Emma McGale vs. Astrid Olsson – Round 6

Commentator: “McGale and Olsson start out the round tentatively, but Astrid uses her jab to herd McGale towards the ropes…McGale circles left…but that way is cut off! McGale has gotten into the corner early in the 6th round and she’s going to do well to get out of the corner without escaping some punishment…”

Astrid: Cool, I got Emma backing up early, and she makes a mistake, getting backed into the corner early. A bit of nerves? Maybe she’s hurt. Whatever the case, I’m going to make an impact early in this round.

Emma: It’s harder than it seems to just let yourself get trapped in the corner. It’s not like I can just walk my way to the corner. Astrid starts out aggressive with her feet and I just kind of let her direct me towards the ropes, and I have to think hard about making a ‘mistake’ and getting trapped in the corner. Astrid helps me along by throwing a jab or two in my direction. Okay, now time to anticipate Astrid and make her pay…”

Thomas: Okay…here we go.

At ringside:

Virani: “Get out of the bloody corner!

Emma v. Astrid 41

Commentator: “Astrid Olsson pursues Emma McGale towards the neutral corner….Astrid eagerly throws a big right…but gets caught with a perfect counter from McGale! The Swedish Sweetheart is in big, big trouble!”

Emma: Just as Thomas instructed, I let Astrid pursue me and ‘trap’ me in the neutral corner. She loads up for a right hand, but I’m waiting for it, and my left hook is prepared and nails Astrid perfectly on the chin. The sound of the punch echoes around the arena…that might have been the best punch I’ve ever thrown.

Astrid: “oof…”

Thomas: Just as I drew it up. I’m a genius…

At ringside:

Virani: “Wow. Perfect left hook.”

Anita: “YES!”

Emma v. Astrid 42

Emma v. Astrid 42a

Commentator: “Olsson is down! She collapses to the canvas after taking a massive counter left hook from Emma McGale! The Swede is down for the fist time in the fight and she may be out!”

Emma: Astrid collapses like a marionette that got its r strings cut, and she falls hard on her shoulder, with her mouthpiece dangling limply from her mouth. Wow. Did I just do that? I react quickly to go to the neutral corner…but did I really just knock her out? Don’t get ahead of yourself, Em, I remind myself. Stay focused until your hand is raised.

Kanti: Wow. Big punch, hard fall. Emma is scooting her way over to the neutral corner, so I guess I start the count. The way Astrid fell, I’m not confident that she will beat the count.

Thomas: All my fighters throw wicked left hooks, I guess.

At ringside:

Virani: “YES!!!! She’s gotta be done!”

Emma v. Astrid 43

Emma v. Astrid 43a

Commentator: “McGale gets applause from the Canadian Cobra, who surely would appreciate a vicious left hook as much as anyone…”

Virani: “Whoo! Yeah Emma! You flattened her, girl!”

Anita: “Great punch Emma!”

Emma: Seeing Virani and Anita shouting my name and applauding me…that’s a special moment. I think I’ve finally made it. I just decked a girl in the last round of a fight that is being shown on a premier streaming service. This just feels awesome.

Emma v. Astrid 44

Commentator: “Meanwhile Astrid Ollson will not stay down and is trying to push herself up to beat the count! Her movements do not look very coordinated though. The Swedish Sweetheart’s bell may have been rung one too many times. You have got to respect the heart of the Swede…of both fighters, actually!”

Kanti: “1…2….”

Astrid is moving, and the way she is rolled over, I can’t see her face, which would be nice. Unless she slips or falls or seems to be in further trouble, I’ll give her a chance to beat the count. I mean, she’s at least trying to get up.

Astrid: “Ungh…” What a punch that was… I’ve got to get up…

Thomas: Kanti, you are so freaking leniant. Good ref, but sometimes I feel like she must gets a bonus for completing a 10 count on a fighter. At least I know my fighters are safe in the ring with her. That’s something.

Emma v. Astrid 45

Commentator: “Astrid Olsson is in a desperate struggle against time as she tries to get to her feet. The Swede is full of heart, but may simply not have the capacity to beat the count…as it reaches 6…”

Kanti: “3….4…..5…..6”

Astrid is really trying to get up… she’s got heart, but even if she gets to her feet, she seems to be out of it enough that I’ll have to stop it anyways…

Astrid: Ungh…wish this count was longer and I wasn’t so dizzy…

Emma: Stay down, Astrid. Please.

