Setting up the trap

One minute of rest, two camps that will confer after the first round. We start at the blue end, where the first two minutes of action were fruitful.

Caspar: “Good. You took that round with ease. She had no response to your movement and attacks.”

Leyla: “It’s so much fun to box her. I can do whatever I want. She must be afraid since I owned her in sparring.”

Caspar: “You have a psychological advantage and there is a lot of attention on this fight. This is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Don’t rush it. Be methodical to give her a whupping. Make it last until she’s toast.”

Leyla smiles: “I can enjoy that. I didn’t train for weeks to finish it in a couple of minutes anyway.”

Caspar: “Yeah. We have the stage. Let’s give a good show.”


In the red corner, the protagonists are more confident than the other side may expect.

Anna: “I took a few for the team there. What do you think of her?”

Maxim: “Nice technique and she cuts the ring well, but she isn’t all that quick and her movement from the philly shell is a bit robotic. That’s perfect for counterattacking.”

Anna: “How do I approach it?”

Maxim: “Let’s box from outside and borrow a few tricks from Sugar Ray Leonard against Marvin Hagler.”

Anna: “That’s a tall order.”

Maxim: “I’m not asking you to match his level. Just to use a couple of his methods. Leyla comes in from a low stance and doesn’t move that much when she attacks. Number one: up to the solar plexus, your body focuses on mobility while the upper body does punching and slipping. Number two: put some pop in your punches.”

Anna: “Doing a number two would be putting poop in my punches.”

Maxim: “Haha! Just look at the way I’m putting torque in that right hand by twisting the chest. I put some pop down the middle without overcommitting, so I can throw in rapid fire. She comes in to attack without slipping all that much, so she’ll get hit today.”

Anna: “Brilliant.”

Maxim: “Remember. Up to the chest is for moving around the ring. Above that, punching and avoiding shots.”

Anna: “Got it.”


Esther: “We only have two minutes to evaluate so far, but a clear result in favour of Abdul. She mastered Schwartz and landed clean punches to give herself a one-point lead on my card. Will she fall prey to a sophisticated game plan? We will find out shortly.”


Zelda: “Seconds out!”

Leyla Abdul
Leyla Abdul
A Muslim boxer who doesn't mind going to war, works with the Philly shell and trades with anyone. A German Lightweight champion.