Virani MacVicar vs. Prisha Priyanka – Round 5

Commentator: “MacVicar has started the 5th like she started the 4th. She’s always on the front foot and getting her punches off first. If Prisha is looking to counter, she’ll have to find a way to slip a….OW! There’s a great straight right hand from Virani. The Canadian slipped to her left and then fired a right hand straight up the center. You have to wonder if the swelling around Priyanka’s eye is making it difficult for her to see the punches coming.”

Virani: Prisha’s not keeping her guard up. Fatigue, or is she trying to lure me into a trap? I’m confident it’s fatigue. Prisha just looks tired. Her right eye is a mess and that gives me an opportunity. I take a quick step to the left, changing the angle up and then fire a right hand. By the time Prisha adjusts, she has no time to get her gloves up to defend. Prisha’s having trouble seeing me when I slip left. That’s good to know.

Prisha v. Virani 39

Prisha v. Virani 39 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “MacVicar is a patient predator here in. She’s picking her spots well now…Prisha’s gloves to up, and Virani takes that as an invitation to go to the body. Virani’s not known for her body punches…but that one hurt.”

Thomas: “That’s the way, Virani!” The crowd is nearly silent and the parts that aren’t are cheering for Virani now. They know which way this fight is going.

Virani: I’ve gotta admit, throwing and landing a body punch on Prisha is just about as satisfying as nailing her to the head. The girl is tough, but she’s being worn out.

Prisha v. Virani 40

Prisha v. Virani 40 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “There’s a wild exchange mid ring as Prisha looks to try to establish…anything in this round. Priyanka steps back to throw a hook and gets met with a straight left from Virani! That was unexpected and lovely from the Canadian Cobra who is really pouring it on now.”

Virani: I’m feeling completely at home in the ring right now. Prisha and I get into a bit of an exchange, and everything glances off gloves or just plain misses. Prisha takes a short step back to throw a right hand, but I’m already on her, moving forward with my right foot to throw a big left hand, just like a southpaw would. I reset my stance after it lands, but its nice to throw in something a bit unorthodox ever now and then.

I take a quick look at Prisha. She’s taken all these punches from me without really seeming hurt. I’ve taken my toll…I just want to know how to finish her off.

Oh well, I don’t need to force it.

Prisha v. Virani 41

Prisha v. Virani 41 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “Virani MacVicar continues to chase Prisha Priyanka around the ring. The best thing that Priyanka has managed to do this round is land a weak jab or two, there is absolutely nothing coming back from the Asian champion. WOW! There’s a lead uppercut from MacVicar! She changed the angle on Prisha and landed a punishing uppercut! You have to wonder how long referee Kanti Agrawal will let this fight continue. It’s totally one sided now.”

Thomas: Virani is hitting Prisha with everything short of the kitchen sink. It’s like target practice in there. But Prisha hangs on stubbornly. That girl is tough.

Virani: This isn’t a punch I’d normally throw, but I’ve got the angle, so I unleash a lead uppercut, making sure I move my head to avoid a counterpunch. I hadn’t need to have worried, my uppercut splits Prisha’s open guard and scores on her jaw. Damn, if I had only managed to get that under the chin, I could have done more.

Prisha v. Virani 42

Prisha v. Virani 42 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “Priyanka slinks back into the ropes looking a bit hurt. Virani stalks her cautiously before raising a hand in premature celebration. I’m not sure if its mindgames from Virani or the Canadian is hoping to lure Prisha into firing off a punch or two to get her to open up, but she should go to work! You do have to say that Priyanka looks terrible. She is fading badly here.”

Thomas: “Get her!” I love the confidence V, but lets put this girl on ice before celebrating.

Virani: “Say my name, Prisha! Say it!”

I don’t want to knock this girl out before she says my real name. Virani MacVicar. That’s my name. I mean…I knock her out anyway, but it would be nice.

Prisha v. Virani 43

Commentator: “Virani has Prisha along the ropes where she no doubt wants her. Prisha seems to be looking to counter, but never finds the chance, but she might find one here as Virani misses with a big right hand…”

Virani: I’m really dominant this round, I just want to land one more big shot before this round is over. I think I can break Prisha if I do. I fire off my right hand, but Prisha manages to slip to her left to get away.

Rachit: “Now, Prisha!”

Prisha v. Virani 44

Prisha v. Virani 44 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “Priyanka slips the punch, but Virani ducks underneath the counter! Nicely done from the Canadian!”

Virani: Sorry Prisha, I’m not that easy to hit anymore. And maybe I can do some hitting of my own…

Prisha v. Virani 45

Commentator: “And now Virani blasts Prisha with a left hook! Virani dodged and then landed a big shot of her own! Priyanka might be shaken.”

Virani: I avoid the left hook from Prisha and manage to get my own left hook out, and it lands really nicely on the chin. Prisha stumbles a bit as she backs off…time to end this.

Thomas: Did I train this girl? I guess so!

