Kasandra Sobieski vs Tabatha Kogen: Round 2

The second round starts off much like the first. Tabatha dominates as Kasandra has trouble getting her punches to land.

Tabatha is a bit smaller than her opponent but her speed negates Kasandra’s reach easily. Twenty seconds into the round, the Pole steps into the pocket and aims for the part of Tabatha that doesn’t move – her body. Her right hand lands nicely as Tabatha misses with a short jab in reply. Normally Kasandra might consider backing out, but getting inside and going to the body seem like a good idea if she has any hope of slowing ‘Flashpoint’ down.

Tabatha: The second round starts and I’m off to a good start again. Kasandra leaves a small opening for me and I snipe my glove between her guard and smack her. I have her scared, so I stay close to her and bombard her guard with a few jabs. I throw a left at her head that she somehow dodges. Before I know it pain explodes in my mid abdomen as her glove lands flush. “Uugh.” What the? Okay that hurt. But won’t happen again.

Kasandra: If I had any hope that Tabatha would run out of steam after the first round doesn’t last very long. The first jab that Tabatha throws snakes through my gloves and hits me in the nose. Ow. Okay, I’m going to have to get aggressive, I’m going to get hit either way, I might as well try to land something of my own. It takes me a bit, but I manage to find what I think is an opening, dropping low and throwing a right to the body. Tabatha’s jab slips right by my head, but my right hand lands smartly on her midsection. That’s a decent start, but I need more.

Unhappy that Kasandra was able to land a strong punch to the body, Tabatha wants to fire back. ‘Flashpoint’ uncorks a right hand that seems destined for Kasandra’s head, but the Pole leans forward and gets her head out of the firing line, making Tabatha’s punch sail harmlessly overhead. Another win for the Polish fighter, with the possibility of further victories to come shortly. Tabatha might have been smarter to back out instead of firing a punch and letting Kasandra stay in the pocket…

Tabatha: This annoying dull girl thinks she can get away with that body shot? She’s dead wrong. I ready my right and I unload it. Seeing it barely miss her head. “Tch.” Come on.

Kasandra: I just manage to avoid an obvious right hand from Tabatha. If that hadn’t been so obviously the punch she was going to throw, I probably couldn’t have dodged it. Well, now that I’m in the pocket, I might as well stay here. Tabatha’s going to hit me either way, so I might as well be in power punching range…

After the miss, Tabatha stays in the pocket, and having just thrown her right hand, it’s not in position to defend against Kasandra’s left. The Pole knows that she has to do something to change the tide of this fight, and so she sets her feet and unloads a left hook. PISH! The sound of a solid connection to the young American’s jaw. It is by far strongest punch of the night, and one that Tabatha did not see coming. Those are the punches that hurt

Tabatha: I know I’m standing close in close to her, but I’m not worried. I can dodge anything this slug can throw at me. Before I know it I see a flash fly at my vision and pain explodes on the side of my jaw as her glove crashes into my jaw. My head turns sharply and in that moment my vision goes blank, sweat flies off my head, and some spit spews from my lips.

Kasandra: Coach Laura said to go for it, so I’m going to go for it. If I miss this, I’m right in front of Tabatha with my defense compromised and she probably smacks me with a left and a right before I can get away. But if I land, I might get this round going my way. I shift my weight around again and I throw a left hook in a tight arc. Tabatha never moved her head off the center line and it’s there to be hit. And I do hit it. My left thuds into Tabatha’s cheek and I can instantly sense that’s a good connection. Now lets see what kind of chin this girl has.

Clearly stunned, Tabatha takes a couple of uncertain steps backwards and Kasandra follows closely. Tabatha’s corner shouts for her to clinch or to use her legs to stay away and recover, but the brash redhead wants to punch her way out of trouble. She throws a weak looking uppercut that Kasandra easily avoids. The Polish fighter can see that Tabatha is hurting, but she doesn’t want to open herself up and potentially get hit herself. There’s a fine line between waiting too long and waiting for the right chance.

Tabatha: I take a couple uneasy steps back. My vision is blurry and I see two Kassandras standing in front of me. I know I’m hurt. This chick hits hard. I can’t take another one of those. I have to fight back. I throw the best right uppercut I can, but she easily avoids it. Damn. My speed is hurting too. I need to recover.

