Virani MacVicar vs. Prisha Priyanka – The Press Conference

After all the harsh words on social media, Virani MacVicar and Prisha Priyanka will finally square off. This time it will only be with words, but it has the potential to be quite explosive.

Suzy Bennett Takes the stage to introduce the fighters. The reception for Virani is muted, but Prisha is given a hero’s welcome. The Canadian appears to be dressed for a business meeting, while Prisha has dressed like the Indian princess she perceives herself to be.

Virani Press Conference 1

Suzy: “Welcome everyone to the Mariott Hotel here in Mumbai. We are here today for the press conference for the main event of our upcoming card that will take place this weekend. The main event, of course, features one of the most highly talked about fights worldwide and additionally, it is the first time that a boxing card has been headlined by a female fight here in India. I’m proud to say that this fight will be broadcast live on EBC Sport in the UK and through our partners, it will be available in Germany, and Canada. But that’s just business. Let’s introduce the fighters. First, we have Virani MacVicar. Virani is a knockout artist that has been in the ring with many top fighters. She has fought in the United Kingdom and her home country of Canada and has won the admiration of many fans around the world. Ladies and Gentleman, the ‘Canadian Cobra’ Virani MacVicar.”

Virani: “Hi. I’m happy to be in my ancestral home, and I’m happy to be fighting someone that I legitimately don’t like. It will be my pleasure to kickstart my ascent back up the rankings by knocking out a fighter who has the mouth of a world champion, but the fighting skills of a journeywoman.”

The press titters for a moment. If Virani is willing to lob verbal bombs, no doubt Prisha is as well.

Suzy: “And her opponent, from Shimla, India, the undefeated Asian and Pacific Featherweight champion, ‘Pretty’ Prisha Priyanka.”

Prisha: “Thank you, everyone!  I had hoped to have my first defense of my Asian title here, but apparently, Virani here doesn’t think she’s Indian!  Maybe all the knockouts that she’s taken have made her forget who she is.  So I want you to remember, Virani.  You’re Indian!    Hell, your last name is Kohli isn’t it?  Not MacVicar?  Kohli is an Indian name, Virani!  In fact, I’m going to call you by your real name, Virani Kohli.  Now we have a proper Indian main event, Priyanka v. Kohli.”
Virani Press Conference 2
Virani: “My last name is MacVicar.  I can spell it for you if you are having trouble.”
Prisha: “Ah, I see, just because I’m Indian, that means I can’t spell?  How condescending of you.”
Virani glances skyward.  She can’t wait for this to be over.
Suzy: “Lets move on.  Let’s open it up to a question from the press.”
Reporter 1: “Prisha, Virani, can we get your predictions for the fight?”
Prisha: “Well, I’m going to win by knockout, of course.  The nice thing about Virani is that if you hit her in the right place, she just goes to sleep. Once she’s been knocked out a 4th time, this fake boxer will finally be finished.  I’ll toy with her for a few rounds, and then I send her to the canvas for good.”
Virani Press Conference 3
Virani: “I don’t think Prisha could knock out my training partners, let alone me.  I’m going to be honest though, once I’m through with Prisha, her name is going to be synonymous with the word ‘joke.’  I’m not going to promise a knockout, I’m going to promise a beat down, one that has never been seen in these parts.  And look, if I lose, I’m going to retire.  If I can’t beat Prisha Priyanka…I don’t deserve to set foot inside the ring.  In fact, Prisha, if you think it will be so easy to beat me – lets make an agreement that the loser of this fight retires.”

Prisha: “You’re on!”

Virani smiles tightly to herself, while Suzy points to the next reporter.