Emma v. Astrid 46

Commentator: “Olsson paws towards the 2nd rope…and can’t grab on! She falls onto her stomach! The count is reaching 8..9…10! Astrid Olsson is out! Emma McGale has won by a knockout here in 6th and final round! What a fight! What a knockout!”

Kanti: “7…8….9…10!

A heck of an effort from Astrid, but she’s done. Now I need to make sure that she is okay.

Emma: I see Astrid fall to her stomach. She’s not trying to get up anymore. Kanti waves her hands above her head…I won! I freaking won!

Astrid: I just…can’t. As soon as I miss the second rope, I give in to the dizziness, and close my eyes. I’ve given all I have to give. My body won’t let me continue.

Thomas: “Yes!” Holy shit that was dramatic. That type of fight oughta get Emma some new fans. Astrid too, I suppose.

At ringside:

Virani: “YEAHHHHHH!”

Anita: “Way to go Emma!” This will be great for her highlight package. And I’m sure that DAZN loved this fight being on their card. It had everything. Emma’s contract is going to be a steal for Cobra promotions…how many fights does it have left on it? One? Darn. Time to renegotiate.

Emma v. Astrid 47

Commentator: “A tired but ecstatic Emma McGale drops to her knees in celebration. Her expression really tells the whole story. She was ahead for the early portion of the fight, but then had to show true heart and grit to get off the canvas and then endure a very tough 4th round before coming back in the 5th and 6th. The dramatic knockout is no less than she deserves. A spot in the top 15 of the Featherweight rankings may beckon. McGale has really turned her career around since joining up with coach Thomas Nagy. Some good coaching and good matchmaking have salvaged her career. It just goes to show, that you should never give up on your dream.”

Emma: I won. The sensation of winning is so much that I drop to my knees and raise my hands in the air. This was my ‘Rocky’ moment. I got hurt like I’ve never gotten hurt before. I gave up on myself, I found myself again and then I knocked my opponent out. All in less than 12 minutes of action in the ring. I just love this sport, I love it so much. Today, it’s finally paying me back.

Emma v. Astrid 48

Commentator: “The defeated Astrid Olsson is able to sit up under her own power as she is questioned by Kanti Agrawal and the ring doctor. It looks like the Swede will be just fine…”

Kanti: “Hey…take your time…”

Astrid: “Ungh…can I try to sit up, please.”

It takes me more effort than I’d like to admit, but I can get myself into a sitting position.

“Was it just the left that dropped me?”

Kanti: “Just the one punch. Stay down, please.”

Astrid: “I know the drill. Good thing she didn’t get me with a second, or I’d be snoozing!”

Kanti: Astrid’s spirit is…something.

The ring doctor is in quickly to check on Astrid. The Swede, despite being dizzy, is able to confidently answer the doctor’s questions. There’s been no ill effects from the knockout and Astrid has not lost consciousness. Still, she will go to the hospital for precautionary reasons to be fully checked out.

Astrid: I get to my feet and bow slightly to the ref, “Thank you, Kanti. Thanks for giving me the chance to get up.”

Kanti: “It was my pleasure.” Strange girl indeed.

Emma v. Astrid 49

Commentator: “A tender moment between fighter and coach. Sometimes we forget that it takes a small village of people to get a fighter ready for a fight, and that each of them will have been emotionally invested in the outcome.”

Emma: I see Thomas enter the ring and come over to me with his arms wide. I go to him and…I just fall into a hug. It wasn’t what I meant to do, but it feels right

Thomas: “I’m so proud of you, Emma. Congratulations.”

Emma: “No, thank you, Thomas. I couldn’t have done this without you. You saw something in me that I didn’t believe myself.”

Thomas: “Do you believe it now when I say you can be a good fighter?”

Emma: “Yeah!”

Thomas: “Good, because you proved it in the ring here tonight. Only a fighter with true skill and heart could have made that comeback….but if you hold this hug any longer, my girlfriend may try to kill you.”

Emma laughs and breaks the embrace, punching Thomas softly on the shoulder.

Emma: “Thanks, coach.”

Thomas: “Now let me stop that nosebleed…though it may be too late to save my shirt though, I think.”

Emma v. Astrid 50

Commentator: “A nice cathartic moment for both fighters, as they share a post-fight hug. Astrid Olsson almost looks happier than Emma…and Astrid was the loser of the fight!”

Emma: As Astrid is helped up by her coach, I can’t help but to feel relief. Sure, I wanted to knock Astrid out…but I wanted her to get up afterwards too…

Astrid: “Hey Emma!”

Emma: “Good fight…”

Astrid and Emma embrace briefly.

