Virani MacVicar vs. Prisha Priyanka – Round 1

Commentator: “This one is underway…and Virani lands a quick lead right hand right off the bat! Talk about setting the tone early. MacVicar throws a lead right hand right off the opening bell. Priyanka absorbs the punch, but that is a warning shot right there. Virani does not appear to be afraid of Prisha.”

Virani: I want to make a statement right off the start. If I could knock Prisha out in one punch, that would be great. I don’t let Prisha settle in before throwing a right cross that connects with Prisha’s chin. Prisha backs off, but she’s getting the first taste of my power. I can’t wait to give her another helping of leather.

Sometimes, its good to mix things up right off the bat. I told Virani to throw a lead right hand in the opening seconds if she saw the opportunity. I guess she saw one. Nice placement too, right on the chin.

Prisha v. Virani 1

Commentator: “Despite the heated war of words that took place earlier, this one has yet to really burst into action. Virani has been showing good movement and patience in the early going and Prisha Priyanka has had a bit of difficulty finding the range for her punches – and now again she misses as Virani slips neatly to the side and away from the incoming right hand. Nice work so far from MacVicar.”

Virani: I think I’ve settled pretty well in this one. Can’t say the same for Prisha. She’s thrown a couple of wild power punches in the early going, but they were easy to see coming. Prisha’s hands are slow. It gives me plenty of time to get out of the way. But I need to make my mark on this round – and I want to make a mark on Prisha’s face. She won’t be ‘Pretty’ Prisha after this one.

The improvement on this side of Virani’s game is impressive. She’s more fluid and harder to hit. Not impossible to hit, but significantly harder to hit. This is a good start for Virani.

Prisha v. Virani 2

Commentator: “Prisha Priyanka finally finds the range for her jab. For fans that were hoping for a slugfest, this round must be a disappointment. Still, you get the sense that this one is just waiting to kick off.”

Virani: Prisha finally tags me with a jab. Hmm. Not much on it. I’ve got to get going on my offense though. Prisha’s got some decent defence, it’s hard to tell where her head is going to be, so I’m being a bit cautious. Not for long though, I think.

Prisha v. Virani 3

Commentator: “Just after Prisha landed a good jab, the two fighters come together for an exchange of jabs..and Virani gets the better of that one! The Canadian looks rather sharp here in the opening round of this fight. She seems to have done some hard work during her layoff, because she looks like a much better fighter right now.”

Virani: Prisha and I get into an exchange of jabs, but I win it easily. Thanks, Thomas, for teaching me how to move my head when I throw punches. That’s what allowed me to avoid Prisha’s jab while landing my own. Gotta say I’m not too impressed with Prisha so far. Good thing I have lots of time to teach her a boxing lesson, I want to punish her for those things she said.

Prisha v. Virani 4

Commentator: “We are about to enter the last 10 seconds of this one, and MacVicar seems to have won a rather tame round…but oh! Prisha Priyanka times Virani beautifully and nails Virani with a great right hand! MacVicar was trying to throw a left hook and she got caught! Can MacVicar hold on?”

Thomas: Oh dear god Virani, why did you take such a risk! She got popped with a great shot from Prisha, and the timing was really good on her end..

Virani: Okay, I’ve got this round, but I want to do more than just win the round, I’m here to hurt Prisha. I’m here to demolish Prisha. I’m going to throw a left hook, but before I can, Prisha wallops me with a big right hand. My vision blurs for a moment and I almost lose my balance…that one hurt.

Prisha v. Virani 5 Prisha v. Virani 5 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “MacVicar is in trouble! The crowd roars! Virani’s legs appear wobbly! And Prisha lands another right hand! This time it was a hook that caught Virani right near the temple! MacVicar is still in trouble! Prisha is looking for the finish as Virani staggers into the ropes!”

Virani: I can feel my legs lose strength, so I try to go into defensive mode, getting my hands up to protect myself, but Prisha’s right hand goes above my left hand and hits me near the temple, further wobbling me. I back up until I feel myself in the ropes..

Thomas: This…is like deja vu.

