The Calm Before the Storm

Green Light for the Cobra

After a tepid undercard, the feature bout in Stuttgart begins.

As the visitor, Virani enters first. Her chosen music is Krewalla’s Greenlights:

Sometimes when I step into the ring I feel I’m just a sheep but right now I’m a wolf
I’m headed to the top never stop on another level baby give me one last look
Cuz I been, I been stuck in circles in my mind the circles I might live and die in
Cuz I been, I been waiting silent for a sign and all this time I’m realizing
I’m ready I’m ready I’m rah
I’m ready I’m ready I’m rah
I see nothing but green lights
I’m ready I’m ready I’m rah
I’m ready I’m ready I’m rah
I see nothing but green lights

The upbeat song contrasts with Virani’s demeanor which is decidedly serious. The German crowd may be expected to cheer for the local champion, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support Virani as they give her a good reaction.


The Local Favourite

As Virani enters the ring, the lights dim and we get a video package playing on the big screen showing Michaela’s highlights. As her string of knockouts play, Avenged Sevenfolds’s Hail to the King begins to play.

Unlike Virani, Michaela revels in the reaction from the local fans as she stands and poses at the ramp.

Laila Ali: “A contrast in walkouts here, as MacVicar shuns her usual playful personality while Sommer is using the largest stage of her career to let fans know that not only is she pretty, she’ll punch your lights out with a smile.”


The Ring Introductions

With all parties in the ring, it’s time for the official introductions. First up is the visitor.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen this is THE MAIN EVENT of the evening. 10 rounds of boxing in the featherweight division live here on BOX-TV and DAZN! Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner, she comes to us from Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a record of 9 wins in 13 contests, with 8 of those wins coming by way of KNOCKOUT. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome ‘The Canadian Cobra’ Virani MacVicar!”

Virani has a smile and a playful pose for the camera as she is introduced to the fans.

Virani thinks: I love getting my name announced. Crazy how I’m so close to my 10th pro win.


Ring announcer: “And her opponent, fighting out of the red corner. She comes to us from Bremen, Germany with a record of 10 wins in 11 contests, with all 10 of those victories coming by way of KNOCKOUT, Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the reigning German Featherweight champion, “Queen Kong” Michaela Sommer!”

Rapturous applause follows the introduction of the German champion, who strikes a pose for the crowd, with the cameraman ensuring that the German flag is also visible in the background of the shot.

Laila: “Michaela Sommer strikes a dynamic figure in these introductions. The German champion appears totally confident in front of her home crowd, and with punching power in both hands, who can blame her?”


Face to Face

Laila: “The two fighters are brought to the middle of the ring to go over the rules one last time. The referee for this contest was the matter of some debate as MacVicar’s camp insisted on the relatively unknown Frenchwoman Monique Deschamps. However, given the amount of punching power in that ring, it seems like Deschamps’ most important qualification may be her ability to count to ten.”

Monique: “Ladies, this is the main event. I went over the rules with both of you in the dressing room. I expect a good clean fight. Touch gloves and go back to your corners. Bonne chance!”

Michaela thinks: Gosh she is pretty. I’m ready for her though.

Virani thinks: Michela doesn’t look like a typical model, but she’s as cute as a button. I love her pink hair. But I have to make my advantages count in this one. Maybe it’s not a knockout in the looks department though!


Special Guest

Laila Ali: “At ringside we have the usual luminaries, but one in particular stands out – that of Alesia Schumann, current holder of the German title in the Super Lightweight division and the #1 contender for champion Anastasia Orlova’s World title and is expected to be fighting for that title later this year. Schumann is well known to be a supporter of the Canadian Cobra and is often seen ringside at her fights. She has generously agreed to speak to us between rounds.”


Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Get her full profile and fight history.

Michaela SOmmer

The German Featherweight champion is a tough inside fighter, with size, who punches above her weight.
Michaela Sommer
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