Kasandra: Damn, Tabatha is hurt. She’s on uncertain legs and her face isn’t a mask of confidence like it has been. She throws a wild uppercut that didn’t look like it had much on it. Okay..gotta play this one cool. Can’t let her recover, but I can’t walk into a punch either…

A few seconds pass after Tabatha’s uppercut sailed wide. Kasandra continues to stalk the American, trying to force her towards the ropes, trying to get a sense of when to strike next. Tabatha lashes out with a right hook, but it lacks speed and strength and ‘La Bomba’ takes it easily on the gloves. Tabatha continues to try to punch her way out of a scenario when she should be focusing on her defence.

Tabatha: I am still stunned and I feel like I’m losing ground fast. I have to get her off of me. So, I shoot a flurry of rapid straight jabs at her. But she keeps her guard up strong and blocks them all from harming her. I know if I see an opening and hit her hard enough she’ll back off. Come on. Come on.

Kasandra: Okay, this girl is trying to keep up the same punch output, covering her retreat with punches. Her body language just screams ‘I’m hurt’ though. I can’t give her too much time to recover, but I don’t want to get clipped on the ear with a wild punch either. Screw it. I’m not going to get a better chance. I have to give this girl leather.

The moment that Tabatha is backed into the ropes is when Kasandra strikes. The Polish fighter shifts low, priming a right hand and driving it right into Tabatha’s midsection. The American set up to block a punch to the head, but did not get her elbow down in tight enough to protect her body. Kasandra’s punch lands with a thud and produces a groan from the young American who still seems to be in trouble and has not realized that she is doing everything wrong at the moment.

Tabatha: I can’t stop her. My rhythm is all screwed up. I feel my back pushing up against the ropes. Shit. Before I can defend Kassandra slams her right glove directly into my abdomen. “Uuuughhh!” The pain is indescribable. Damnit. She hits so hard.

Kasandra: I back Tabatha into the ropes and then I shift my weight downwards, going to the body. It’s wide open and I can’t miss. My punch absolutely thuds into Tabatha’s midsection, hard enough to make the younger woman groan out loud. That’s music to my ears. Yes, I’m weird. Yes, I’m a boxer. I can’t let her off the hook, I have to keep pouring it on while Tabatha is hurt…

Stung, hurt and clearly unsure of what she should be doing, the speedy is stunned into inaction. She tries to protect her head as her body protests against the damage she is taking. But the inaction only leads to Kasandra burying another wicked body shot into the stomach of ‘Flashpoint.’ The young American is in deep trouble, having taken a succession of punches in a short time. In fact it’s only been 18 seconds since the left hook has landed. Despite the American’s previous dominance, it means little at the moment.

Tabatha: Kassandra is all over me and she instantly land a left body shot where her right landed. It feels like she hit me harder. The pain doubled and the pain is so bad I feel sick to my stomach. Damnit I can’t take this anymore. She’s punishing me.

Kasandra: Tabatha isn’t really doing anything…I want to throw an uppercut to the head, but I go downstairs again, landing a thudding left hand right near where I landed my right hand. Tabatha’s defence is falling apart and I’m knocking the wind out of my opponent. She slips out to my left, but that’s towards the corner. That’s where I need to finish it.

Tabatha manages to escape from being pinned along the ropes, but her expression shows everything. ‘Flashpoint’ is dazed and confused by the furious assault from Kasandra. It is clear that Tabatha has never been in this situation before. She’s forgotten everything she should be doing, and choosing the worst possible action. Taking a knee would not be a bad choice here. But her pride and her lack of experience tells her that she need to fight on.

Tabatha: Dammit. My body is barely listening to me. It feels like I’m not even at half strength. My hands feel so heavy and I can barely breathe. Shit. She’s coming straight for me.

Kasandra: The time is now Kass. Let’s go.

Tabatha continues to reel away from Kasandra, but whenever the Polish fighter gets in range, Tabatha tries to keep her away with punches, rather than pay attention to her defence. Tabatha’s punches lack their usual speed and now Kasandra is the fighter getting the better of the exchanges. A solid right hand to the jaw sends sweat flying from the American’s head. The crowd is partially silent now, watching the local fighter on the losing end of these exchanges, but the other part of the crowd cheers the punishment and the punches landing. They can sense the tide has turned.

