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The Haymaker




It’s time for the third round of the fight to begin. Amazingly, though it feels like the fight has just begun, one fifth of the fight is already over. Both of the fighters know basically what to expect from the other and now it is about the little adjustments to make their strategy prevail in a tight fight like this.

The Peach intends to continue on with her strong display from the last round, though she is cognizant of not being predictable, and only trying to get inside on Mechelle, so she tries to fight from a distance. Emma tries to set up for one of her better punches, an overhand left hook that was the punch that KO’d Astrid Olsson

But Mechelle manages to get her head out of the way of the powerful punch, and with Emma’s balance slightly compromised, Mechelle has an easy target for a good counter right cross that rattles Emma for a moment.

Chantal: “McGale went for a bit of a home run early on in the round her, but the one that connected was Gauthier, who has shown that she’s more than capable of taking advantage of McGale’s mistakes.”

Virani thinks: Come on, Emma, be better than that.

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The Blast

Annoyed at having taken a solid shot, Emma goes back to work. She successfully manages to get inside again, though Mechelle doesn’t fight it too much, now that she has a plan to fight inside as well. The two jockey for position for a bit, both throwing punches in tight. Of those punches, Emma shows off the better, more consistent inside technique.

Mechelle thinks: I’m going to get killed inside if I don’t do anything. As soon as I feel her try to create space, I’m going to throw my uppercut and see what I can do.

Emma pushes off in a bid to create space, and is a bit slow to try to throw her right hand. Mechelle has no hesitation and throws a brutal right uppercut that jerks Emma’s head upwards violently. It’s a bombshell of a right hand that catches Emma from a position she least expected it.

Chantal: “The tables are turned dramatically here as Gauthier lands by far the biggest punch of the night here against McGale in close quarters. The Peach may be badly hurt by that blast.”

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Chantal couldn’t be more correct, as Emma’s legs lose strength and she lurches into Mechelle, who just about does enough to keep Emma on her feet. Though she is on her feet, the Peach appears to be out of it.

Mechelle thinks: She’s hurt! Got to try to finish it here and now…

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Mechelle twists her body to extract herself from Emma, who is all be dead weight at this moment. As soon as Emma isn’t supported on Mechelle’s chest, she topples forward, her legs not able to support her weight. All Mechelle can do is land a glancing left hand on Emma as she falls towards the canvas.

Chantal: “McGale is going down! It was the uppercut that did it! We may have just crowned a new champion!”

Mechelle thinks: I think she’s out. I think I KO’d her with that uppercut.

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The Storm is Down

Emma falls to the canvas hard, not making much, if any effort to protect herself on the way down. The Peach cuts a forlorn looking figure on the canvas as Mechelle raises her hand in surprise and triumph.

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Referee Victoria James points Mechelle Gauthier to the neutral corner, as Emma continues to lay in a heap on the canvas.

Victoria thinks: That was a bit of an odd knockdown, but it certainly was one, and Emma seems to be quite hurt. Gotta get Mechelle to the neutral corner before I do anything else.

Mechelle walks to the neutral corner confidently, perhaps being a 10 count away from being the new Canadian champion.

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By the time Victoria turns around to deal with the downed fighter, Emma is making some small movements to show that she is indeed conscious. She tries to push up with her left foot and roll to her side to extract the arm that is caught underneath her.

Victoria: “1…2….3….4….”

Mechelle thinks: I can’t believe it. I don’t think she’ll get up in time, but I wish this ref would count a bit quicker! If Emma does get up, I’ll finish her. I’m winning this.

Emma thinks: I’m not sure how I ended up on the canvas, but I’m feeling way out of it. Can I even beat this count?

Chantal: “The count has reached 4, and still Emma McGale seems to be reeling. The Peach is running out of time quickly if she is to get to her feet!”

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Rise Up

Emma thinks: My dad is probably laughing his ass off watching this. Not going to give him the satisfaction of staying down.