Reporter 2: “Prisha, you’ve been calling out Virani for some time now on social media.  Are you happy that this fight is finally getting made?
Prisha: “Of course.  Because I’m 7-0, people are afraid to fight me, so I’m happy to get anyone in the ring with me.  I feel like when I beat Virani, I’ll finally make the top 20 of the featherweight rankings and be within striking distance of the top 10.  This fight is a stepping stone to bigger things for me.  Once I dispose of the trash, I’ll focus on bringing a world title to India.”
Reporter 2: “So, this fight isn’t personal?”
Prisha: “Of course it’s personal!  This fake Indian, Virani MacVicar, or should I say Virani Kohli is everything wrong with boxing today.  She is a fighter that gets all sorts of chances because she’s pretty.  She knocks out girls that are totally outmatched and gets knocked out by anyone that has half-decent skills.  The fact that she represents India is an insult to every Indian out there.  She’s a fake boxer and thankfully her insulting career will be over in a few days.
Virani thinks: Are you sure you aren’t talking about yourself?
Reporter 3: “Virani, you are coming off back to back losses. Was this the sort of fight that you were looking for when making your return to the ring?”
Virani: “Not really. I wanted to face someone better than Prisha.  But I’ll have to make do.”
Reporter 3: “You sound confident.  Why is that?”
Virani: “Well, Prisha has good stamina and a good chin, and decent technique.  But she’s got slow hands, no power and some of the worst footwork I’ve ever seen.  I feel like this is a nice warm-up match where I can use Prisha as a glorified heavybag for a few rounds before moving on to better things.”
Reporter 4: “The buildup for this match has focused on what or what isn’t an Indian.  Perhaps both of you could comment on that?”
Virani: “Sure.  I don’t claim to be Indian.  I wasn’t born here.  I never lived here.  I don’t speak the language.  I only look Indian.  So, I understand why people are confused.  But I’m Canadian to my core.  I grew up there, I live there…I know no other place that I could call home.  My nickname is ‘The Canadian Cobra’ which is a bit of a nod to my Indian ancestry, but I’ve never mislead anyone about being Indian.  I’m Canadian.  I have a strong connection to that country, I don’t have one to India.  This whole thing about being a ‘fake Indian’ is insulting.  A totally made up controversy.”
Virani Press Conference 3

Prisha: (Standing) “And that is where you are totally and utterly wrong, Ms. Kohli.”

Virani: “My name is MacVicar for the second time.”

Prisha: “What Virani Kohli is doing here is something that has become a sad trend.  We produce so many great people here in India.  But then they leave us for ‘greener pastures,’ whether that is the UK, Canada or the USA.  Like Virani, these Indians abandon us, and they never give back to the people that helped make them.  That’s why I fight here in India.  I give back to the people that made me who support me.  I give hope to young girls in India that they can make something of themselves.  I don’t pretend to be something I’m not like, Virani does.  What do you do, Virani?  How do you help people?  How do you give back to your country?”

Virani: “This is ridiculous.”

Prisha: “Is it though?  Is it really?  You’re such a fake, Virani.  You’re a fake boxer that can only beat handpicked opponents. You’re a fake Indian, who dropped her real last name for one that is more marketable.  Hell, even your hair is fake, Ms. Kohli.  That’s why this is personal between us.  You’re a disgrace to everything I want to be…because I’m real.  Yes, I’m a loudmouth.  But that’s because if I was a timid and meek girl, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. For better or worse, I’m real.  You’re fake…right down to your core.  I can’t wait to expose you.”

Virani Press Conference 4
Virani: (agitated) “There’s nothing fake about me, Prisha.  This hair – yeah, its a bit of a unique look for an Indian fighter, but it’s not fake, it’s a choice that I made.  I chose to come to boxing, to follow my heart in doing a sport that I have grown to love.  But you’re everything I hate about boxing.  You’re a loudmouth with no respect for anyone or anything.  Fortunately, the best thing about boxing is that once you are in the ring with me, there’s no more excuses.  Once this ‘fake’ girl with her ‘fake’ hair beats the hell out of you, I won’t be waiting for the apology that you’ll owe me.”
Virani Press Conference 5

Prisha: “You’re unbelievable.  Do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth?  I’m relieved about one thing though, I’m sure glad that your parents aren’t around to see you demean yourself like this.”

Virani Press Conference 6

There’s an audible silence in the room.  Even for a trash talker like Prisha, some things are supposed to be off limits. Bringing up Virani’s deceased parents (both her biological and adoptive) is a low blow in every sense of the word.

Virani Press Conference 7

Virani reacts…

Virani Press Conference 8

…and only Thomas’ quick reaction prevents Virani from physically attacking Prisha!  It takes all of Thomas’ strength to rein in the wild, enraged, Virani.  Prisha watches the chaos coolly, her objective achieved.

After a couple of moments, Thomas manages to corral Virani and shepherd her towards the exit.  The cameras of the media struggle to follow them.  Thomas shoos them away. Once they manage to find some space, Virani tuns to Thomas.

Virani: “I’m going to kill her.”

Thomas: “She’s just trying to get in your head.”

Virani: “No, she’s just pissed me off.  I’m going to end her when I get her in the ring.”

Thomas: “Virani, you can’t fight stupid.  We know Prisha isn’t half as good as she thinks she is, but she’s still dangerous.  Let’s go back to the hotel and forget about this.”

Virani: “You go back to the hotel Thomas.  There’s some things I need to do.”

Thomas: “Are you sure?”

Virani: “Yes.  This fake Indian girl is about to get less fake.  I won’t be that long.”

Thomas: “We’ll make her pay for what she said, okay V?”

Virani: “I’m going to give Prisha a beating that her ancestors are going to feel.”

Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.