Kasandra: I want this girl in the corner. I know if she gets her bearings back its going to be a hard fight for me, so I need to pour it on now! Tabatha is making it easy for me, as she swings wildly with a couple of punches that miss. This girl is hurt and doesn’t know how to fight when hurt. We both fire off right hands, but mine lands first. Tabatha’s good technique has abandoned her and she’s ripe for the picking…

Tabatha: I may be hurt. But I’m not dead yet! When she’s closer I swing a flurry of punches that miss. I just need to buy sometime so I can recover. Kassandra steps in closer and we both swing a wild right hand. Before my punch can land Kassandra’s right crashes hard into my jaw first. My vision goes blurry and my head is forced over my shoulder. Sweat flies and a misty spray if spit shoots between my lips.

With Tabatha reeling, Kasandra knows that now is the time to land the meaningful punches. After the previous right hand, Tabatha’s defence drops for a moment and that’s all the invitation that Kasandra needs as she launches a devastating left hook that lands flush on Tabatha’s chin PISH! Tabatha may have been reeling before, but now she is in deep and immediate trouble.

Kasandra: This may be my one and only chance to put a hurting on Tabatha, I’m not going to let it slip. Tabatha is in trouble and her guard is low. My left hand isn’t my strongest, but the left hook is the best punch I can throw at the moment. With Tabatha’s gloves down, this is about power and placement. I twist my body around and swing my left hand in a tight arc and my punch lands flush on the chin. I have to keep pouring it on now! How much more can she take!

Tabatha: My vision is bad and I see two Kassandra’s standing in front of me. She has such a smug look on her face. I need to fight back, but I’m having trouble keeping my gloves up. They feel heavy. I see a punch coming at me but by the time my brain registers it her left blasts across my cheek. “Uuhh!!”

At ringside:

Lilim: The crowd is getting louder and I cover my mouth in horror as I watch Kasandra beating the hell out of Tabatha. This is hard to watch now that it looks like a one sided fight. Tabatha has the senses knocked out of her. She can’t fight back anymore.

Tabatha’s legs start to give in, her body submitting to the punishment inflicted upon it by the Polish redhead, but as long as the American is vertical, she is fair game to be hit, and Kasandra does just that, uncorking a right hand that catches Tabatha high on the temple. It’s not where Kasandra would have wanted to land her punch, but with Tabatha teetering, solid contact is hard to make. Now the question seems to be not if Tabatha will go down, but if she will be able to get back up

Tabatha: I… I can’t……take any….. more. My brain is mush and I feel my body finally giving out on me.

Kasandra: Tabatha’s body begins to pitch forward and I think she’s going down, but I have time to bend down and throw a right hand. It only clips Tabatha on the head instead of landing where I wanted, but…I think she was going down anyway. I just gave her a little gift to remember me by. I hope this was enough to convince the referee to stop it….

‘Flashpoint’ topples to the canvas, landing hard on her shoulder, the first ever time that Tabatha Kogen has been down in her pro career. Kasandra stands over her, delighted and surprised by this nearly miraculous turn in fortunes. The American had been dominating the vast majority of the fight, but one punch changed everything, and Kasandra’s follow up has been merciless, the mark of an instinctive finisher. It remains to be seen if Tabatha has any ability at all to get up from the nonstop barrage of leather.

Kasandra: Tabatha continues her descent and falls with a thud. The way she landed makes me think that she’s done. That was not a controlled fall, that was a fall from someone who has no idea where she is anymore. I take one good look at Tabatha before starting my way to the neutral corner. This one may or may not be over. I can’t celebrate yet.

Tabatha: It felt like I fell forever before I landed. The canvas feels cold and hard as I crash hard. My head is killing me. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

With Tabatha down, Referee Marshall Howard rushes in to get a closer look at the fallen fighter. Kasandra quickly slips to the side and raises a triumphant glove to the crowd as she walks to the neutral corner. Tabatha for her part is moving, but not particularly well. The lights are on, but the bulb may have been dimmed…

Kasandra: As my focus slips for a moment, I can hear the roar of the crowd as they salute the knockdown. I can’t believe that a turnaround like this happened. I have to get to my neutral corner quickly. I don’t want to give Tabatha any more chances….but I can raise my arm as I walk to the corner. That feels so damn good.

Tabatha: “Uughh.” I gaze blankly at the canvas and I see blurry figures sitting in the distance. Everything hurts. I don’t think I have ever been in such a weakened state before. This is awful. How could I let her get to me like this? Lilim must be laughing at me right now. You bitches! I have to get up and kick her ass back harder. I start to slowly push myself up. I’ll kick all of your asses. But my body just won’t listen to me. What the hell is happening to me!? Why am I not feeling better? Where is my strength? I’ve got to get up.

