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EBC sport is proud to present a Featherweight main event between two of the best fighters in that division.

Kayleigh Parsons will again fight in London, a place where she is clearly at home and has found lots of success. Across the ring from her will be Yenifer Perez, a former IBF Featherweight title holder that is looking to springboard back in the rankings.

The Uprising is here

Parsons, who after a sterling amateur career turned pro in 2017, has a perfect professional record of 7 wins, and 1 draw, with 5 wins coming by way of knockout. She also has a significant win over Virani MacVicar. The Englishwoman’s skills and underrated power make her one of the United Kingdom’s most popular female fighters.

“My nickname is The Fluke, but everyone should know by now, that I’m not one,” said Parsons. “I’m going to show people my ranking is fully deserved and I’m going to grab one of those nice shiny belts and hold on to it for a while.”

Yenifer Perez from Colombia, had a meteoric rise to stardom, but questions about her dedication to the sport are now louder than ever. Her Instagram page, once filled with stories about training, are now filled with pictures of partying. Some believe that Perez has forgotten what has made her popular in the first place, being a dynamic boxer that had an incredible killer instinct. Perez, of course, wants to prove them wrong.

“No offence to my opponent, but I suffered a fluke loss in my last fight,” said Perez. “I’m going to take care of Parsons quickly and then its all about getting my title back. Let’s be honest, the sport of boxing needs stars like me. And there’s no question I am a star.”

What the observers Say

Boxing pundits were pleased to see that Parsons has secured a match against high level opposition. Though Parsons’ skill is undeniable, the only name that she has on her resume is that of Virani MacVicar, who she beat back in 2017 and then fought to an 8 round draw with her in late 2018. Parsons has also been criticized for a lack of activity, only having 8 fights since her debut in 2017. While the Parsons camp has said they want her to be more active, the proof is yet to come.

For Perez, the question on everyone’s mind is: does she want to be a boxer or a celebrity? Perez came from relative obscurity to take the division by storm, showing off a rare combination of speed, skill and ferocity. Not the heaviest puncher, Perez’s ability to swarm and end fights decisively was a thing of beauty in the sport.

Since becoming champion, Perez has seem more interested in the party life than the grind of boxing. She will, of course, look to overcome her shock defeat to Hee Jung Park, who knocked her out in the second round in the fight where she lost her title.

Was it a one-off performance, or the sign of the decline?

What the fighters are saying (in private)

Kayleigh: “Thank god they finally got me a good opponent. They even managed to get it in London. Good work by my team.”

Jim: “Perez is no joke though. When she was at her best, she fought a great style, a mix between a lovely elusive boxing style that could switch it up and light her opponents up with lightning combinations.”

Kayleigh: “She hasn’t been that fighter in a while though. This is the version that just likes to hunt for knockouts. She could do it against some, but against a real fighter, she’s toast.”

Jim: “It’s a prove it fight. Good thing we are here to prove ourselves.”


Yenifer: “What the hell? Why am I traveling to fight this chick? I’m a way bigger draw than this girl.”

Promoter: “It was the best deal on the table.”

Yenifer: “I have so many followers on social media and am loved all over the world, and yet somehow I’m the B-side to a fighter that has less than 10 wins? How was this the best deal?”

Promoter: “Win, and the deals will be on the table for you. This is the reality after a loss. Your value gets dinged quite hard.”

Yenifer: “Then I’m going to win, and I’m going to get rid of you!”

Kayleigh Parsons

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