Emma McGale v. Tanille Taylor – Pre-Fight

DAZN is proud to announce a featured bout for the upcoming broadcast of Laila Ali’s Thursday Night boxing show in which the exciting young prospect Tanille Taylor will take on her biggest challenge yet in her career in Emma McGale.

Tanille Taylor, described by many as the best American prospect in women’s boxing is looking to build on her impressive string of victories as she climbs the ranks of the featherweight division. She will face off with ‘The Peach’ Emma McGale, who is known for her crowd friendly style. McGale is on a 4 fight winning streak and will be looking to test the young American and build her winning streak.

Laila Ali, Commentator at DAZN had the following comment:

Boxing has been oft criticized for having prospects that never face challenges and instead pad their record against fighters that are utterly and completely outclassed. This is the kind of fight I am happy to see at DAZN. Tanille Taylor is a legitimate prospect but she faces a real test in Emma McGale. I expect an action packed fight that fans will not be dissapointed with.

Scott Jones, Head Trainer for Tanille Taylor commentated:

Tanille is looking to progress her career as quickly as possible by taking on legitimate fighters. Emma McGale is a fighter worthy of respect, but Tanillle is intent on showing that she is not just a prospect but a contender, and she will do that by defeating Emma in style.

Anita Martin, Promoter for Emma McGale commented:

Emma McGale is happy to return to DAZN and is looking to upset the apple cart again by defeating Tanille Taylor. Emma is the kind of fighter that most prospects avoid, so we thank Tanille for taking this fight. We look forward to putting up a good show on Thursday in front of a packed arena.

Tickets are on sale at the Sony Theater in Brooklyn starting now. Contact the box office for VIP and group sales.


Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, this next bout is 8 rounds of boxing in the women’s featherweight division. Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner, she comes to us from London, England, but she is fighting out of Toronto, Canada. She has a professional record of 8 wins and 4 defeats with 3 of those wins coming by way of knockout. She weighed in at a fit and ready 126 pounds, Ladies and gentleman, please give a warm welcome to Emma, ‘The Peach’ McGale!”

Laila: “The underdog in this match, Emma McGale is a fighter with a strong sense of self belief – she’d have to be to accept a fight with Tanille Taylor. McGale was involved in one of women’s boxing best fights earlier this year, as she got off the canvas to knock out Astrid Olsson in the 6th and final round and she will be hoping for another dramatic stoppage to propel her up the rankings. McGale can do a little bit of everything, she’s a pretty good boxer with pretty decent power in her hands, but the scouting report on her is a somewhat suspect chin – McGale has been stopped twice in her career and has been known to taste the canvas in even the fights that she wins. But perhaps her relative fragility has made her even more popular, as there is rarely an Emma McGale fight that is not exciting!”

Emma: Here we are again. The boxing ring. Truth is, I’m happy here, no matter what happens in the following 8 rounds. I could get decked by one punch and I’d laugh about it later. But I really think I can win, in fact, I know I can. Maybe I’m not the world’s best boxer, but neither is ‘The Prodigy’ across the ring from me. Because even prodigies have setbacks. I’m going to make this fight one that Tanille will rue for years to come. I’m going to make this fight a difficult one for her, and let the chips fall where they may.

Ring Announcer: “And her opponent, fighting out of the red corner, she comes to us from Cleveland, Ohio. She has a perfect professional record of 6 wins and 0 defeats with 3 of those wins coming by way of knockout. She weighed in at a fit and ready 125.5 pounds, Ladies and gentleman, please show your appreciation for ‘The Prodigy’ Tanille Taylor!”

Laila: “This is the woman that some are calling the brightest prospect in not only the Featherweight division, but perhaps all of American female boxing. Tanille Taylor is young, hungry and with skills that can make a boxing fan’s mouth water. Prospects are a dime a dozen in boxing, but not prospects like this – ‘The Prodigy’ is as close to a sure thing as possible. The speed and skill of Taylor has overwhelmed all six of her previous opponents, but what is making her scary now is that she is learning to go after her opponents and land power punches in devastating combinations. She’s not a one-punch knockout artist, that doesn’t appear to be in her arsenal, but she can flow 2, 3 and even 4 punch combinations together that can floor any fighter. The knock on Taylor is this – she’s doesn’t really love the sport and doesn’t necessarily put in the longest hours in the gym, but, when you are blessed as she is, does it really matter? Emma McGale will be keen to test that shortly.

Emma: Sure, ham it up girl. By the end of the night, you won’t be as pretty. Nor as confident. It’s my job to make that ‘0’ in your record, a ‘1.’ Or at the very least make you really earn that 7th win.

After the introductions were done, it was time to face off with Tanille in the ring and get our instructions from the ref. Yesterday at the weigh in, Tanille and I faced off for the first time, and Tanille really made a big show about getting into my face. I didn’t react great yesterday because I don’t really want to be in my underwear in public for any more time than absolutely necessary, so I kind of just walked away. But today I’m not going to be intimidated if Tanille tries something during the instructions. We get to a normal distance and touch gloves. Then she takes a step closer. She’s so close that I can feel her breath on my face. The most annoying thing is her smiling at me. At least when Tyson tried to intimidate people, he looked like he was going to kill them. Tanille just seems like a brat. A really talented brat.

Tanille gets a bit closer still and the referee decides to try to break us apart. I won’t move until Tanille steps back. A long few seconds pass, until, finally she does and I retreat back to my corner. Right, did the ref read the instructions? I wasn’t paying attention.

Oh well, it’s boxing. The rules are pretty much the same. Just punch until I can’t anymore.

Laila: “Well you won’t need to hear from me anymore, because the ladies will do their talking with their fists. As for my prediction, its hard to look past Taylor improving power and McGale’s suspect chin. Sometimes the obvious result is what happens. I think this goes six rounds before Taylor stops the Englishwoman.”

Emma McGale
A self admitted boxing nerd and friend of Virani. Especially powerful and dangerous working from in close Super Featherweight contender.
Emma McGale
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