Chloé Potvin outpoints Sky Houghton!

Montréal, Canada – We go to the Casino de Montréal where a fight night is underway. One of the most interesting bouts of the evening features Chloé Potvin and Sky Houghton.

The English champion, currently third contender for the Super Lightweight crown, traveled to take on a friendly challenge from Potvin, the number four in the division. There was no animosity between the two at the press conference and weigh-in. Only the mutually declared intention to win.

chloe sky

Both got spanked by someone else in recent months. Nadia Monteil handed Sky a very convincing defeat. Chloé took a beating at the hands of rising star Taylor Grant.

How does tonight’s match unfold? Very well for the first five rounds. It’s a tight, competitive and narrow affair with both fighters getting shots in. It’s not a pure slugfest. The two have too much experience to go all-out against someone dangerous.

However, Sky’s left hook gives her opponent trouble.

Round 6 brings a bit more action. Chloé seizes the initiative and lands a pair of powerful right hands in Sky’s left eye. That will bring swelling pretty quickly. The Englishwoman prevents further damage by coming close and shutting things down with a compact, low stance.

It works so well that her trainer makes her adopt the approach in the next round, working well inside the local’s range. An eureka moment. Sky scores with gut-wrenching body shots that make the Quebecer choke and wheeze.

At the break, Chloé gets a serious warning from her coach. If Sky can take the body, she will take the fight. The puncher has to react, keep some distance and hit hard from that position.

Chloé does it well in Round 8. She works behind a stiff jab that frustrates Sky. Towards the end of the round, the woman in blue surges forward with a couple of strong combinations. She finishes with a devastating right cross in Sky’s nose. It opens the floodgates for a nosebleed that her corner won’t be able to fix.

Egged on by a hungry crowd, Chloé carries Rounds 9 and 10 with ease. She lands hurtful power shots. The English champ has courage, but she can’t get close anymore and can’t rival the local’s power play.

The bell rings. The fighters congratulate each other for a hard-fought battle. The judges hand Chloé a win by unanimous decision. Their scorecards are 96-94, 97-93 and 96-94.

Chloé’s record moves to 20 wins (17 KO), 5 losses and 2 draws. Sky’s now is 12 wins (6 KOs), 3 losses, no draw.

A Québec City fighter who follows the footsteps of many celebrated local boxers. A tough customer and contender in the Super Lightweight division.
Chloe Potvin
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