Virani MacVicar vs. Prisha Priyanka – Round 4

Commentator: “The start of the 4th round and the difference in the stances really tells the whole story. Virani is throwing Prisha a bit of a ‘Philly Shell’ look. It’s a confident looking stance and MacVicar surely is confident. Prisha’s keeping a very high guard with both gloves guarding the chin. If I was to show just this picture to someone one the street, I bet they could guess who was winning.”

Virani: Okay, going to try this Philly Shell stance for a bit. Prisha doesn’t react much to it, which is okay. I’ll stay in this stance for a few more seconds and then its back to orthodox. Gonna dismantle this bitch this round.

Commentator: “Priyanka showing a burst of life here in the 4th round, unfortunately for her, this burst of activity hasn’t ended up actually causing any damage to MacVicar. Virani has done a good job of parrying Prisha’s attacks – but one would have to say that Prisha is making it a bit easy for her!”

Virani: Prisha’s really trying to get back in this fight. I have to give her credit, she doesn’t make it that easy to counter her, but she’s just a bit too slow and predictable, so I’m able to block most of the punches. A couple slip through…but Prisha’s power isn’t anything special.

Commentator: “MacVicar seems like she is hunting for power punches here in the 4th, and to my mind, she’s abandoned the jab a bit too much for my liking..but now she spots a wayward left hook and she lands with a big right hook of her own! The timing of that one was quite nice! Prisha’s hooks have become a bit wide as she tires and Virani’s shorter, more compact hook landed first and did the damage. After tonight, Prisha may have nightmares of those pink gloves…”

Thomas: “Nice!” Prisha is a pretty solid technical fighter, but as she tires and as she gets desperate, she is leaving opportunities open.

Virani: Too slow, too obvious, Prisha. Though that one landed hard, Prisha manages to take it. Girl has a hell of a chin, I admit that.

Commentator: “MacVicar is feeling it here in the 4th and she is unleashing some vicious combinations…now there’s a right hook to the body and then a right uppercut to the head and a left hook that just BARELY misses Prisha’s head. If that one had landed, it might have been the end of the fight. As is, Virani is landing power punch after power punch.”

Virani: Prisha is slowing and her defence isn’t that good. Her other mistake is that she is standing in front of me far too square. But that’s fine with me, I want to throw and land punches. I start low with a right hook to the body that freezes Prisha for a moment. I quickly shift and throw a sharp uppercut that lands well, and then I try to shift my weight again to throw a left hook that barely whizzes by. Prisha takes a step back and resets. Damn, if that left hook had landed…

Commentator: “Prisha Priyanka is ‘on her bike’ as fight fans would say. She is keeping a high guard and trying to avoid MacVicar as much as she can. When the two engage though, it is MacVicar who is landing with more and more authority. MacVicar lands another good right hand and Prisha takes a step back. Virani holds her arms out wide as if to say ‘where you going, girl?’ I think I heard Virani say something to Prisha as well! I wonder what Manju Devi is thinking right now…”

Virani: I’m winning this fight and I’m beating Prisha up. Prisha knows it too, she doesn’t want to fight me anymore. She can’t. She’s not on my level. Every time we come together I land something good and Prisha retreats. I want her to stand and fight. So I hold my hands out wide, daring her to be aggressive. That doesn’t work. So I’ll try the verbal jabs too!

“Say my NAME, Prisha! Say it and I’ll end this!”

Commentator: “This round has been all MacVicar and the two fighters come together and they both land! Priyanka’s mouthpiece goes flying as she absorbs another wicked left hook from Virani!”

Thomas: I’m not really a fan of trading, but Virani got the better of that one.

Virani: Finally Prisha steps into something near the end of the round and I throw a looping overhand left hook that lands flush. I take a good punch from Prisha in return, but I’ve been hit harder. Can Prisha really take all these big shots from me?

Commentator: “Priyanka seems to be hurt! She stumbles into Virani and buries her head in Virani’s chest. MacVicar could be punching…but she chooses not to. But it seems like MacVicar is having a quick chat with the clearly hurt Priyanka. Kanti Agrawal manages to seperate the two fighters, but the bell rings shortly thereafter. Virani confidently walks back to her corner, while Prisha stumbles slightly as she goes back to the red corner. Not a great round for ‘Pretty’ Prisha.”

Virani: Not for the first time in this fight, Prisha just about falls into me after taking a left hook. I don’t fight Prisha holding on. I don’t throw further punches, though I could pretty easily do so. Why? Because I’m having fun. Oh, and I need to smack-talk Prisha some more.

“4 more rounds of this Prisha. 4 more rounds. Just say my name and I’ll end this. I’m going to punish you, girl.”

Prisha doesn’t respond. But as they say, the silence is deafening. I told Ms. Bennett I’d destroy you, Prisha.

Commentator: “We go now to what must be desperate times in the red corner…and is that Suzy Bennett that has come down from the VIP section? What the…”

Rachit: “You must use the jab, Prisha and move your feet…”

Suzy: “What the fuck is going on in there! Virani looks like Oscar de la Hoya in there! Don’t you realize how much is on the line here?”

Rachit: “Ms. Bennett, this is not the time…”

Prisha: “Fuck you, Suzy. You told me that Virani was washed up.”

Suzy: “She got knocked out by a 39 year old in her last fight! That’s the definition of being washed up!”

Prisha: “I’m trying my best in there. If you want, you can step in the ring with Virani for a round if you think you can do better.”

Suzy: “I couldn’t be doing much worse.”

Prisha: “Fuck off.”

Prisha and Rachit continue conversing in Hindi. Being bilingual has its advantages

Prisha: “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. She’s just…faster.”

Rachit: “You must sit down on your punches and counter. Lure her in with the jab. One punch can change this. One punch.”

Commentator: “Well, you don’t see that everyday in the boxing ring.”

Commentator: “Well all the drama is in the red corner, let’s see how Virani is feeling in the blue corner.”

Thomas: “Great round, Virani…don’t you want to sit?”

Virani: “Nah, I’m good. I don’t need to sit. Can you massage my arms for a bit though? They are getting a bit tired from me hitting Prisha all the time.”

Thomas thinks: Okay, this confidence is good, but its probably a bit too much.

Thomas: “You can stand. Virani, I want you to finish her off next round, okay? You don’t think I can see you pulling your punches out there? You’ve punished Prisha, now take her out.”

Virani: “Sure, okay…fine. For you, Thomas, I’ll make this round the last one. What do you want me to do?”

Thomas: “Start cautious, she’ll try to come out and land a haymaker. Time her with a counter if you can. Then start to open up on her. Her defence is falling apart piece by piece. Now is the time for power punches, okay?”

Virani: “Those are my favourite.”

Thomas: “But don’t be stupid. Prisha’s hurt, but she’s not out of it yet.”

Virani: “Understood, coach.”

Commentator: “Well…this one has devolved from a boxing match into…I don’t know what. Promoters are yelling at fighters, refs are missing calls, and the hardest decision that I have to make in my unofficial scorecard was again if this was a 10-8 or 10-9 round. I feel like I should have sprung for the 10-8 round, but I suspect the home judges will not want to give the away fighter any sort of benefit. But this fight has settled into a trend. Virani is beating Prisha Priyanka…the only question seems to be how long it will last?”

Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.