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Sophie and Megan get ready to leave their corners. The bell rings for Round 3 to begin, with two skilled contestants ready to go.

The first 10 seconds yield nothing, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the round won’t. Sophie wants to convince more than she did earlier. Megan wants to build up a lead.

The two boxers go for decisive action in the middle of the ring. Both think of going to the body at the same time, with a collision of intentions. The German is looking to uncork a right hook while the American steps in and reaches with a short left in the direction of the blonde’s abs.

Wrong timing for both sides. Picasso misses while the Queen of Brooklyn gets too close to her opponent. Heads clash as Sophie’s forehead meets Megan’s upper left eye.

Megan: “Ouch!”

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Referee Jeffrey Cain gets between the fighters.

Jeffrey: “STOP!”

He invites Megan to step back to a corner and asks Sophie to get close to him.

The American is not only in pain. She feels the sting of a cut over her left eye.

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Picasso’s fear

Aware that she had a terrible reputation as a mean woman in the amateur ring, Sophie panics.

Sophie: “Please. I swear this was accidental! I never wanted to headbutt her!”

Jeffrey: “Calm down, Sophie. I know it was accidental. Saw it. Just be mindful of what you’re doing with your head, and keep it clean. Nobody wants a fight to end because of a headbutt. First of all yourself.”

Sophie: “Yes sir.”

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Making the cut

Then, Megan is given a choice as to what she wants to do. She can take up to 5 minutes to recuperate from the foul. She chooses to do so, drawing the ire of local fans who think that boxers are indestructible warriors instead of simple human beings. Some rightfully question the decision, which is usually reserved to low blows.

Nevertheless, the American took her break and action can finally resume.

Sophie isn’t one to mess around for long when she sees opportunity. Shortly after Megan emerges from the neutral corner, she goes on the attack. The brunette wants to circle around her and throw a hook, but Picasso springs forward fast with a straight right. PISH! Directly on the cut.

Jim: “Schumann had a reputation for being a nasty amateur fighter. While her game is much cleaner today, she will not shy away from being a professional savage and it’s Megan Thomas’ problem.”

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It’s burning

If anyone wonders, Sophie doesn’t relent anytime soon. She takes the initiative and keeps threatening Megan with dangerously thrown orange gloves. Not every shot lands, but the American champ feels the power and knows that the German is looking to set up another blow to the cut.

That shot happens with less than a minute left in the round. Megan is under pressure in the middle of the ring, looking to unload some solid shots to force Sophie to back off. She throws a right, followed by a left hook. As soon as her second shot is on the way, the blonde drives inside with a left hook of her own. It lands clean in Megan’s left eye, adding further burn to the cut in the process.

Warren: “The German starlet is very unforgiving. Where you feel a cut, Picasso sees red paint to work with.”

Alesia: “Eye on the prize. The eye is the prize.”

Chelsea: “Oh god.”

Akane: “Haha!”

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Megan has no choice. She must fire power shots and hit the target if she doesn’t want to get run over by a blonde tank. She sticks some solid straight hands in Sophie’s guard as she goes back to her mini-Tyson low stance.

It’s a mild success as Sophie becomes more cautious to avoid having a bomb explode in her face. She turns defensive to ride out the storm of purple leather. Then, a much-practiced routine kicks in. When Megan has her near the red corner, she throws a “searching” right hook that is difficult to avoid. Sophie bends her legs very low and ducks under it.

Sophie thinks: “I’ll duck near the ground if I have to. I’m not just a puncher.”

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Not out yet

The Queen of Brooklyn has regained some confidence, looking more dangerous in that final minute. She’s unable to land massive shots and may lose the round, but her objective is forcing the visitor to respect her.

She does get a clean shot in at 0:10, though. Sophie is looking to fire back with a right hand from a distance, but she doesn’t gauge that distance as well as usual. The American has no problem sharpshooting with a cross that thumps the forehead. PAFF!

Jim: “Thomas isn’t out of this fight. She scores late after a difficult early Round 3. What do you make of it?”

Warren: “This is experience talking. She got rattled and cut by the accidental headbutt and took the full break to recuperate. Schumann still hit her with enough punches to potentially take the round, but eventually Thomas recovered. A lesser boxer might have been unable to achieve the same.”

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Nothing huge happens in the final stretch, and the bell rings. We go to the corners.

Regina: “I like it. You went straight for the cut and caused further damage. My request from the last time still stands, though. Tight and compact stance, move diagonally around her and look to hurt with short punches. It’s clear that she doesn’t want you too close.”

Picasso agrees.

In the blue corner, Joseph is more concerned as he treats the cut.

Joseph: “I won’t be able to close it entirely, and she’ll look to hit it again to make it bleed over the eye. We need to protect the eye without leaving the body open on that side. Tighten up your stance on the left. That’s crucial.”

Megan: “Got it.”

At the broadcast desk, the Star Sports crew delivers a quick unofficial scorecard update.

Warren: “Round 3 was a 10-9 in favour of Schumann, making the total score 29-28 for the German. It’s still anyone’s match while risk factors make it more dangerous for Thomas than anyone would have thought before the opening bell. Should Schumann further injure the eye, she could be in real trouble.”

Sophie Schumann

The little sister of Alesia Schumann is a born troublemaker but supremely talented puncher. A top Lightweight prospect on the hunt for her breakout moment.

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