Astrid: “Heck of a punch you landed. I didn’t see it coming…I guess that means you knocked me out!”

Emma: “Bit of a lucky punch…”

Astrid: “No it wasn’t. You were beating me up for a majority of the fight, if anyone got lucky, it was me!”

Emma: “Thank you.”

Astrid: “Thanks for the fight, it was one of my favourites in my career. Shame I lost! Anyways, I’m off to get checked out. Something about getting hit in the head hard enough that I just about lost consciousness.”

Emma: “Sorry about that…”

Astrid: “Nah, I was trying to do the same to you! If you are ever in Sweden, give me a shout, okay?”

Emma: “Uh, okay…”

Emma thinks: That girl is strange.

Emma v. Astrid 51

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, this fantastic fight comes to a halt just 32 seconds in to the 6th and final round. Your winner, by way of KNOCKOUT! – Emma ‘The Peach’ McGale!”

Emma: Getting my hand raised and hearing the crowd applaud, god damn, this rules. I can’t believe it has happened seven times now. 7 and 4. 3 knockouts. 3-0 in my last 3 fights Not a bad record, eh?

Emma v. Astrid 52

At ringside:

Spencer: “Okay Lalia, what did you think? You want to get involved in this?”

Laila: “Okay Spencer, you pulled my leg. I’m in. I kind of want to interview Emma after that fight.”

Spencer: “Go get a mic and get in there then.”

Laila: “You’re sure?”

Spencer: “Make that girl’s night, Laila.”

Laila gets a spare microphone and enters the ring while Emma and Thomas are taking photos with the ringside photographers. Laila waits until Emma is done before getting her attention.

Emma: “Oh my god, you are Laila Ali. I must be dreaming.”

Laila: “It’s not a dream. Are you ready for an interview? They are just coming back from commercial shortly.”

Emma: “Um, yeah! Oh my goodness. Okay… I’m ready.”

Commentator: “Looks like we will be going into the ring with our special guest, Lalia Ali! She’s with our winner, Emma McGale!”

Laila: “Hello there boxing fans, I am here with the winner of this fight, Emma McGale. Emma, that was an incredible fight. Do you have any thoughts on how it turned out?”

Emma: “I’m still kind of processing it. It was the most exciting fight in my career, and that last punch I threw was probably the best punch I ever threw. I want to thank Astrid for a great fight. It could have easily been me on the losing end.”

Laila: “You went down in the 3rd round. Tell me how you recovered from that.”

Emma: “That punch was so good that I just wanted to curl up and die on the canvas. It took everything I had to get up, and I barely survived the following round. I have to credit my coach, Thomas Nagy, with motivating me to get back on track in the 5th round.”

Laila: “Let’s talk about the knockout. Walk through it with me.”

Emma: “Well, we had a plan early in the 6th to set a trap, and I got Astrid to walk into a big counter. I just put everything into that one left hook and it landed flush. I don’t think I’m particularly a power puncher, but the timing on that punch was just perfect. I want to thank my friend and sparring partner, Virani MacVicar for giving me tips on throwing a left hook. That punch was for her.”

Laila: “Thank you for putting on a show tonight. It entertained me at ringside and I’m sure the crowd felt the same. What’s next for you?”

Emma: “I’m not sure! I’ve never won this many fights in a row before! So I have momentum in my career. I just want to keep improving, getting good fights and stringing together more wins.”

Laila: “Anything else you want to say.”

Emma: “Thank you to my coach and my promoter. They took a chance on me when no one else would. Thank you to my friend Virani MacVicar as well, for all the encouragement you’ve given me. And thank you to all the fans. I spent most of my life in England, but I really do feel at home here in Canada. Merci!

Laila: “Thank you Emma. Now back to the studio.”

Laila offers Emma her hand.

Laila: “Thank you for the interview. You had a great fight, you showed real heart in the ring…it was women’s boxing at its best.”

Emma: “Wow. Thank you. Um, can I ask you something?”

Laila: “Sure.”

Emma:“Can you sign my gloves?”

Laila: “I’ll get you an autograph, you should keep those gloves for you. This was your moment, not mine.”

Emma: “I’m speechless.”

Laila: “Just get me a sharpie, Emma!”

Emma v. Astrid 53

Emma McGale
A self admitted boxing nerd and friend of Virani. Especially powerful and dangerous working from in close Super Featherweight contender.
Emma McGale
Astrid Olsson
An original character created by Alex and now part of Alesia's world, she loves a good scrap no matter what happens in it.
Astrid Olsson
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