Prisha v. Virani 6 Prisha v. Virani 6 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “MacVicar is hurt here late in the 1st round! And now Prisha connects with a big left hook! Virani could be headed for another knockout loss if this keeps up!”

Thomas: “Get your gloves up, Virani!” So much training, so much effort spent. Is it all coming undone? Was Ms. Bennett right? Is Virani a shot fighter? I think we’ll find out very quickly.

Virani: I’m rattled. My balance is gone. I stumble into the ropes because my legs feel like overcooked spaghetti. I try to read what is coming for me next, but I don’t see Prisha’s left hook coming. It smashes into my jaw and jolts my head sideways. What is happening here?

Prisha v. Virani 7 Prisha v. Virani 7 - Alternate Angles
Commentator: “Priyanka is looking for the finish! She tries an uppercut, but Virani blocks it! The Canadian Cobra get her gloves in the way of what could have easily been a fight ending uppercut! Priyanka can’t get anything more to land and time runs out on the round! That was some drama at the end there…”

Virani: I may have been rocked by those punches from Prisha, but I’m still with it enough to know what is coming next, I see the right hand coming from underneath, and to prevent it from connecting with my chin. I keep myself positioned in close to Prisha so she can’t land anymore punches before the bell rings. Phew. I survived that one, but by a small margin.

Thomas: I thought I was having a flashback to the Masae fight for a moment there. Same kind of situation, right in the corner. But this time Virani keeps her composure and does a great job of tucking her arm underneath her chin to prevent the punch from landing. Phew. Crisis averted.

Prisha v. Virani 8 Prisha v. Virani 8 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “The bell has rung, but Prisha stays around to taunt MacVicar at the end of the round. It doesn’t look like Virani, nor referee Kanti Agrawal are too amused.”

Prisha: “I’ve got more where that came from, Virani Kohli.”

Virani: I would love nothing more than to just throw a right hand and knock Prisha senseless. But I suspect that is what she wants me to do. Bring it on, bitch. 7 more rounds to go.

Kanti: “To your corners…both of you.”

Prisha v. Virani 9

Commentator: “An eventful round, especially at the end! Let’s go down to Prisha Priyanka’s corner to listen in.”

Rachit: “That was an okay round, Prisha, but you were lucky that you caught her with that right hand. She was outboxing you for the majority.”

Prisha: “I’m biding my time.”

Rachit: “I keep telling you that Virani is too dangerous to just keep in the fight. Forget about entertaining the fans, just take her out. Work behind the jab and make her cover up. Go to the body – you know that Virani can be hurt to the body.”

Prisha: “I’ll make her pay. I’ll knock her down this round.”

Rachit: “I want to see it. Go and get her.”

Prisha v. Virani 10 - Prisha's Corner

Commentator: “Virani MacVicar avoided complete disaster at the end of the 1st round, but she got tagged with some big shots from Prisha Priyanka at the end of the round. Let’s check in with her corner.”

Thomas: “Sit. Are you okay?”

Virani: “Yeah, I…”

Thomas: “Don’t talk. You’re forcing it, Virani! You want to punish this girl so much that you are going to give her the opportunity to punish you! You’ve forgotten our plan for this fight. Stick to the plan. Fight smart.

Virani: “I’m sorry. I’ll do better.”

Thomas: “You can outbox this girl. You did it for 90% of the last round. Pick your shots. Make them count. But no going back to the old ways! I don’t even want to see you throw a left hook. She’ll be expecting it. Beat her with your other punches.

Virani: “Okay.”

Thomas: “Your career is on the line, Virani. Fight like it!”

Prisha v. Virani 10 - Virani's Corner
Commentator: “What had been a round tilted in MacVicar’s favour was upended in the last fifteen seconds of the round. How much damage was done to Virani by Prisha in those last few moments? Prisha is not a big puncher, but Virani has been knocked out by fighters not reknown for their power. 7 rounds left in this one, but you get the sense that if Virani doesn’t right the ship soon, this could be a quick fight.

Prisha v. Virani 10 - Scorecards

Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.