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Alesia closes the show against Virani with colossal punches

The contestants may not be as bouncy as they were at the opening bell, but they are still lively on their feet as the one that starts Round 8 is heard.

Alesia thinks: “Let’s bring out the big guns. I’ve got power, too.”

Virani thinks: “I’ll lay down the law again.”

It’s the Canadian who has her way in 10 seconds. The German drops back as her opponent has a near-monopoly on attacking. Virani drives a solid jab in by pumping her entire upper body behind it. Pish! A good smack between the eyes and on the nose.

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No surrender

The Super Lightweight champion fires back with a flurry before getting out of the ropes. She works from the edges of the ring, but keeps circling to avoid, well, encirclement. A very dynamic approach to ring movement so that the girl in pink and black can’t settle down on her feet and throw with power.

A little unbalanced, Virani loses her timing when opening up for a right hand. Alesia seizes her chance to bend down in anticipation of the punch while throwing a sharp jab. The white glove is easily first and accurately placed on the chin.

Esther: “Schumann’s reactive approach is effective enough to make MacVicar unsteady. A couple of jabs into the round, she controls the ring.”

Anna: “You often have to think backwards in boxing. It turns out that both in sparring and a competitive fight, Alesia enjoys success when making herself smaller than her Featherweight opponent.”

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Massive right

A little more circling towards the middle of the ring emanates from the early trades. A little cautiousness from two women who play a game of position, each with power shots in the back of their minds.

Ally thinks: “Come on. Attack me.”

The Minister of Defense wraps herself up in the Philly shell, flat footed this time, with the intention of throwing a decisive haymaker. Virani waits a few long seconds before trying anything, which gives the woman in black and white the time to load her power bar to 100%. With maximum tension in every inch of her body, Alesia waits for the first move from the middle of the ring. She’s in the pocket and there to stay.

The Canadian eventually comes forward. She moves her shoulder to throw a straight left. Alesia puts her 140 pounds behind an angled right hand that lasers out and crashes in Virani’s cheek. PISH! It makes the invader’s arms flail, and her head jerks up with an intense grunt.

Esther: “A spectacular counterattack by Schumann! She timed a right hand to crack MacVicar in the jaw, and it’s a very painful result.”

It makes the crowd cheer.

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Esther: “MacVicar is hurt! Her knees buckled and they remain soft! This is Schumann’s opportunity to take a risk!”

Anna: “Welcome to Alesialand. A dangerous theme park where the worst ride is called the uppercut. I think that MacVicar has a ticket booked for it.”

Ally thinks: “Got her. She’s stumbling. On for the finish.”

She backs up and invites Virani to come forward again, until they reach the ropes. The Cobra has a problem. She’s not only hurting, but she’s being “reverse hunted”. If you don’t throw punches in that situation, your opponent may come and get you. If you let your hands go, you may get hammered. Your next shot needs to land to earn respect.

Having drawn the brunette into the ropes, the blonde waits patiently again. When the Indian-Canadian draws her right sword, she springs into action once more. As soon as the hand opens up that stance, she makes a short motion to drop her own left and make it come back up in the form of an uppercut. Virani tries to get a hold of it, but it’s too late.


Esther: “The uppercut you promised has come! Schumann is in command and she’s throwing single power shots to hurt. I believe that MacVicar is in trouble.”

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A shaky Featherweight wobbles back to the middle of the ring, knowing she is not in a position to trade. She loiters to postpone the next exchange, hoping to recuperate from that left uppercut.

Alesia thinks: “My city. My arena. My ring. My win.”

The Diva surges forward promptly and winds up. Left foot planted, right toes on the mat, torso going down on the right with a trailing right arm. She unpacks the mighty uppercut that made the highlight reels in many of her fights. SMASH. It hits Virani square on the button, snapping her head and upper torso back at once. Sweat rises from her skin and hair as she groans in pain.

The crowd erupts once more.

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Esther: “The diameter of the explosion of a punch is never large, but the intensity produced by Schumann’s uppercut is always undeniable. MACVICAR GOES DOWN FOR THE SECOND TIME. She looks crushed after taking everything from that blast! Is she done?”

Anna: “If she gets up from this, we’ll have to award her the Heart of Steel prize. Few boxers who have taken a full-force right uppercut from Alesia even remember what happened before they see it in video.”

Regina: “Yes!”

Thomas: “I think we’re done here.”

Sophie: “YAASSSSS!””

Akane: “Game over, V. If you can get up, stay down.”

Emma: “OMG.”

Kayleigh: “It’s over and you know it. The better fighter wins.”

Collectively, the crowd repeatedly chants “DIVA!”

Ally herself isn’t too keen to be seen showing off. “I’ll keep that for the dressing room.”

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Empty tank

With Alesia peacefully walking to a neutral corner, the referee walks around Virani, who needs space. She elects to give the Canadian a count. “Gotta give her a chance to get up if she has the strength.”

From one to five, we see Virani rolling partly to her right. Her head is unclear, but her body fights through the pain in an attempt to defy gravity.

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Kanti: “Six… seven… eight… nine…. ten! OUT!”

The mind was there halfway but the body had too little fuel in the tank to beat the count. All she could do was rolling on her back.

Virani: “Ergh.”

Esther: “Alesia Schumann has just scored a spectacularly brutal knockout against her friend MacVicar with a diabolical uppercut on the tip of the chin. The German ended the Canadian’s three-year winning streak with a sportscast opener of a punch.”

Anna: “At the end of the day, the more ferocious boxer of the two wasn’t the one who appeared to be in the early going, but the one who weathered the storm and emerged as more complete. That’s Schumann. She took control of this fight with defense and mind games, before finishing it with pure power. Anyone who questions that aspect of her game has to stand up to her.”

Alesia thinks: “OMG. That was so harsh.”

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Alesia Schumann

The reigning Super Lightweight champion of the world, former German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.

Fighter card Alesia Schumann

Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Click on her fighter card for her full profile and fight history.

Fighter card Virani MacVicar
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