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Anna Schwartz destroys Melina Kaplan




We check in with Anna “Killer Bee” Schwartz to find out how things have gone since her defeat to Alesia. At 12 wins and one loss after facing Ally, Anna has gone back to winning.

Last November, her record stood at 14-1 before taking on Melina Kaplan in Berlin. Although her record was in positive territory, Melina never beat anyone dangerous before stepping into the ring.

The fight turned into a beatdown. Anna dominated with her jab, landing it at will under Melina’s right eye and hurting her with the right cross. The ref was patient as the Killer Bee dished out the punishment without much of an answer.

Anna closed the show in Round 4 (pictured) with a big right cross over Melina’s low hands. The girl in purple collapsed for a full 10-count.

After that win, Anna’s record is 15 wins, 8 of them by way of knockout, and one loss.

Anna Schwartz

A durable boxer with a dark past. She is a top contender for the German Super Lightweight title and broadcaster in her free time.

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