Chelsea Carter smashes two wins in

Detroit – We drop in at Matchroom 11, where Chelsea Carter once made her pro debut against Julie Marks. Her opponent this time? Julie, once again.

The rematch headlines a local fight card. The opponent and location were selected on purpose. When Mercedes Carter had to figure out who Chelsea should face after destroying Allison Felix, there were many options. Julie was only one of them and she was approached with care.

Chelsea: “Are you sure she’s right for me?”

Mercedes: “Only if ya ain’t thinkin’ pure revenge. That’s my concern right now. Ain’t gunna let ya fight her if ya gunna be foolish with a chip on yer shoulder.”

Chelsea: “Doesn’t matter who I fight next. Pick for me. I just want to build my record.”

A couple of days later, the coach lets her fighter know it’s going to be Julie, in the very venue where she lost her pro debut.

When it gets to fight night in early November, High Voltage keeps her mindset in the right place. She sees Marks as the woman she must beat to improve her record.

The action goes pretty well in the first three rounds. Chelsea has grown quickly since her first fight. She isn’t a naive light puncher anymore. There’s a lot more power in her hands, and she’s tactically a cut above Power Cube. She gives her the business with one adjustment. When she isn’t throwing straight shots at a distance, she loads up for powerful hooks. The speed, smarts and vastly improved technique give Julie more a professional leather sampling.


The Chelsea stamp

Julie is getting outboxed, outsmarted and thumped for the entire fight, but she never looks “ready to go”. At times, she even drops her hands and lets Chelsea crack her stone chin with free shots until the ref orders her to protect herself. Just to show that she can take High Voltage’s barrage of red leather without flinching.

Chelsea thinks: “Stubborn chick just won’t go down.”

The only moment when Julie is hurt is in the 10th and final round. She is looking to throw a right hook but Chelsea steps inside to throw her most powerful shot, the left hook from a low angle. PISH!

Julie is hurt and her face is partly covered by the wounds inflicted by Chelsea’s gloves. Nevertheless, she holds on to make the final bell – you get the pun?

The decision is a unanimous 100-90 for Chelsea, whose record improves to 4 wins (2 KO) and one loss. She outclassed the only girl who defeated her since joining the pro ranks.

Chelsea: “I wasn’t obsessed with her, but giving her a beating was still fun.”

Mercedes: “Hahahaha!”


Feeding the beast

The next fight comes faster than expected. A fight card took place in Chicago and Ring Kings were looking for a couple of bouts to add to the undercard. A young fighter called Diane Jones was available, and Mercedes got a call on short notice.

Chelsea: “Another fight in just three weeks? Are you sure?”

Mercedes: “Dat chick ain’t nuthin’ special, pork chop. She be 1-7. I know I’m bein’ cynical, but this is straight record padding to give ya another knockout. We need dat to build the hype and have fun footage to show.”

Chelsea: “Really? A sparring partner who was there to get hit. Now an opponent…”

Mercedes: “Dat’s boxin’ for ya.”

The cousin’s promise was very accurate. Diane turns out to be a bit small and vastly inferior. She has little appetite to put up much of a fight after eating a couple of power punches in the first round.

Chelsea has all the freedom to do whatever she likes to Diane, who is almost waiting to be blasted into orbit. The San Francisco native obliges in the third round. The girl in blue comes in with a weak right to the body, prompting Chelsea to fire her signature left hook from below. KAPOW!


Diane falls back and her hands drop. Chelsea springs forward with a short, explosive right as a follow-up. It makes a satisfyingly loud PISH sound as the middle of the poor girl’s face absorbs all the power in High Voltage’s red glove. Punches don’t get cleaner than that.


A crushed Diane falls straight on her back, and the referee declares it an instant knockout. Chelsea herself isn’t too impressed, so her celebration is rather conservative in comparison with previous occasions.


Pork chop’s record gets another bump to 5-1 after scoring her third knockout.

Chelsea: “That was a little easy. She didn’t try all that hard.”

Mercedes: “Told ya. Just a little workout to get a KO. Successful pros have those fights, yanno. To be a top dog, ya gotta shred a few chihuahuas.”

Chelsea: “Alesia doesn’t do that.”

Mercedes: “She ain’t normal, dat’s why.”

They have a giggle.

Chelsea Carter
Former Super Lightweight world champion. A daredevil from San Francisco who follows the footsteps of her idol Alesia Schumann. Former American champion.
Chelsea Carter

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  1. I appreciate her willingness to go out and get her record built up trusting her coach and her team to build her career, while letting her gloves do the harder work. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    • Trust is essential, of course. Mercedes knows enough about boxing to enable her cousin. They make such a great pair, methinks.

  2. Chelsea is smashing her way closer to the top!

    First off, a return victory over Julie Marks. Julie was stern opposition in her pro debut, but she has nothing for the upgraded Chelsea Carter. Julie was a bull, but now Chelsea is an esteemed matador and she excels at controlling the bull and then doling out red leather. Julie, because she’s got a chin made out of reinforced concrete, doesn’t even go down, when other fighters would have been obliterated by Chelsea’s assault. Still, its nice to erase that blemish on Chelsea’s record.