Powered by the deep well of emotion that resides inside of her, Emma’s mind convinces her body to get to her feet by the count of 9. It’s a tough old trip, and putting one foot in front of the other has never seemed so difficult.

Victoria thinks: This is why I don’t bet on boxing, because I’m sure this girl would not get up in time.

Virani: “THAT’S MY EMMA!”

Emma, though she’s unsteady on her feet, subtly uses the ropes to keep her balance and she puts her gloves up, trying and kind of succeeding to look like she’s completely fine.

Victoria: “Walk to me.”

Emma does.

Victoria: “Do you want to continue.”

Emma: “Ma’am, I want to win.”

Victoria: “Protect yourself or I’ll stop it.”

Emma: “Understood.”

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Survival Mode

Mechelle thinks: I’ve got to get the job done now. Land enough punches and the ref will stop it.

Mechelle attacks off the restart like a house on fire. She throws leather whenever she sees the slightest of openings, and with Emma reeling and recovering, she’s successful enough. But she doesn’t really manage to land a telling blow, her best being a good left hook that slips around Emma’s guard.

Chantal: “The Pretty Warrior is pouring it on as the crowd shouts its encouragement, but McGale is enduring. A great display of heart from Emma. Gauthier lands a good left hook around the guard, but McGale slips away before more red leather can land.”

Emma thinks: I’ll endure this. There’s not much longer to go, I think.

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Emma’s still in trouble as she hears the clacks that indicate there’s 10 seconds to go in the round. That noise gives The Peach that little extra boost in motivation and after Mechelle misses with a wild right hand, Emma grabs a hold of Mechelle and tussles with her.

Eventually they reach the ropes as the two fighters clinch. Emma’s tired from the punches received, and even Mechelle is a little tired from having thrown all the punches since the knockdown and she doesn’t have the strength to fight off Emma.

Sylvie thinks: That was the chance for an early victory. It’s gone now. Still, a great round in the books, and major damage done to Emma. She won’t be able to shake off that punch easily.

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Taking Stock

At the bell, Emma exhales deeply and walks back to her corner, happy to get away from the chaos of the battle for a moment, and wishing that she could call timeout.

Emma: “What hit me to knock me down? I don’t remember getting hit.”

Thomas thinks: That means Emma was probably out for a few moments if she doesn’t remember getting hit. Do I have to think about stopping this fight?

Thomas: “Uppercut, right underneath the chin. You went down like a sack of potatoes.”

Emma: “Sack of peaches, surely.”

Thomas thinks: Didn’t knock the sense of humour out of her at least. Good sign. Don’t need to stop this one right now, but I’ll keep an eye on Emma’s status for sure.

Thomas: “How are you? Dizzy?”

Emma pauses for a second and then shakes her head.

Thomas: “Would you tell me even if you were?”

Emma: “I’m okay. That took a lot out of me though.”

Thomas: “I’ll buy you some time. But we need to waste this round. High guard, low energy, move around the ring. I don’t care if she wins the round, I need you to get your energy back, okay?”

Emma: “Okay.”

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In Mechelle’s corner, Sylvie is both happy and disappointed in her charge.

Sylvie: “Great round. You really did well with that uppercut. I may have to have Heather learn from you.”

Mechelle: “Heather would have knocked her out.”

Sylvie: “Take the compliment. Now, my complaint. You let her off the hook. You headhunted when her entire body was open for the taking. You threw single punches when you needed combos. The referee was ready to stop it, but only if you were HITTING her.”

Mechelle: “Sorry. I never was a good finisher though.”

Sylvie: “You are too sweet for this world, Mechelle. Next time she’s ready to go, please finish the fight. It’s the humane thing to do.”

Mechelle taps her gloves together and nods.

Sylvie: “Don’t go wild this round. Put a strong round in, but assume that she’s recovered by now. You’re up on the scorecards, and we can make this a big uphill climb for her if we keep winning rounds.”

Mechelle: “I’ve got this, boss.”

Emma McGale

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