Prisha v. Virani 46

Prisha v. Virani 46 - Alternate Angles

Commentator: “Priyanka appears to be staggered here late in the 5th, she stumbles backwards on shaky legs! But the BELL RINGS to save Prisha! Oh my! By our EBC timer, which is unofficial of course, there appeared to be 12 seconds left in the round. That is a befuddling error at a critical time in the fight! One has to wonder what kind of hometown shenanigans are helping out Priyanka…”

Virani: God damn it. I didn’t even hear the clappers for the 10 second warning. I guess I was so in the zone, I just tuned it out. Damn. I thought I had more time! Prisha’s basically out of it. In fact…I bet I broke her, bell or not.

Thomas: That bell rang wayy too early and at way to convenient a time for Prisha. This isn’t a coincidence. This is someone trying to give Prisha every homefield advantage they can.

Question is…does it even matter? Prisha is getting massacred in there.

Prisha v. Virani 47

Commentator: The bell has gone as Priyanka stumbles towards her corner, needing the support of the ropes just to stay standing! One must think that Kanti Agrawal will have to have a serious thought about stopping this fight before Prisha gets seriously hurt in there.But look at MacVicar! Her arms salute a ‘V’ for Victory! She thinks that she has already won!

Virani: I’m just better than you, bitch.

Prisha v. Virani 48

Commentator: “After another one sided round, we go first to Virani MacVicar’s corner. Her only failing this round was that she didn’t manage to put the durable Prisha Priyanka on the canvas. Outside of that, she did everything right.”

Thomas: “Let me get the stool for you.”

Virani: “No need. The fight is over.”

Thomas: “Uh…what are you talking about?”

Virani: “I broke Prisha’s spirit. She won’t come out for the next round.”

Thomas: “I don’t want to count on that. Stay focused. I want to see this girl laying on the canvas next round, okay?”

Virani: “I agree. But there isn’t going to be a next round.”

Prisha v. Virani 49

Commentator: “Things are a bit more dire in the red corner, as this fight has turned into a bit of a one-sided contest after the last few rounds. I have to say that Priyanka does not look good in her corner. She seems badly hurt, in fact, and one has to wonder if her corner has the heart, or lack thereof, to go out there and fight.”

Rachit: “Prisha…talk to me.”

Prisha groans, but doesn’t say anything.

Rachit: “Prisha…I’m going to stop the fight unless you say something.”

Prisha: “I…quit.”

Rachit: “I understand.”

Prisha v. Virani 50

Commentator: “Referee Kanti Agrawal is stopping the fight! This one is over! Prisha Priyanka quits on her stool at the end of 5 rounds!”

Prisha v. Virani 51

Commentator: “MacVicar climbs the turnbuckle and unleashes a feral roar. The Canadian Cobra has derailed Prisha Priyanka in a major way, completely outclassing the formerly undefeated fighter. Priyanka showed heart and a good chin, but simply could not match MacVicar’s speed and power. After all the words that were bandied about before the fight, this has to be a sweet moment for Virani.”

Virani: I see Kanti move from Prisha’s corner and start waving her arms in the air. I know what that means. This fight is OVER! That bitch quit!
A surge of adrenaline goes through my veins and I push past Thomas and rush over to the neutral corner. I hop on up to the turnbuckle and flex my arms in triumph. I yell, a wild, feral scream, a release of pure emotion. I won. I beat the ever loving hell out of Prisha. I destroyed her. It was even better than knocking her out. This was a beating she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Me? I’m not going to think about Prisha any longer.

Thomas: My back is turned, so I can’t see Kanti wave off the fight, but I can surmise that is what happened as I hear the crowd groan and watch Virani push past me. For a moment I fear that she is going to rush to Prisha’s corner to continue the beating, but she just hops the turnbuckle and lets out a cry of elation. This is her moment. I let her have it. But I can’t help think about what is next and how far she can go…

But those are questions for another day.

Prisha v. Virani 52

Commentator: “The celebration continues inside the ring, as Prisha’s corner hurriedly extracts Priyanka from the ring. MacVicar climbs the ropes in the red corner and…throws her gloves in the direction of her promoter! I don’t think I’ve seen that before! Terrible through though, one has to say.”

Virani: “I’m free of you, Suzy! Enjoy the gloves, you might be able to make some money from them!”

Prisha v. Virani 53

Commentator: “Lets go to the ring for the particulars of the decision.”

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, at the end of the 5th round, referee Kanti Agrawal has called a halt to this fight on advice of Prisha Priyanka’s corner. Therefore, your winner, by retirement, is ‘The Canadian Cobra’ Virani MacVicar!”

Virani: Kanti raises my arm and the crowd claps along politely. Some even cheer. I didn’t win this fight for them. I won it for me. And I won it convincingly. I managed to stay on my feet the whole time. That’s a rarity these days! Perhaps it should even start a trend…a trend of winning and not getting knocked down…

Prisha v. Virani 54

Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar
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