    Then we get a little record padding. In male fights, we’d talk about someone facing ‘cab drivers’. The female equivalent might be like fighting ‘hairdressers.’

    I’m kind of impressed that Diane lasted 3 rounds, but after taking that left hook, the fight was all but over. The right hand followup was the icing on the cake, and Diane collapses to the canvas, KO’d decisively. Count to 100, offer her $1000, Diane wasn’t going to get up from that.

    Gotta say, it’s a nice view to look up at a confident Chelsea as she towers over a defeated opponent. Statues have been made from less 😀

    Mercedes: “She ain’t normal, dat’s why.”

    Mercedes is blunt…but correct, Alesia is an outlier in so many ways! It’s funny to see in this story that Chelsea’s focus is still on Alesia. It’s an obsession for her.

    • Julie is a good representation of the kind of boxer you see on undercards. If you aren’t mature enough, their toughness and chin will spell defeat. If you have acquired the skills to be on the rise, they’ll make you work to get to the distance. Precisely what we saw this time.

      Diane is a different undercard fighter. The one who doesn’t have much to offer, yet she is ready to take fights even on short notice. When you attend a fight card and see them, you sometimes wonder why they do it because they’re not like seasoned journeymen who can take loss after loss without getting hurt much.

      Yeah, I never get tired of Chelsea looking confident and dominant. She’s got flair!

      People worldwide: “Why can’t I be the object of Chelsea’s obsession?” ?

  3. Wow had it really been August since we’ve last seen her in the ring? It felt like we saw her not to long ago, time really does fly by so quick.

    But it’s nice to see Chelsea back in the ring after such a long time even though it feels like a short time lol, but yeah she’s back and she’s better then ever, definitely wasn’t expecting her to have a rematch with her first pro fighter so soon.

    Julia marks still seems the same taking punches without going down, but Chelsea did a lot of damage and she looks like she didn’t break a sweat for 10 rounds. Glad she didn’t feel like getting revenge that could of probably three her off her game is she did. But I know it was pretty satisfying ?

    As for her next opponent I feel sorry for her, didn’t have the best record and she was pretty much a punching bag for the high voltage, and it did give her another win for her record.

    It’s also nice to see Mercedes as well, she’s such a good coach for her little pork chop, but I realized she has called her pork chop this whole post, what gives? Lol ?

    • Time flies and we all get older ?

      Chelsea is a natural at punching faces. All she needed was a little development and even the rugged Julie can’t resist. Diane? Well…. she was there for a little money on the side. She needs to improve her defense, though, otherwise her career won’t last much longer.

      Mercedes is simply catching up. She missed the fight against Allison, so she is using her pork chop allowance!

  4. Alesia,
    All I can say is,…!!, I say again,………wow!! Chelsea has come of age in a short time, and she looks great. She has developed serious power in her fists, to compliment her speed and agility. She is seriously enjoys and has fun beating people up in the ring! Not to mention her maturity has grown, not that she was ever immature anyway. But she showed real maturity as a boxer by taking on Julie Marks as fight she needs to win, not a revenge match. She won, and gave Julie a real beating in the process, evidence of the growing power in her fists.

    Poor Diane, she was just cannon fodder for Chelsea, but Chelsea didn’t let up. No mercy in the ring, as none will be shown in return. The best shot, in my humble opinion and second only to the punches landed, Chelsea standing over Diane with her gloved fists on her hips, looking down on her and thinking, “Really??!! Couldn’t you have given me a better fight??!!”

    P.S. With each fight, I really like Chelsea’s coach Mercedes more and more. She has the pizzazz and ring knowledge to tell Chelsea like it is, and coach her into being a more successful and tougher fighter.

    • I had a hunch that you would very much like this due to your affection for Chelsea. She’s growing and growing. Still many steps to take to reach her primary goal, but she is catching up nicely to increasingly meet Alesia’s trajectory. Looks good.

      Julie provided her with a valuable workout. A first 10-round decision over someone who can’t be knocked down is amazing experience. Diane padded the record a little for hype. All good in Chelsealand.

      Mercedes is a joy to work with. I can’t wait to get back to her in the next full Chelsea sequence.

      • All good in Chelsealand,….Coolness???
        Mercedes is so cool. She’s edgy and smooth, she oozes coolness!!?

  5. Creator’s notes


    Chelsea Carter hasn’t been seen since August, and it was high time to get an update on her.

    First, sweet revenge against Julie Marks. Not that she was obsessed with the woman who defeated her in her pro debut, but it must have felt good to prove to herself that she could beat the Power Cube in a rematch. It was the first time that Chelsea fights for 10 rounds, and she handled going the distance. However, knocking Julie off her feet was off limits. Even Sophie, who came close, didn’t do it months earlier.

    The match against Diane was all about boxing realism. Beefing up the record with an easy knockout is good business. Chelsea wasn’t impressed with her opponents, but she’ll have to settle for a W before moving on to a tougher opponent.

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