Tiredness: Mercedes Carter vs. Caitlin Brown – Round 2 corners

It was a bizarre affair in Round 2. Caitlin dominated and Mercedes made her waste energy. What to make of it in their corners?

In the blue corner, Caitlin Brown lets herself fall on the stool. She is huffing and puffing after throwing a lot of unproductive punches in the second round.

Nathan: “You tried too hard to stop her. You could easily have settled for winning the round.”

The ref informs them that Caitlin won the round 10-8. She now leads 19-18 in the fight.

Nathan: “You see. The way you dominated was enough to get points. You had it right and went too far.”

The boxer looks down, breathing hard to try and recuperate from the effort. The effect of extra energy spending sinks in, and it doesn’t go down well.

Nathan: “Forgo the initiative to become more efficient. Drop back and counter. She’s behind. She has to attack. Use her movement against her by landing punches as she comes in.”

Caitlin nods.

Nathan: “Discipline. Hard shots when she comes in. Don’t waste energy trying to chop her head off. Mercedes is the most athletic opponent you ever faced, and she moves too well to be taken down easily.”

Caitlin: “Got it.”

Nathan: “If you do this well, you can protect your lead and look for a better fourth round.”

Caitlin corner

Mercedes sits down in the red corner. She isn’t satisfied with losing a round, but it could have gone worse. The ref confirms that Caitlin leads 19-18 after two rounds.

Carl: “Ok, kid. Dat girl be a good fighter, but ain’t so smart. She be tryin’ to take ya down and ya made her chase for nuthin’. Good job.”

Mercedes: “Thanks pops.”

Carl: “In the third round, we have to attack to get da points. See how she is in da first seconds and then find da right way to put her under pressure. If she be comin’ after you early, ya destroy her with counters.”

Mercedes: “I’m gunna be flexible.”

Carl: “Dat’s right, kid. Ya can win this. She made a big mistake by chasin’ ya around. Now she has to pay for it.”

Mercedes nods.

Mercedes corner
Calm and collected after all.
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