Virani MacVicar vs. Prisha Priyanka – Round 3

Commentator: “MacVicar starts the third round as she ended the second.  Strongly.  Prisha Priyanka seems like she can do little be target practice for Virani.  The Canadian is yet to land the truly punishing blows that she is known for, but if this keeps up, it will only be a matter of time.”

Virani: I’m in my groove right now.  I’m not pressing, but I’m landing some good shots on Prisha, and she isn’t quite having the same success landing her own punches.  I’ve got her timing down, and that is bad news for her.  She’s  just good enough to avoid getting hit by the worst of these shots.  No matter, she’s paying the price.

Prisha v. Virani 19 Prisha v. Virani 19 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “But perhaps it is too soon to write off Prisha Priyanka as she lands a nice little hook on Virani MacVicar.  Virani missed her block  on the hook, and she looks more chagrined about it then legitimately hurt.”

Virani: Damn, that was sloppy of me.  I take a step back and touch my right glove to my chin to make sure I’m resetting back to the right position.  That was a stupid little error, and I can do better.

Thomas: The, quote, unquote, nice thing about fighting Prisha is that she isn’t going to knock Virani out with one punch, she’s just not that kind of fighter.  It’s not to say that I like to see Virani get hit, but its not exactly the same as fighting Lilim Alterion, where every punch landed could be the last one in the fight.

Prisha v. Virani 20 Prisha v. Virani 20 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “Prisha throws a jab, followed by a hook…and they both miss, but Virani catches her with a big overhand right in reply!  Wow.  Defense turned into offense from Virani MacVicar!

Virani: I’m walking Prisha down, then she stands her ground for a moment, throwing off a jab, which I avoid by ducking down to my right.  Prisha fires off a right hook, so I sway sway in the opposite direction, and in my natural movement, my right hand comes up.  I manage to avoid the hook, and then my overhand right connects right on Prisha’s jaw.  That one had to hurt.

Thomas: Virani’s doing a bit dangerous of a dangerous game, avoiding punches like that.  But, it’s hard to argue with the results.

Prisha v. Virani 21

Commentator: “The more this fight progresses, the more comfortable that Virani looks in the ring.  She still hasn’t landed one of those patented left hooks…but speak of the devil, there’s one landing right now!  That one caught Priyanka high on the head, but it still packed some pop behind it for sure.  Prisha is trying to get inside and underneath the hook, but its not working out too great at the moment!”

Virani:  I know Thomas told me to pick my spot with my left hook, so I’ve been patient with it, but finally I spot my chance and I throw it.  Prisha manages to duck, and I have to adjust my punch slightly, so it doesn’t land with the most power ever, nor in the best place…but it hurts.

  Virani’s left hook is such a wonderful punch.  She didn’t really load up on that one, but it was a nice clean punch that landed.

“Keep it up!”

Commentator: “MacVicar is  really starting to show the full extent of her offensive capabilities here in round 3…and it seems to have caught Priyanka by surprise.  The home fighter is doing better to avoid Virani’s punches, but there is not much in the way of offense coming back from her…and there Virani misses with an uppercut that could have ended Prisha’s night quite quickly if it had connected.”

Virani: Damn it, just missed!  Would have loved to have landed a huge uppercut like that!  Oh well.  They’ll be more chances, I won’t force it.

“Step out and use your jab!”

Commentator: “Priyanka is valiantly trying to get back into this fight, but she is having trouble finding the range for any of her punches.  It’s not like MacVicar has suddenly become Floyd Mayweather, but her defence has kept Prisha mostly at bay so far.”

Virani: This girl is so damn slow and she telegraphs her punches so badly, I wonder how I get hit at all!  Okay Virani….confidence is good, overconfidence is bad.  Let’s find the line.  I want to punish this girl.  Let’s get to that.  Prisha will call me by my real name when this is done.  One way or another.

Commentator: “We are winding towards the end of this round…and it’s a BIG LEFT HOOK from MacVicar!  That one landed with a sickening thud on Prisha’s jaw!  That one has to have ratteled Prisha Priyanka!”

Virani: I’ve bided my time.  I’ve waited for my chance, and finally the opportunity arises.  I get my left hook off when Prisha’s gloves are down and it lands with a THWACK against Prisha’s jaw.  I know Prisha’s got a good chin, so she might be able to take that punch.  That’s fine with me.  More where that came from.

Thomas: “Hell yes!”

