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Anna’s ambition for Alesia’s German title

Alesia Anna title talk 3-3Munich – It’s 8:30 in the morning in Alesia Schumann’s flat. Her girlfriend Anna Schwartz is still in bed, and she asked to be woken up if still in slumber.

Ally gets in the bedroom, approaches slowly and leans in for a kiss on the cheek. Soft to avoid being abrupt.

Alesia: “Good morning, my queen.”

The Berliner moves a little but doesn’t open her eyes. She wants the Diva to work a little to drag her out of bed.

Ally leans in again for a second kiss on the cheek.

Anna thinks: “Not bad, but you can do better than that.”

Then, she moves the corners of her lips for a subtle smile.

Ally thinks: “Oh, Her Highness is finicky.”

This time, she goes all in, wraps her arms around Anna for a third, insistent attempt.

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Anna finally opens her eyes and cracks a frank smile.

Alesia: “It’s not easy to wake up the royalty.”

Anna: “You gotta earn it.”

Alesia: “Alright Your Majesty. You shall get out of this bed for coffee. It’s late enough.”

Her girlfriend stretches playfully and gets off the mattress. Ally goes to the kitchen to make two cups of black coffee, with beans from a hipster shop nearby. She will only drink the finest brew.

Clashing interests

They have the usual small talk until the Ice Queen wants to finally discuss a topic she’s been holding back since her win against Leyla Abdul.

Anna: “It can’t surprise you, but I’ve been thinking about my future in boxing. I think I can afford to be more ambitious but you know that it comes with obstacles.”

Alesia: “Like the fact that we’re both Super Lightweight and that I have the German belt?”

Anna: “Well…”

Alesia: “You know you can tell me anything.”

Anna: “Well yeah. You know what it is. I’ve re-established my credibility and it’s only a matter of time before I become an actual challenger. If I’m not already.”

Alesia: “Do you want the belt?”

Her girlfriend bristles.

Alesia: “So, you want it.”

Anna: “It’s complicated.”

Alesia: “Say it straight.”

Anna: “Yes, I’d love to be the German champion. It’s been a dream of mine for years. I say that without any jealousy because you’re the legitimate champion. The dream is still a dream, though.”

Alesia: “Not an easy problem to solve. I know that Virani vacated her Canadian title for her friend Emma to have a shot at winning it while avoiding a clash, but I have no intention of giving that title away in the same fashion. Just like you, I dreamed of being German champion for ages. I’m there and I want to build my legacy as a long-time queen of the German ring. I want to be world champion as well.”

Anna: “I see.”

The stare

Having been exposed to the constant trolling between Sophie Schumann and Akane Watanabe for some time, Anna decides to go for it with Alesia.

Anna: “So, I see two options.”

Alesia: “What are they?”

Anna: “The first is that we fight after your title match with Anastasia Orlova. I give you another beating, take both belts and the boxing world will glorify me as the queen of the Super Lightweight division, for a long ice age.”

The Diva knows she’s being ribbed but she keeps a straight face.

Alesia: “Second option?”

Anna: “Out of fear, you vacate the title, I take on someone like Lena Löw to win it and I don’t bother you for the world title.”

She leans forward for a staredown, and Ally does the same. Now, it’s a matter of who laughs first.

After a good minute, Anna cracks a smile, laughs out loud and snorts.

Alesia: “Now who’s the queen?”

Anna: “Fuck you!”

Need advice

After laughters, the conversation gets serious again.

Anna: “That was fun, but we haven’t solved a thing.”

Alesia: “I wish I had a ready-made answer. Asking you to give up on a dream would be unfair, and I don’t like the idea of us fighting again. If I win, I dash my own lover’s hopes. If I lose, you take the title at my expense. A draw? That’s an even bigger nightmare. Either way, it’s madness.”

Anna: “Yeah. The media and voyeurish fans would salivate. Such a good story for them, but not for us. What if I’m made mandatory contender?”

Alesia: “The federation can say ‘do it or we take the belt away’. If I vacate and you get the belt without beating me, people will question your legitimacy as a champion.”

Anna: “None of that is any good. What do we do?”

Alesia: “We need advice from Heidi, Regina and Maxim. We knew that you could come back and be a contender again. Now it’s a reality. Let’s deal with it.”

Anna: “Yeah. Let’s talk to them. Maybe they’ll come up with a solution.”

Ally pauses to reflect for a moment.

Anna: “What’s on your mind?”

Alesia: “Ultimately…”

The Diva hesitates and looks down, making the Ice Queen raise her eyebrows.

Alesia: “Ultimately, being the bigger dog isn’t a condition for me to be happy with you.”

Anna: “OMG. I don’t wanna go there just yet. Let’s talk to our people.”

They agree and have a quick kiss before going on to have a normal day. Well, as normal as it can be after that conversation.

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