Virani MacVicar vs. Jennifer Patrick – Weigh Ins and Intros

Virani has trained hard for the fight, including sparring with a former world title challenger but now it is time to for the weigh-in for her fight. Virani is in great shape for her match, her camp had no problems, and Virani does not require to cut a lot of weight for her to make the Featherweight limit of 126 points

Announcer: “Okay, in our next fight, we will have a Featherweight showdown scheduled for 8 rounds! Please welcome to the stage, from Toronto, Canada, ‘The Canadian Cobra’, Virani MacVicar!”

Virani: I make my way to the stage with the expected catcalls and applause following. I swear I should wear a hijab to the weigh in next time. Just for the reactions. I’m proud of my body, but this is just like being put on display. Screw that noise.

Official: “125 and one half pounds!”

Announcer: “MacVicar makes weight! 125.5 pounds for the Featherweight champion of Canada!”

Virani: As if there was any doubt. I don’t have to cut that much weight to make Featherweight. Just enough that it is only slightly uncomfortable to do so. Now I have to wait on stage for this other girl to weigh in. All I want is a pair of pants to put on…

Announcer:And her opponent, please welcome to the stage, from Buffalo, New York, Jennifer ‘The Bull’ Patrick.

Virani: Jennifer walks past me and to the scale projecting a slight air of arrogance. My first impression of Jennifer is that she is somewhat tall, average looking and with a stomach that looks like it belongs to a housewife that works out once a week. This is who I am fighting. Sigh. I do like her top though. I might have to steal it.

Official: “126 pounds!”

Announcer: “Jennifer Patrick makes weight! Give it up for Buffalo’s own, Jennifer Patrick!”

Jennifer basks in the applause and gestures that she can’t hear the crowd, which only increases the volume of the cheers.

Virani: I’m really starting to dislike this girl. It’s catty of me, but whatever.

Announcer: “Okay ladies, please square off for the photographers…”

Virani: God, this is pointless. I keep my hands by my sides, but Jennifer really seems into this. Staring right into my eyes and getting into a combat stance. First time in the big time, girl?

Jennifer: “That’s right, look away.”

Virani: “Let’s not do this. Just smile for the cameras.” Bitch.

Jennifer: “I am going to knock your ass out, Virani. Just like 3 people before me have. Tell me, is getting knocked out like riding a bike? Does it get easier with time?”

Virani: “No, but I can give you some first hand experience tomorrow, so you can know for yourself.”

Jennifer: “I guess those knockouts have affected your brain. You’ve got 3 times the losses I do.”

Virani: “And you are three times as fat as I am.”

Jennifer: “If fights were won by having nice abs, I guess you’d be a lot better than you actually are.”

Virani: “Keep thinking that.”

Jennifer: “It’ll be an honour to show how overrated you are in front of some real fight fans here in New York, instead of in front of losers in Toronto. Such a second rate country. The country is second rate too.”

Virani: “Yeah, but our Prime Minister could beat up your President.” Jesus, what a laugh this is.

Jennifer: “You’re so goddamn arrogant, Virani.”

Virani: “Do you have anything inventive to say? I really don’t want to be in your presence more than necessary, cow.”

Jennifer’s expression changes into one of anger….

Jennifer steps forwards and pushes Virani’s shoulder, surprising her and sending her stumbling backwards. Quickly, security personnel get in between the two fighters and keep them seperated. Jennifer wants to get in the final words..

Jennifer: “Bitch, I will knock you out in the middle of the ring!”

Virani: “What if you knock me out along the ropes? Does that count?”

Jennifer: “You’re such an arrogant bitch. Spend more time getting your hair done!”

Virani: “I actually have a hairdresser appointment to get to. Buh Bye!”

Virani’s sarcastic remark sets Jennifer off as she tries to get to Virani. It doesn’t happen.

Virani: Did I really get pushed during a weigh in by a woman with butterfly tattoos? What even is my life? On the positive side, I am not going to feel bad at all when I knock this girl out cold in front of the fans in her home state. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into her. I was focused on getting this win before, but now I feel motivated to really put a hurting on this girl.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, this next fight is scheduled for 8 rounds of action in the Featherweight division. Introducing first, in the red corner fighting out of Buffalo, New York…she comes to us with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, with 2 of those wins coming by way of knockout.Please welcome to the ring, Jennifer ‘The Bull’ Patrick!”

