La Princesa Defends her Title

Rest and Rebuild

We catch up with one of Virani’s former opponents in Carla Flores, as she looks to rebuild after her loss against Virani MacVicar back in August of 2019. Like the last time she took a major defeat, in her loss to Maria Garcia, Carla takes a long break to recover before getting back in the ring. She doesn’t feel any pressure from DAZN to rush her return to the ring. DAZN has plenty of other Featherweights to feature in the meantime and they still see potential in ‘La Princesa.’

Carla’s Mexican title is one that is scheduled to be defended at some point in 2020, so she schedules a warmup bout in the leadup to the fight. Carla wins that one easily, against an overmatched local fighter. After an early knockdown, the local fighter’s corner throws in the towel to save her fighter. With that win, Carla’s record moves to 10 wins and 2 losses.

Title Defence

The Mexican Boxing Federation has set Leticia Hernandez to be Carla’s mandatory challenger for her Featherweight crown. Leticia is a long time pro, having fought mostly domestically with a rare fight in the United States. Her record is 9 wins and 4 losses, with 4 of those wins by way of knockout. Leticia is a solid hand in the ring, always willing to scrap it out with her opponent.

Carla enters the ring with a flourish, kneeling at the top of the ramp and soaking in the crowd’s applause. The current champion has spent some time in the gym, adding a bit more muscle to her frame. It has made making the Featherweight weight limit a bit harder, but the gains should offset that.


The War Begins

The pair of Mexican warriors get straight to it in the first few rounds, displaying ferocity and trading leather with each other. It’s not exactly refined, but the crowd likes it.

The best example of the trading is midway through the second round when Carla and Leticia have a wild trade, with Leticia landing a right hand, but getting caught by a stronger punch in return – an overhand left hook from Carla that crunches Leticia on the jaw.

The tenor of the fight has been established.


One of Carla’s main advantages in this fight against Leticia is that she is able to land effectively to both the head and the body.  This diverse attack makes it harder for Leticia to defend. As Carla knows, weaken the body and that can open the head.


The First Knockdown

It’s clear in the next few rounds that Carla is far better suited to be in a fight of this nature. She takes leather, from Leticia without much complaint and dishes out severe punishment to her opponent, who is either unwilling, or unable, to get out of the way.

Carla loves a scrap when she is able to connect with her opponent. Not only does she often win those fights, its why she loves boxing. She loves proving that she is tougher than her opponent.

But Carla knows that fights like this are dangerous, so she wants to put an exclamation on this fight as soon as possible. She dominates the 4th round and punctuates it with a perfect right hand on the button.


That perfect shot makes Leticia’s legs lose strength and she drops her butt. A clean knockdown for Carla Flores!

Leticia is able to gather herself and beat the count, but the message has been sent. ‘La Princesa’ is now hunting for the finish.


The Finish

Carla Flores fights like she has dinner reservations that she does not want to delay, lobbing wild bombs at Leticia Hernandez in the hopes that one of them may connect and end the fight. As the fight deteriorates further into an ever wilder scrap, Leticia loses sight of Carla for a moment. In boxing, a moment is a long time.

Carla takes the opportunity to get an angle on Leticia and drives a devastating left hook through an opening that Leticia didn’t even know existed. They always say it’s the shots you don’t see coming that hurt you, and that was a bomb from La Princesa.


Pulled down by gravity, Leticia twists and tumbles to the canvas, while Carla raises an arm in triumph.

Quickly, the referee intervenes and makes his decision. He doesn’t even bother with the count, declaring Leticia ‘Out!’ and making the winner of the contest Carla Flores!

It takes a few moments for Leticia to gather her senses again, and for her to feel recovered enough to get to her feet. She’ll take a precautionary trip to the hospital, but she is expected to be just fine.


A Happy Princess

For Carla, she is confirmed again as the top Featherweight in Mexico, a nation that routinely produces great boxers. Leticia was a decent opponent, but nothing more than a tiny roadblock. Carla shows off for the crowd as she is announced as the winner, posing with the title still around her waist.


After her dominant defence of her title, DAZN contacts Carla. They want to see her competing back stateside. Carla is more than happy to get the chance to do so again and will be waiting by the phone for her next opponent…

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  1. Fave pics has to be the first exchange between Carla and Leticia very nice and the left hook that ended the fight as well. And I really love Carlas outfit for this fight ❤️ And she still has a stunning body ??

    I meant to add this to my last post heh ?

  2. Wow! It was nice to see Carla again 🙂 felt like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her last fight with V.

    She totaled dominated her opponent tonight, she was pretty tough but was no match for her power punches in the end, the muscles on her arms ??

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next for her 🙂

    • Carla’s been on the shelf for a while, but now she’s back!

      She certainly proved that she’s the best fighter in Mexico, and maybe the best looking Featherweight in Mexico :p

      • Indeed! Can’t wait to see more of her soon, this title defense was pretty easy for her not that I’m complaining?

  3. Carla is one sexy firecracker. She looks like the kind of chick you don’t wanna mess with. I love a a Mexican slugfest too. It’s hot.

    • This was a slugfest. Carla is hot and she has skills to be reckoned with. Not an easy opponent for anyone to face.

  4. From the very first description, Leticia sounds like the kind of fighter who can produce fireworks in the ring, whether it pays off or not. A girl who wants a scrap and had her four defeats by knockout normally promises violence, whether she’s dishing it out, taking it, or both.

    Darn. Carla beefed up for real. She was on the slender side the last time we saw her. That frame is rather solid now.

    It turns out that Leticia is tailor-made for Carla. What Virani was unwilling to do, this opponent has done. Standing there and going for straight trading. Most people will be happy to view a wild scrap of that nature.

    Losing sight of Carla was the worst thing that could have happened to the poor Leticia. That’s enough for a skilled opponent to wind up for a decisive punch, and La Princesa delivers so she won’t miss dinner on that night. Nighty night, Leticia.

    This win and a little show in the States could pay off for the rankings and personal popularity. Go for it, princess ?

    • Leticia, it turns out, was a carbon copy of Carla, just lacking more skill. A good matchup for anyone is to fight a worse version of themselves! It also goes to show that Virani was smart to fight Carla in the manner which she did. A slugfest with the princess is a dangerous proposition.

      The Princess has decided to add more muscle to her frame. She fit before, but now she’s added a bit more mass to her frame. It should serve her well, given the type of fighter she is.

      Losing sight of your opponent is very bad. It leads to opportunities that your opponent can take advantage of and Carla did, with pleasure. La Princesa has dinner reservations and she doesn’t want to lose her spot at the table.

      What will the future hold for Carla? At least one more high profile fight for her.

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