Alesia overcomes Selena Martinez!

Today, we do a little time travel.

We restore a win in Alesia Schumann’s storyline to make up for the loss of a story in the past.

A couple of years ago, I published a full sequence that made Alesia win against a Mexican puncher. It was a great story, but relations with the creator of that character unfortunately soured. As it did at the time, it feels like marking a separation between universes is the correct call. However, it left a hole in my character’s timeline. As I did with the loss to Zohana Patel, it’s time to patch a hole to make my Diva’s record complete at 12-3.

We go to the Circus Krone in Munich on March 16, 2019. Alesia has a fight set up with Selena Martinez, a Mexican puncher with seven straight knockout wins on record. She is undefeated and looks unbeatable, but she is about to face someone who doesn’t fear her.

Selena has a very strong start. Confident and powerful, she gives the Diva the business in the first couple of rounds. The Mexican uses her power to corner and punish the German at will. It looks bad for the Teutonic queen.


Alesia shows her courage after taking an early beating. Although very powerful, the Mexican finds out that her opponent is unwilling to back down in front of stern opposition. The blonde starts carrying rounds in the most difficult fight in her career.


Almost evenly matched, the two women battle hard for five rounds. Conscious that her opponent could pull the rug under her, Selena is very aggressive in Round 6. She lands one of the most powerful punches of her career when she counters a straight right to the body with huge left hook to the chin.

This punch hurts. Alesia feels it down to her toes.


It’s not enough, though. Quitting and boxing don’t go hand in hand. Alesia digs trenches and works defensively to deny her opponent the pleasure of a knockout. She makes herself elusive as she figures out how the Mexican moves. Punches that used to land meet nothing but air. Dismantling the opposition through moves that don’t work out anymore.


Although strong, Selena is less mature than Alesia. Her attacks no longer work. Early in Round 7, the German lands solid shots and has her foe ready to go. She throws a vicious, rising uppercut that snaps her head up.


That uppercut is way too much for the Mexican boxer. You could count to 10 or to 100 if you liked. She won’t get up in time, no matter how long the delay. She’s out, and referee Rebecca Linden decides to call it without bothering to count to one.


Esther: “Schumann has done it! She knocked out the most dangerous boxer she ever faced, thanks to her maturity. Punchers are always dangerous, but Martinez met the kind of woman who can deal with her power game. Game, set, match.”

Alesia Schumann

German Super Lightweight champion, former world champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann
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  1. Alesia,
    You make time travel work! Mexican Female boxers are among the most attractive women in the world!! Thier beauty is intensified by thier brutality in the ring. Selena is super hot and sexy, made more so by the Cleto Reyes gloves on her fists! Everytime she hammers Alesia with her ? punches, I can feel it. Maybe I should make my services as a punching bag available in ?? as well.

    Selena is severely punishing Alesia. However, unfortunately for Selena, Alesia can take alot of punishment and when she’s ready, she returns it ten fold! Of which she soon demonstrates on Selena’s face! I never tire of seeing Alesia demonstrate the power in her fists!

    P.S.Nice touch on Alesia’s outfit, especially with the black Paffen gloves.

  2. Back to 2019, to more simpler times.

    Joking aside wish this fight was longer, Alesia’s opponent looks very nice, and she’s a puncher. And I noticed the reverse in Alesia’s outfit, instead of black top white bottom it’s white top black bottom and still looking good ?

    Mexican girl did catch Alesia with a couple of hard punches that hurt her, but we know the Diva is to stubborn to go down that easily, and her opponent finds out the hard way with the German uppercut ?

    Wish this fight was longer now, I want more!!

    • Alesia, stubborn? I mean, I see her as pig-headed and tenacious, but stubborn? I suppose so then ?

      If you are saying “I want to see more Alesia fighting”, rest assured. Not with Selena, but something’s coming.

      • If it’s Alesia or any of your ocs, I’m definitely looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Love the rewind the commitment to keep the characters world consistent. It could have been easier to just change the numbers, but that’s what we love about you. Nice to see the regression in fighting style to match the time.

    • Thanks!

      You are correct. The point here was to put the story back in although the opponent is different. Alesia’s fight style and technique reflect what they were at the time, not what they are today. Gotta remain honest ?

  4. So we are back in 2019! Man the world was so different then. A bit more hopeful.

    Anyway. Alesia has a strong record against punchers, and she proved it again in this ‘rewind’ Not only can Alesia defend herself, but she punches really gosh darn hard herself.

    The reverse of Alesia’s usual colour scheme works well here. I don’t think we’ve seen Alesia wearing black gloves before, but they seem like little cannonballs when they got to work against Selena.

    So, the story of the fight had Selena landing good punches early, but Alesia’s skill and durability told by the end. And not only does Alesia win by knock out, she wins by KNOCK OUT, as she puts Selena on her back for good. As it said, count to 100. Count to 200, Selena wasn’t getting up from that one. Get that puncher a pillow, she’s asleep.

    A fun little short sequence correcting something that had gotten lost to time for other reasons. As always, its good to see Alesia kicking ass 😀

    • Something changed since 2019? Really ?

      I’d see “white on black” as the alternate outfit for Ally. While “black on white” remains her official style, this little inversion brings a little variety to her fight appearance.

      What doesn’t change, though, is expertise to deal with punchers who think that raw power is the name of the game in boxing. Being smart and more well-rounded will allow someone to prevail at elite level.

      Poor Selena learned it the hard way, and Ally’s record is now complete. It’s a satisfaction here.

  5. Creator’s notes

    There is a very clear explanation for this story at the very beginning. Completeness is important enough to have taken a few hours doing a little work to restore a lost element.

    In all, I’ve produced 15 fight sequences for Alesia since I started this, and there was a two-fight deficit before the Zohana and Selena stories went up. With these corrections, my fighter finally has the record she was meant to have all along.

    While “editing” someone’s timeline is never the best solution, this at least satisfies me ?

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