Nadia Monteil vs. Anastasia Orlova – prematch and intros

The French Boxing Federation is happy to announce that with the help of a consortium of promoters, the world championship bout for the Super Lightweight crown will take place in Paris in March 2019.

Sanctioned by the Women’s Boxing Union, the bout between champion Nadia Monteil and number one as well as mandatory contender Anastasia Orlova will take place at Le Dôme de Paris. It will be scheduled for 10 rounds of two minutes each, to be broadcasted in Europe by Box TV and worldwide by its network partners.

Nadia Monteil Anastasia Orlova

“We are very happy to host one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing in Paris. These two boxers are on top of their game and they will give us an amazing show.”
– Didier Giroud, president, French Boxing Federation

The challenger is excited.

“I can’t wait to get to the ring. Being the world champion is a childhood dream. With all due respect to Nadia, this title is for me to win.”
– Anastasia Orlova

The title holder disagrees.

“Anastasia is a great fighter, but nobody is better than me in this division. I will flatten her. It doesn’t matter how many rounds it takes. I will go back home with the belt once again.”
– Nadia Monteil

All tickets will be sold and honoured electronically by the venue. Prices will range from €50 to €100 a piece. First come, first serve.

Introducing Nadia Monteil

We go ringside for the megafight in Paris for the Super Lightweight world championship between Nadia Monteil and Anastasia Orlova.

Unusually, the reigning champ asked to come in first. She wants to stare at her opponent when she will come to the ring.

Ring announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the champion, Nadia Monteil!”

Nadia comes out of the drapes from the side of the arena and makes her way around to the red carpet. She stops. The crowd cheers loudly as she lifts her arms.

Alesia Schumann and Regina Halmich are at Nadia’s special guest table, having accepted her invitation to watch the fight as VIP.

Alesia: “Wow. She’s even more impressive in person. She also has the belt I want the most.”

Regina: “When you’re ready, Ally. When you’re ready, you’ll have a crack at it.”

Introduction Nadia Monteil
The sight of a beast

Introducing Anastasia Orlova

Announcer: “Now, please welcome Anastasia Orlova!”

As soon as she comes out from the blue drapes, the Russian takes a few steps, stops and leans against the side of the steps. She knew that the champion Nadia would stare at her on her way to the ring. She glares at her from a distance.

Nadia thinks: “The nerve. She’s not afraid, but she doesn’t need to be.”

Introduction Anastasia Orlova
Still intimidating from a distance.

Touch gloves

Ring announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen…. welcome back to Le Dôme de Paris for the main event of the evening. Ten rounds of boxing for the WBU Super Lightweight world championship.”

The crowd roars.

Ring announcer: “Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner. She weighs 139 pounds, and is wearing red and white. Her record stands at 26 wins, 9 of them by way of knockout, 5 losses and 3 draws. She was born in Moscow and she now lives in Berlin. Anastasia “The Fugitive” Orlovaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The Russian gets a few cheers from a mostly pro-Monteil crowd.

Ring announcer: “Her opponent across the ring needs no introduction. She weighs 139.2 pounds, wearing pink and black. She boasts an impressive 34 wins, 28 of them by way of knockout, only one loss, and one draw.

The Parisian crowd raises the roof as Nadia bows to salute the attendance.

Ring announcer: “Once the bell sounds, the referee in charge of the action will be Rebecca Linden, from Germany.”

The ref calls both fighters for the last instructions in the middle of the ring.

touch gloves 1
Tough women about to clash.

Rebecca: “We went over the unified rules in the dressing rooms. This fight is scheduled for 10 two-minute rounds. There is no three-knockdown rule. There is no standing eight-count. You cannot be saved by the bell in any round. In case of an accidental headbutt after Round 4, we go to the scorecards. If you knock your opponent down, you have to go to a neutral corner before I start a count. If you foul intentionally, I will deduct a point. Got questions?”

They both shake their head and give each other the silent death stare.

Rebecca: “Protect yourself at all times. Obey my command at all times. I want a good, clean fight. Touch gloves.”

On TV, our pundit Esther Schouten takes over the broadcast.

Esther: “The taller, leaner Orlova towers over Monteil. That’s a first, and it begs the question: can Monteil adapt her game to fight inside? It’s also a first to see Rebecca Linden in charge of a world championship fight. It’s interesting to know that negotiations for this fight almost ground to a halt when it came to officiating. Sources told me that Linden was appointed as a compromise candidate. Monteil wanted a French referee and Orlova wanted the Belgian who has managed most of her fights in the last two years. They eventually agreed that the German disciplinarian would be the right fit.”

touch gloves 2

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