Pink Paffing Power

Close Quarters

Virani and Michaela get ready to go back to war in the 5th round. Virani thinks about how she wants to nullify Michaela’s physical game and decides that it’s time for a little… well, underhanded tactics. Michaela steps into range, but Virani immediately moves in as well to close the distance. She uses her height to smother the shorter German, pushing her down and even sneaking in a little headlock to control Michaela, who desperately tries to land a punch, but can’t manage the leverage.

Michaela thinks: Bitch! You must not like fighting inside very much to resort to this.

Virani thinks: Too bad this isn’t MMA, I could choke you out!


Virani and Michaela continue in the 5th, each trying to impose their will on the other. Both land punches on each other though nothing devastating or fight turning, to both of their chagrin.

With about a minute to go in the round, Virani and Michaela come in for an exchange, but Virani is able to land first, nailing Michaela with a short right hook that jolts the German.

Laila: “Canadian thunder from Virani MacVicar as she gives Michaela a taste of her own medicine with a short, direct strike that sends sweat flying from the head of the local favourite.”


The Mighty Michaela Connects

But Michaela isn’t unhappy with an in close brawl. She’s fine to take one, as long as she gets one back in return. She stays in tight with Virani, using her feet and her strength to stay inside her preferred range. Stuck, Virani tries to fight back with a left hook, but Michaela steps inside of the hook and lands a short, compact uppercut that lands flush on the chin.

Virani: “ungh!”

Michaela thinks: You stayed in the pocket too long and you paid for it…


Swinging For The Fences

Virani is stung from that compact uppercut and goes into retreat mode. Michaela sees a wounded animal in front of her and needs little excuse to try to add more damage to Virani via those pink gloves. The Cobra knows that taking an additional shot has a good chance of putting her on the canvas, so she keeps a tight guard and her head moving.

Michaela tries to follow up her uppercut with a left hook, but Virani leans down to avoid it and then leans out of the way out of the inevitable uppercut that would follow that left hook. Two punches thrown, zero connections.

Laila: “MacVicar may have been hurt from that uppercut from Sommer and she is way in defensive mode now. Sommer swings and misses with a pair of punches that would have almost certainly ended the fight if they connected.”

Virani thinks: Defence now, hit back later.


Michaela pursues Virani around the ring as the Cobra tries to get time and space to recover from the big uppercut. The German pressures Virani towards the ropes, and has the skill and tenacity to do so. Once Virani is against the ropes, Michaela goes to her best weapon, the uppercut. Virani anticipates this and gets her glove under her chin to prevent the connection.

Laila: “MacVicar may be the worst cable repair woman on the continent as she refuses to let the connection between Michaela’s fist and her chin. Shame. I’m still waiting for the cable at my own home to be fixed, if anyone at Comcast is listening by the way.”

Virani thinks: Okay, still a bit buzzed, but I’m basically recovered. This round might be lost, so I’m going to just try to escape without taking any more damage.

Michaela thinks: I have to keep going. If I land one more good one, I can put her away for good and end this!


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Queen Kong pursues Virani doggedly, not content to take the round win, but wanting to put Virani on ice. Virani defends herself well, under pressure but not overwhelmed as Michaela desperately tries to find the breakthrough. If you’d just tuned into the fight, you might have assumed this was the 10th round and Michaela needed a knockout to win.

Virani, for her part, keeps an active upper body, and while she’ll never be confused for a brilliant defensive fighter, her movement is enough to keep her out of the incoming fire, including a wicked right hand that sails right by her chin.

Laila: “Michaela Sommer is loosing every missile at her disposal in order to try to dispatch MacVicar, but the Canadian appears to have recovered and is giving the crowd in Stuttgart a defensive display worthy of plaudits.”

Thomas thinks: This girl is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Virani but she’s not connecting. Maybe she’s getting tired? I’m proud of Virani’s defensive acumen. It’s the biggest change she’s made since we first started.


The barrage slows down a little towards the end of the round as Michaela begins puffing loudly, throwing haymakers at every perceived opening. With her gloves up in a tight guard, Michaela’s pink mitts just find the red of Virani’s Adidas gloves.

Laila: “MacVicar’s tight guard foils another Sommer strike, as the German hunts for a finish in front of her home fans, who cheer her wildly. But after that uppercut landed, Michaela really landed nothing of substance and you have to wonder about the effect of swinging and missing with so many haymakers will have on Sommer.”

Virani thinks: This hasn’t been a fun round, but I’ve gotten through it okay.

Axel Plesner: “Slow DOWN, Michaela.”


Virani survives the remaining two seconds just fine and the two fighters head back to their corners for the interval, with Virani surprisingly looking the fresher of the two combatants.

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Virani MacVicar
Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Michaela Sommer
Michaela Sommer
An outspoken German puncher. Pound for pound one of the hardest hitters in the sport. Former Featherweight champion.