While Kasandra watches in the neutral corner, Tabatha tries to stir. Referee Marshall Howard takes a good look before deciding even if he wants to start the count.

Marshall thinks: She’s conscious, which is good, but she took a barrage of leather and the way she fell indicated that this was hardly a slip. Unless she can quickly show that she’s recovering, I’m not going to let this go on.

Kasandra: Stay down, please. I want a knockout on my record! Wave the fight off!

Tabatha’s quest to get to her feet comes to an end. She rolls onto her stomach and as she slides a glove underneath her head, giving her dizzy head somewhere to rest. The young American closes her eyes, too hurt, too discombobulated to try to get to her feet.

Marshall: “OUT!”

Marshall gently removes Tabatha’s mouthpiece and places a hand on the back of the downed fighter. He wants Tabatha to stay down until she is ready to get to her feet. Tabatha’s coach, Jett, quickly jonis them as they check over the formeraly undefeated ‘Flashpoint.’

Kasandra: I did it! I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it!

I can’t believe it. This girl boxed my ears off in the first round. One punch turned this fight around, and then she never got back into it. I came into this girl’s backyard and I knocked her out! If this isn’t the real start to my career, I don’t know what is!

A still dazed looking Tabatha Kogen is assisted into a sitting position by her coach Jett. There isn’t any inordinate concern over Tabatha’s health as the redhead easily answers questions from the medical personnel. Satisfied that Tabatha is in no danger, the doctor turns her care over to coach Jett. A concerned looking stablemate, Lilim Alterion also meanders over to get a better look.

Tabatha: My vision finally clears up and my head still hurts, not as bad. I manage to sit up straight and I quickly put together what has happened. I lost. And not just that. I got knocked out and everyone saw it. Jett, Auroun, Fiona, and even my rival Lilim. Fuck! I feel sick to my stomach. I think I’m suffocating.

Jett: “Tabata are you alright? You shouldn’t be sitting down.”

Tabatha: I look at Jett for a few seconds and then look away. I’m too embarrassed to look him in the eye. He was right of course. He warned me and I didn’t listen to him. This is what I get I suppose. But what makes the moment even worse is seeing Lilim standing close to me in my peripheral vision. Shit. Go away is what I want to say. But I don’t even feel like talking. Then she reaches out and grabs my knee. She looks at me with her sad deep blue eyes.

Lilim: “It’s going to be alright Tabatha. This isn’t the end of you. You’ll be okay. That I promise.”

Tabatha: I hear her words, but I still don’t look at her. I can’t. Her kind remarks hit my heart hard and tears start to form in my eyes. A mix of anger and sadness swell more inside me. Damn you Lilim. I don’t need you of all people trying to comfort me. I’m the one that’s going to take you down and take your belt remember!? But her comforting me at this moment. I’ll forever love her as a person for doing that. She’s always been kind to me. I guess I have to grow first. Fuck. This is so humiliating.

Tabatha is helped to her feet as the official decision is about to be rendered. Though recalitrant to do so, Jett nudges Tabatha to be a part of the official verdict.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, referee Marshall Howard has called for the bell at 58 seconds into round number 2. Your winner, by KNOCKOUT, Kasandra ‘La Bomba’ Sobieski!”

Kasandra: 2-0 now. Two wins, two knockouts. I wasn’t even supposed to win this fight. I was supposed to be the one taking a nap on their glove, not Tabatha. I got outboxed for most of this fight. I just had 30 seconds of brilliance, but that was enough. I think if this fight happened again two weeks from now, I’d lose 70% of the time. This time I got her. This time I won. Next time, I’m going to work harder so that I don’t have to be lucky. I can’t wait to tell Jim and Kayleigh that I won!

Tabatha: As much as I want to walk away and say fuck Kassandra and everyone else. I have to stand here and take my loss respectfully like the real pros do. I won’t ever admit defeat out loud, but I did lose this one. I beat myself. I let my guard down and I didn’t respect Kassandra’s punching power and aggression enough to adjust my style to counter her. I am such a stupid ass. If I fought her again right now I know I’d win. I don’t know what sucks more. Losing a fight you know you can win any day of the year? Or losing to someone who’s better than you? Now I have 3 wins and 1 loss. Man, this 1 loss on my record is really going to eat at me for a while.

Kasandra Sobieski

A Polish-Canadian created by Alesia and now owned by Alex. She is known for classy technical boxing.
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