Commentator: “Priyanka stumbles into MacVicar!  She’s hurt!”

Virani: Prisha crashes awkwardly into me, her head hitting my shoulder.  I bring my arms up to protect myself the best I can…

Thomas: I think she’s going down…

Commentator: “Priyanka is down!  For the first time in her career, Prisha Priyanka tastes the canvas after eating a big left hook from Virani!  Prisha’s legs just couldn’t support her any further!  It is late enough in the round that there is unlikely to be another punch thrown, but Prisha will have to beat the count!  Priyanka’s corner is screaming about Prisha being pushed down, but I did not see it!”

Virani: Damn, that’s all I needed to knock you down?  What kind of tomato cans have you been fighting, Prisha?

Rachit: “Push!  Push!  No knockdown!  She pushed her down!”

Thomas: What in the hell is her coach talking about?

Kanti:  I didn’t have a great view of that one, but from what I saw Virani pushed down on Prisha’s head and that made her fall to the canvas.  I wish I had instant replay…but I just have to make the call..

“NO KNOCKDOWN!  She was pushed.  Prisha, up!”

Commentator: “A mystifying call from Kanti Agrawal, that is being applauded by the home fans!  Priyanka may have gotten a slight push from MacVicar, but the cause of the knockdown was from that left hook.  Agrawal has a sound reputation, but this call will not be on her highlight reel.”

Virani: I raise my hand and saunter towards the neutral corner, expecting to hear Kanti’s voice as she starts counting on Prisha.  But to my amazement, she rules no knockdown.  What the hell!  What kind of screwjob is going on here?

Thomas: “Bullshit!  Look at her eyes ref!  She’s out of it!  That didn’t come from a push!”  What the hell kind of call is this?

Commentator: “There is a bit of chaos in the ring at the moment.  Prisha Priyanka appears to have been legitimately hurt by the left hook of MacVicar as she is slow to get off the canvas.  Virani’s coach, Thomas Nagy is absolutely incensed in the corner, while Virani herself continues to look on incredulously as her obviously hurt opponent is getting bailed out of the remaining seconds of the round.  Kanti cleans off Prisha’s gloves, but by the time the fight is set to continue, the bell rings to end the round!  Nothing like a little chaos to end a round.

Virani: How darn long does it take Kanti to wipe this girl’s gloves off?  Damn, this chance is slipping away from me.  I’d accuse Kanti of being biased, but I tend to think she’s beyond such things.  I can’t ignore that she is an Indian ref giving (obvious) assistance to an Indian fighter though.

Thomas: “Ref!  Ref!  What the fuck!  Do you want to fight for this girl too?”
Virani’s going to get screwed by some shady stuff, isn’t she.  Hopefully Virani knocks Prisha out cold next round.  Pretty hard for the ref to ignore that!

Commentator: “Let’s go first to Virani’s corner after that chaotic ending.”

Thomas: “Okay, deep breaths.  We got screwed there.  You knocked her down for sure, but I suppose it doesn’t matter at the moment.”

Virani: “Just prolonging the punishment.”

Thomas: “Just keep doing what you are doing.  She’s already slower than you and she’s only going to get slower.  Pick her apart but don’t force it.”

Virani: “Okay.”

Thomas: “Just remember, like we talked about earlier, we need the stoppage victory.”

Virani: “Plenty of time for that Thomas.”

Thomas: “Alright then, another round like the last one, okay?”

Virani: “Your wish is my command.”

Commentator: “All roses in Virani’s corner…not so much in Prisha’s corner.  And oh my look at that swelling.”

Rachit: “Prisha are you okay?”

Prisha: “That fat fraud pushed me down.”

Rachit: “That fraud is currently beating the hell out of you.”

Prisha: “I’m just figuring her out.”

Rachit: “She has  you figured out, Prisha.  You have to mix it up.”

Prisha: “I’ll catch her on the counter this round, just watch.”

Rachit thinks: For you to catch her on the counter, Virani has to miss first.

Commentator: “The only question about scoring this last round was whether it was a 10-9 or a 10-8 round.  I really wanted to give a 10-8 round, but I just couldn’t find it, given that the referee did not rule a knockdown.  Still, the tone of the fight at the moment is not about who will win the fight, but how much longer it may last.  Priyanka will have to find something to change the way this fight is going, because she is losing, and losing badly.  Maybe its not reflective on the scorecards yet, but it is reflective in the damage received.

Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.