, she has experience, but her body is weak. Remember how Ally pounded that midsection. If you do some of that and finish combinations with the left hook, she’ll crumble before your eyes.”

An official opens the door: “It’s time!”

Virani: “Great. Let’s go out there and kick ass.”

What’s happening in Masae’s dressing room?

Yumi: “We’ve come a long way for one fight, haven’t we?”

Masae: “And it’s cold in this country!”

Yumi: “Hahaha! Better work hard and sweat than freeze to death!”

The two have a good laugh.

Yumi: “Now, we’re facing the local favourite and she is a good puncher. Her left hook is dangerous. What she doesn’t have is great knowledge of the game. Virani has undeniable talent but she lacks direction. In a tough battle, she loses her focus and the fight itself. I want you to understand that she may hit you hard a few times, but that it shouldn’t change our game plan.”

Masae: “Right. Survive if I take a big shot, and be craftier.”

Yumi: “Exactly. You’ve beaten many opponents by adapting to them and outboxing them. You can do it again tonight and tame this young puppy.”

Masae: “They call her the Cobra. Not sure that a normal leash would work!”


Our fighters are about to enter the arena.

Ring announcer: “Please welcome, from Osaka City in Japan, Masae!”

Masae and her coach Yumi go through the drapes and make their way on the platform towards the ring. The crowd claps politely.

Esther: “Those Canadians are so polite! They give a nice welcome to the visitor, who looks as sharp as ever.”

At ringside:

Akane: “You had no problem dispatching her after the second round, but Masae remains a strong fighter. That she can still do this at 39 is amazing.”

Alesia: “I’m sure you’ll do the same. The Japanese just refuse to age!”

Ring announcer: “Now please welcome, from Toronto, Virani MacVicar!”

The crowd cheers loudly as Virani shows up on the runway. She immediately salutes her fans who can’t wait to see her in action again.

Esther: “No surprise here. The local is popular, perhaps because she always gives a good show and probably because her smile has enticed everyone in the room.”

At ringside:

Akane: “Virani looks sharp. She added shoulder and arm muscles.”

Alesia: “She worked like mad to get physically stronger.”

Ring announcer: “Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner… she is wearing a green outfit with pink trims, and red gloves. Her professional record stands at 16 wins, 8 of them coming by the way of knockout, 8 losses and 2 draws. From Osaka City, Japan, and coached by Yumi Yashima, she is Maaasaaaeeeee!”

The Japanese makes punching motions to keep warm and the crowd claps.

Esther: “Masae is not the biggest puncher in the game but she has been around the block a few times. It’s amazing how these fighters can still be great at 39 years old nowadays.”

Ring announcer: “Her opponent across the ring, fighting out of the red corner, wears a purple top with black trims, a purple skirt, black boots and black gloves. She has 4 wins and 2 losses on record. She comes from Toronto and her nickname is the Canadian Cobra. Introducing Virani MaaaacVicccaaaaaarrrr!”

The crowd cheers loudly to encourage its favourite.

Esther: “Don’t be fooled by her sweet looks. MacVicar bites without mercy. I hear that purple snakes are the most dangerous!”

Ring announcer: “And your referee for this bout is Kanti Agrawal, from India. When the bell rings, she is in charge of the action!”

Esther: “Agrawal is a frequent traveller to Canada and a regular for MacVicar’s bouts. She is known for being a bit lenient but fair in the thick of the action.”

Kanti calls the fighters to the middle of the ring for the last bit before action can commence.

Kanti:“We went over the unified rules in the dressing rooms. This fight is scheduled for 8 two-minute rounds. There is no three-knockdown rule. There is no standing eight-count. You cannot be saved by the bell in any round. In case of an accidental headbutt after Round 4, we go to the scorecards. If you knock your opponent down, you have to go to a neutral corner before I start a count. If you foul intentionally, I will deduct a point.  Protect yourself at all times. Obey my command at all times. I want a good, clean fight. Touch gloves.”

Virani and Masae smile at each other but there is unspoken intensity between the two as the Japanese gives the Canadian’s gloves a very firm touch.

Esther: “Let the winter games begin! Wait, this isn’t the Olympics. Anyways, I am sure that we have a great fight ahead of us!”

Esther: “As the coaches give their fighters the mouthpieces, let’s check in quickly at ringside to find out who is at the guest tables. In the red corner, we see Alesia Schumann and Akane Watanabe. The first is well known to women’s boxing fans. Watanabe is a previous opponent of Schumann who moved to Germany to join Halmich Gym. Pretty ladies in red!”

Esther: “At the visitor’s table, we have Kayleigh Parsons, from England. She faced MacVicar last year and she is reportedly scouting both her previous opponent and Masae for potential future fights. Next to her is the promoter of the event, Heidi Becker. She is the CEO of DE Box-Promotion and fashionable as always!”

Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar
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