Blackway & Black Caviar’s ‘What’s Up Danger’ [Link] hits as Jennifer Patrick makes her way onto the stage, reveling in the moment of her first televised fight.

Laila Ali: “A hometown welcome for Jennifer Patrick who is fighting in her home state tonight. A six and one record indicates that Jennifer Patrick is a fighter to be taken seriously, even though she comes into this one a sizable underdog to her opponent. The first thing that strikes me about Jennifer is that she is confident, she does not appear to be cowed by the size of the crowd or the fact that this is her first televised fight. The second thing that I notice is that she is quite tall for a Featherweight, and that reach could certainly play a big factor in this upcoming fight. A tall, rangy southpaw is the type of fighter that many would like to avoid, but there will be no running from ‘The Bull’ when the bell rings.

Virani v. Jennifer - Jennifer Intro

Ring Announcer: “And her opponent, in the blue corner, fighting out of Toronto, Canada. She comes to us tonight with a record of 6 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw, with 5 impressive knockout victories to her name. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, the Featherweight champion of Canada, the Canadian Cobra, Virani MacVicar!”

Strength of a Thousand Men by Two Steps from Hell [link] begins to play, announcing Virani’s arrival.

Virani: This is my first fight in America and I want to make an epic entrance. So I take my time on the stage, striking a pose as I soak in the crowd and the music. I live for this.

Laila Ali: “There is something to be said for having style, and Virani MacVicar has that in spades. MacVicar is a confident specimen in top shape and in the fighter meeting with me before the fight, she told me that she does not believe that her opponent is on the same level as she is. One thing we know for sure, MacVicar is used to the big occasion and will not be afraid.”

Laila: “In our 2nd fight of this card, we have two prospects that are vying to move up the rankings. Virani MacVicar comes into this fight as the prohibitive favourite, having fought in the public eye for much of the last two years and racking up some notable victories, including becoming the Canadian Featherweight champion. The Canadian Cobra is a punishing puncher that has put in a lot of work to make herself less hittable, though her 3 losses, all by knockout, show that she can be dropped by the right punch.”

“Jennifer Patrick is known to locals here in the New York region, as she has never fought outside her home state. Her record, at 6-1 is better than MacVicar’s but she has fought 3 times against debuting fighters and has fought against less than sterling competition otherwise. Critics may be right to point out her weak level of competition, but Jennifer points out that she has only lost once. Naturally tall for a featherweight and with good reach, she may be looking to use that to her advantage in this fight. A fight at Jennifer’s desired range could lead to a long night for the Cobra. If the Cobra gets inside…previous opponents will tell you that Virani can unload power with both hands.”

“For myself, I would favour Virani. She is being tipped as a future title contender for a reason. Virani is in great shape and looking confident, while Jennifer notably looked a little less than toned at the weigh ins. Still, this is boxing, and the bouts are not won on paper, they are won in the ring.”

“Speaking of the ring, let’s hand things over to our referee for the night as the fighters touch gloves.”

Virani v. Jennifer - Intro

Laila: “Our referee for this fight will be the experienced and tough Victoria James.”
Victoria: “Ladies. We went over the unified rules in the dressing rooms. This fight is scheduled for 8 two-minute rounds. There is no three-knockdown rule. There is no standing eight-count. You cannot be saved by the bell in any round. If you knock your opponent down, you have to go to a neutral corner before I start a count. Got questions? No? Have a good fight ladies.Now touch gloves.”

Virani: I hold out my hands to touch gloves, but Jennifer only gets on her toes and keeps her hands by her sides.

Jennifer: “My gloves are only for punching this chick’s face.”

Virani: Oh my god, this girl is too much. I can only smile.

Victoria: “Okay, ladies back to your corners.”

Laila: “Jennifer Patrick refuses to touch gloves with Virani, which is unusual to say the least. Let’s see if the mindgames from ‘The Bull’ will have any effect on the fight itself. It doesn’t seem like the experienced Canadian is too phased.”

Virani v. Jennifer - Touch Gloves

Victoria: “Box!”

Laila: “The southpaw, Jennifer Patrick takes on the orthodox Virani MacVicar. This one may provide some fireworks. Don’t go anywhere.”

Virani: Alright girl, you’ve had your fun with the mindgames, now it’s time to see if you can actually last with me in the ring.

Virani v. Jennifer - Fight!

Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar
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