Heather Barker vs. Virani MacVicar – Intros

Before the bell rings and the broadcast begins, Team Virani is assembling in her locker room. Her special guest for this fight is none other than her good friend, Alesia Schumann.

Alesia: “I like the colours! Very patriotic.”

Virani: “Thanks!”

Alesia: “Now just go out there and show the world the Virani that I’ve seen of you in sparring.”

Virani: “I’ll do my best.”

Alesia: “Remember, you are not just a power puncher – use your movement as well. Be the complete package.”

Virani: “You make it sound so simple, Ally.”

Heather v. Virani - Pre-Fight - Virani's Lockerroom

In the Champion’s Lockerroom its a much more solemn affair.

Sylvie: “It’s almost time. Let us take a moment to pause and pray.”

Heather: “Okay.”

Syvlie: “We ask the heavenly father above to grant protection tonight, not just for us, but for our opponents as well. Please watch over the judges and referees and grant them good judgement.”

Heather: “God, let me play well but fairly.
Help me to learn something that matters once the fight is over.
Let my opponent make me strong but never hostile.
Always let me help my opponent up.
Never catch me rejoicing in the adversity of others.
If I know victory, allow me to be happy; if I am denied, keep me from envy.
If through boxing, I set an example, let it be a good one.”

Sylvie: “Amen.”

Heather: “Let’s go to war.”

Heather v. Virani - Pre-Fight - Heather's Lockerroom

Commentator: “We are about to get this one underway!”

Entrance Music: Metric- Dark Saturday – link

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome to the ring, from Toronto, Virani MacVicar!”

Virani: Well that’s my cue. I’m focused and ready. There’s no showing off for the crowd tonight. Just 100% commitment tot he task at hand.

Commentator: “The challenger makes a small statement in her entrance music, picking the Toronto based band ‘Metric’ for her entrance music. Virani certainly seems perfectly fit and who can argue with her outfit?”

Commentator: “And now the hometown Champion makes her entrance.”

Entrance Music: Trooper- Raise A Little Hell – Link

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome to the ring, from Kelowna, British Columbia, the Canadian Featherweight Champion, Heather Barker!”

Commentator: “Countering with one of Vancouver’s most famous bands, Heather Barker makes her way to the ring looking very confident and showing off the uppercut that many see as her main weapon in this fight.”

Heather: This is my time. This is a fight with a big audience, and I’m going to show them what I’m made out of.

Heather v. Virani - Heather Entrance

Commentator: “Looks like we are about to get this one underway, lets go down to the ring announcer for the official introductions.”

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman…this is the main event! 10 Rounds of boxing for the Canadian Featherweight Championship! Introducing the Challenger, fighting out of the blue corner. She comes to us with a professional record of 5 wins and 3 losses, with 4 of those wins by way of KNOCKOUT, Please welcome ‘The Canadian Cobra, Virani MacVicar!”

Commentator: “Interestingly, I’m not sure Schumann is allowed to be in the Challenger’s corner right now…but what security guard is brave enough to tell her no? Moving on, the Canadian Cobra should be known to serious boxing fans in Canada, but in case this is your first taste of Virani, here’s what you get – a stylish puncher with a wicked left hook and a somewhat suspect chin that is improving constantly. She’s certainly looking very confident for this fight too.”

Virani: The only things I didn’t like about that announcement was my record (should be better) and the fact that I’m the challenger and not the champion. That’ll change soon, though.

Commentator: “If there is a challenger, there must be a Champion, and we’ll be introduced to her now.”

Ring Announcer: “And her opponent, fighting out of the red corner, she comes to us with a perfect professional record of 5 wins and 0 losses, with 2 of those wins coming by way of knockout, Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the reigning, defending, undefeated Canadian Featherweight Champion, ‘The White Swan’ Heather Barker!”

Commentator: “The local girl gets a good reception here just outside of Vancouver. Heather is regarded by most observers as the type of fighter that can make it all the way to world level. Right now, the question is experience. She’s never been in the ring against someone like Virani, who has been in several wars. We know Heather is a solid boxer and she has a great coach in Sylvie Chouinard. She’s also go a lethal weapon in her uppercut.”

Heather: My title, my town, my fight. I’m going to leave an impression on these fans.

Heather v. Virani - Heather Ring Entrance

Commentator: “Our referee is Jennifer Beattie, arguably the best referee in the Pacific Northwest area.”

Jennifer: “Ladies, I spoke to you both in your dressing rooms. This is a title fight, so I want to see a good, clean, fight, okay? Protect yourself at all times, break when I say break. Now touch gloves and God bless.”

Virani: Heather’s a bit taller than me and pretty well built. She gives me a little snarl as we touch gloves, but more than anything it makes me want to laugh. I’ve fought against Lilim Alterion. I’ve sparred with Alesia Schumann. I ain’t scared of you Heather. I respect you, but I ain’t scared.

Heather: So this is the second best Featherweight in Canada? She seems…small. Which is good, because I really want to bully her. We’ll see if Virani is good as she thinks she is.

Heather v. Virani - Touch Gloves

Heather Barker

A former Canadian Featherweight champ, Heather Barker is an original character created by Alex and owned by Alesia. A religious, caring and ambitious woman based in Montreal.

Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Get her full profile and fight history.
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