Tanille Taylor – A Prodigy Revealed

Tanille Taylor didn’t grow up loving boxing. Nor does she have family in the sport. Nor does she profess to love the sport even now. But ‘The Prodigy’ is one of the most exciting prospects in female boxing at the moment, displaying a skill-set that has coaches, fans and promoters drooling and awaiting her next move.

Boxing Monthly sat down with Tanille for an in-depth interview as she prepares to enter the ring again this summer.

Boxing Monthly: Thanks for sitting down for an interview with us.

Tanille Taylor : Ya know, my promoter said I had to do it. So, pleasure to be here, I guess. Is that what people usually say?

BM: Yeah. Anyways, you’re coming off a big knockout win over a pretty solid fighter in Emma McGale, how do you feel about that victory?

Emma v. Tanille - 19

No bonus for a knockout

TT: Ya know, I went out there and I did what I had to do. Once I turned it on, that girl had nothing for me, and I was able to end things with a rockin’ combo. That’s boxing. I was on one level, that girl was on another, lower, level and that’s what happens when boxers of different levels meet. 

BM: People in the boxing world talked about how important it was for you to get a decisive knockout victory.

TT: People they expect too much. They want the flashy boxing, and the knockout. Not one, both. I get paid to win the fight. They’re ain’t no bonus for a knockout. This ain’t the UFC. Was I happy to end it early? Sure. It meant I didn’t have to get hit anymore. I don’t like getting hit. 

BM: It was a pretty scary knockout and there was some initial concern about your opponent being seriously hurt. We’ve heard other fighters talk about coming face to face with the realities of boxing and what that does to them. Has a knockout like that affected you in any way?

TT: No.

BM: Have you spoken to McGale since the fight?

TT: Why in the hell would I do that? This is boxing. Ain’t no comradery here. You get in the ring and that girl across from you, she’s the enemy. I don’t hate her, I don’t like her, I don’t dislike her, she’s just an opponent. I’m glad she’s okay, but that’s it.

BM: Alright, moving on. You’ve entered the Featherweight world rankings at #15. Do you have any timeline for what you are doing next? Do you see yourself fighting for the world title this year?

TT: I just fight who they tell me to fight.

Tanille Magazine Photo 1

What’s best for me

BM: So you have no preference for an opponent? Or even the type of opponent you may want to face?

TT: I get paid for 3 fights on DAZN per year. So I expect 3 fights on DAZN per year. I don’t care if its against the champ or some bum. I’ll fight anyone they put in front of me. I’ll beat ’em too.

BM: Speaking of DAZN, you are being heavily promoted by them. Do you feel any pressure to live up to their expectations?

TT: Nah. That’s on them. I do what’s best for me.

BM: There are rumours around you that you do not appear to be the most dedicated fighter when it comes to training. Would you care to dispel or answer these rumours in any way? People say it brings into question your love of the sport.

TT: That last part’s true.

BM: You don’t like boxing?

TT: You gotta be crazy to like boxing! I do this because I’m good at it and am paid well to be good at it. It ain’t because I love it. I’ll do this until it stops becoming lucrative then I’m done. 

BM: That makes you seem like a mercenary.

TT: That’s right. If someone wants to pay me more for cooking or cleaning then I’ll do that. But boxing pays the bills, so I’m a boxer.

BM: So I’m guessing you don’t care about winning world titles…

TT: Only that the champ makes more money. That’s all I care about. 

BM: You also get paid equally to win or lose…

TT: Nah, I ain’t stupid. People only pay to see fighters that win. So I’ll keep winning. That’s how you keep the cheques rolling in.

BM: People also pay to see fighters that they feel a connection with, but you are notoriously reclusive, not even having a Twitter account.

TT: You’d think that the person that calls themselves, ‘A promoter’ might handle that. I’m a fighter. I fight. If people like that, I like them. If they don’t like that – I’m fine with that too.

BM: Going back to the rumours about your work ethic, one of your ex-coaches described you as ‘ungodly talented but lazy.’ Any response?

TT: I ain’t lazy, but I ain’t gonna spend 60 hours a week in the gym neither. Don’t need to. That coach, he’s just bitter I left him behind. I work hard enough as is. I put my focus on me. Not some regimen that is come up with by some old man.

Tanille Magazine Photo 2

I’ll make it look easy

BM: Okay, well your next opponent is fellow American Jessimin Reed. How do you see the fight going?

TT: I don’t think she can do a damn thing to me. I’m going to win by knockout. And I’ll make it look easy. Then on to the next one, until I’ve cleaned out this division.

BM: Well… I suppose our time is coming to an end. Anything you’d like to say?

TT: I’m just happy this is over.

BM: …Okay, well we look forward to seeing you in the ring against Jessimin Reed!

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I know the character is written this way but what a cunt


So it’s okay I want her to get KTFO? Haha


You are a brute 😆


And now I dislike her even less. There are people in life who possess the job mentality but that mouth of hers, it’s just askin for an open invite, sucker-punch. Well, at least she’s not as bad as Kayleigh the Fanny though lol

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