No Love Lost

To the Ring

After a fairly sterling undercard it is time for the co-main event of the evening, featuring Steffi Slater against Virani MacVicar.

The crowd in the arena has fully arrived, not wanting to miss the gregarious Canadian’s biggest test to date. The prize for this one is simple, win, and set yourself up as the next logical challenger for the Featherweight belt being fought for in the main event.

Laila Ali: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now ready to present our co-main event of tonight’s event here on DAZN. We have a classic up and coming young challenger going up against the stalwart veteran of the division as Virani MacVicar will take on Steffi Slater in a 10 round clash in the Featherweight division.”

Laila: “The bookmakers have MacVicar as a slight favourite coming in to the fight, but she has accepted this fight on short notice, and having an abbreviated fight camp can have an effect on a fighter’s performance. We’ll see what kind of impact, if any, it has on the Canadian Cobra.”

Ring Announcer: “Please welcome to the ring, Steffi Slater.”

Demi Lovato’s Confident blares over the speakers, signaling the entrance of the Lady in Gray, Steffi Slater.

There’s no posing at the top of the ramp, this is purely a woman that wants to fight. She cares nothing for the fanfare of boxing, only the part where fists are thrown.


As the Demi Lovato track fades, pop music is replaced by dissonant sounds of strings. The bass pounds as the opening of Rupert Gregson-William’s Wonder Woman’s Wrath plays.

Announcer: “Please welcome to the ring her opponent, Virani MacVicar!”

When the song quiets down, Virani MacVicar makes her entrance, drawing applause from the crowd, though some are perhaps disappointed not to see her doing a Wonder Woman cosplay.

Virani’s buoyant and confident smile and pose are nothing out of the ordinary. If she feels any pressure from being in her most high profile fight to date, she isn’t showing it.


The Official Introductions

Laila Ali: “This fight promises to be a study in contrasts. Even in their entrances we see their different personalities. Let’s turn this one over to the ring announcer for the official introductions.”

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our co-main event of the evening. 10 rounds of action in the Featherweight division between 2 of North America’s best. Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner, this woman comes to us with a record of 22 wins and 5 losses, with 11 of those win coming by way of knockout. From Cleveland, Ohio, please welcome “The Lady in Gray” Steffi Slater.

In no mood to win fans or plaudits, Steffi makes a mean face for the camera.


Ring Announcer: “And her opponent, fighting out of the red corner, this woman comes to us today with record of 10 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw, with 9 of those wins coming by way of knockout. Ladies and Gentleman the former Featherweight champion of Canada, The Canadian Cobra, Virani MacVicar!”

In contrast to Steffi, Virani’s pose is playful and her smile is completely winning. For any neutral tuning into the fight, it would be hard to avoid becoming a Virani MacVicar fan.


A Frosty Faceoff

Laila: “The third woman in the ring is a familiar sight to anyone watching a Virani MacVicar match – Kanti Agrawal. The experienced Indian ref is very much on the lenient side of things. That being said, it’s hard to think of any major mistakes that she’s made and that’s why she’s being entrusted a high profile match like this.”

Kanti: “Ladies, to the middle of the ring please.”

Virani and Steffi meet together in the middle of the ring for final instructions. Neither offer to touch gloves.

Kanti: “Ladies, I went over the rules with you in your dressing room. This is a ten round fight. I want you to follow my instructions at all times. Protect yourself at all times. Please remember you cannot be saved by the bell in any round. If you score a knockdown, I will not start the count until you are in a neutral corner. No exceptions. Any questions? No? Touch gloves and go back to your corners.”

Virani: “Your run at the top ends today, Steffi.”

Steffi: “Confident words from a fashion model. We’ll see what your face looks like after 10 rounds.”

Virani: “Funny that you think you’ll last 10 rounds with me.”

Steffi snorts in derision.

Kanti: “Back to your corners ladies!”


Laila: “Well the verbal jabs are at an end and the real jabs will soon be thrown.  Don’t go anywhere, Round 1 is coming right up!”

Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Get her full profile and fight history.
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  1. Virani should win this fight, but it’s not going to be easy. As much as I like Virani, I hope Steffi beats her up. It seems like the harder a beating she takes, the more determined to win she is.

    • It should be a tough one for V. But you are right that Virani is the type that comes back and fights harder when losing, or even after a loss.

  2. Wow we’re at the fight already! You don’t waste any time lol. Definitely Good title for this post, both fighters seem very confident and these two show no sort of respect for each other, all they want to do is punch the crap out of each other, this should be interesting, this could be a big step for V but I also have a feeling this might not end well, but the fight didn’t start yet so let’s see how things go.

    Also I was a bit curious with the post saying the crowd in the arena has….and then it’s cut off, I’m wondering what was that about…

    And looks like they have Kanti as there ref, I know she won’t be playing around and will be taking things seriously in the ring.

    • Wasting no time to get to the fight.

      Kanti will be the ref, making sure there’s a good 3rd woman in the ring to keep things organized…

  3. The title of this chapter does a fine job at describing the mood. While many fighters are on friendly terms before and after bell sounds, it appears that these two care more for leather donation than positive relations. Good thing that international diplomacy doesn’t rely on them!

    Steffi’s body language is intimidating enough. Like an animal that’s just waiting to be unleashed so it can pounce on you for a mauling. And Virani stills says: I wanna fight her. Boxers are nuts, I tell ya ?

    Also, credit to the veteran for a flawless shape. She doesn’t bring volumes of muscles but being this lean and firm at the age of 44 is no small achievement for most human beings. Look at those abs. They don’t seem soft at all.

    Virani has a bit more going on in that department. She probably will never become a tank, but there is extra tone.

    Attitudes during introductions are in such contrasts. Steffi makes you feel like you don’t want to be in tight space with her, moments before you will be. Virani misleads with a bright smile… and makes the TV crew work extra hard by crouching to pick up her expression. Yo V, do you know that it’s not easy to stay low with a camera on your shoulder? ?

    Faceoff goes as you would expect with the two grumpy women. Fashion model? When is Virani’s next show booked for? Or shall we use défilé as the French do, because it’s an elegant word?

    So, the hardened veteran against the young puncher. This should be difficult.

    • Definitely no love between these two one bit, this should be some hard hitting action, or who nose things might get very ugly fast

    • Virani and Steffi just seem to set each other on edge. It’s hard to imagine them going out for drinks after the match.

      Steffi is a bit intimidating and she is in good shape for her age. Only hope I look that good at that age…

      Virani is in great shape as usual, and she’s certainly got that svelte yet fit look going on.

      The seasoned veteran and the young puncher. It’s a classic matchup, and one for boxing fans to look forward to!

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