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Bedroom secrets

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Alesia and Virani make admissions in a bedroom talk

After the KO, Virani MacVicar spent Sunday with Emma and Thomas, but she heads over to Alesia Schumann’s flat in Munich to stay there with her and Anna Schwartz.

We join them on Tuesday.

Early morning in maison Schumann.

“Good morning champion.”

Alesia Schumann slowly opened her eyes to see her girlfriend’s bright blue eyes across from her in bed. The Super Lightweight champion groaned, protesting the early morning, “That sounds so good, say it to me again.”

“Guten Morgen, meine Meisterin.”

Alesia smiled and rolled over to face her girlfriend, “My favourite sight.”

“I can say the same.”

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The two Germans shared an early morning kiss. Not passionate but not perfunctory either. Both wish to welcome each other into another day.

“I could stay in this bed forever with you,” admitted Alesia.

Anna brushed Alesia’s face gently with her hand, “But then you couldn’t be my champion,” she said softly.

That provoked a second, more passionate kiss between the two lovers. Any other morning, it may have led to something else. But today, they had a guest. After some brief hesitation, Anna turned and slid out of bed, “Should we go see the sleeping princess?”

“There’s only one princess here and that’s you,” Alesia said, still not moving from the comfort of her bed.

“I’m no princess. I’m a Queen,” Anna replied. The self-styled Ice Queen got up and adjusted her pajamas before exiting the room.

Alesia sighed, rolled out of bed, feeling her muscles protest her every movement and did the same. The Super Lightweight champion quickly put on some clothes and followed her girlfriend out of their bedroom.

Checking in

Quietly, the two Germans padded into the guest room, where Virani MacVicar was still soundly asleep. The marks that Alesia had made on her friend were still visible, even from a distance. It had been a brutal contest and she had given everything she had to stand toe to toe with her friend. In the end, she had proven herself the better woman.

The final punch was going to be one that Alesia would remember for a long time to come. Her uppercut had caught Virani perfectly under the chin, snapping her head up violently and sending to her the canvas on her back with no hope of recovery. The count could have been to 100 and Virani still wouldn’t have been able to beat it.

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In bed, Virani stirred, her eyes flitting open for a moment before closing.

“Guten Morgen, Virani,” said Anna.

Virani’s eyes stayed closed, but the Canadian rolled on to her side and curled into a fetal position under the covers, “It’s too early.”

“We need to see if you are okay,” Anna said in a motherly tone. “How are you feeling?”

“Better than yesterday,” Virani said. “I’m doing okay. Just recovering.”

Anna went down and sat on the side of the bed, looking concerned. “Your swelling has gone down a bit. Any pain anywhere else?”

Virani shot a glance at Alesia, “Your girlfriend is a fight doctor too?”

“My girlfriend has a lot of experience in dealing with boxers after a fight,” Alesia laughed, coming to sit beside Anna on Virani’s bed.

New age therapy

Anna shot Alesia a mischievous look, “I think we should offer our guest a complimentary snuggle.”

“To help her recover, of course,” said Alesia, playing along.

“The healing properties of snuggling are well documented,” Anna agreed.

Virani rolled her eyes and smiled, “Well, I’m okay to try out some new age therapy.”

The two Germans surrounded Virani, cuddling her lightly. They laid quietly together for a few moments before Anna, always keen to be doing something, started to brush Virani’s hair.

“That feels really good,” Virani admitted. “It’s been since college since someone has brushed my hair.”

“Well, there are so many tangles in it, I have to fix it.” said Anna.

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The Diva and her food

Virani smiled and made eye contact with Alesia, who was laying close enough that she could feel her breath on her face. Those were the eyes that had inflicted so much pain on each other not that long ago, but when they looked into each others’ this time, they still saw friendship and kindness. Their friendship hadn’t been harmed by stepping into the ring, it had only deepened it.

The group stayed in silence for a few long moments.

“So, Virani, I have to say that you owe me,” said Anna, her tone, half-mocking, half-serious.

“For what?”

“Because the fight took place at Lightweight, Alesia has been on a strict diet for the past five weeks and she’s been miserable that she can’t eat as much as she likes.”

Virani looked at Alesia, “Is that true?”

“It was an unpleasant few weeks,” Alesia admitted.

“Don’t get in the way of a Bavarian and her food,” said Anna. “That’s why she beat you. She was literally hungry for a win.”

Virani laughed and Alesia smiled. The three made small talk for a few minutes until Virani spoke up.

“Anna, I will let you braid my hair all day, but can I have a few moments with Alesia alone?”

“I generally don’t leave my girlfriend in bed with other women,” Anna laughed. “But sure, I’ll go make breakfast.”

The Berliner rolled out of bed and exited the room.

“I’m jealous. You have the best girlfriend,” observed Virani.

“I know.”

“So, was the fight everything you were expecting?” Virani asked.

“Everything and more.”

“How many times has your knockout of me been viewed on YouTube?” Virani asked lightly.

“You don’t want to know,” Alesia admitted. The German’s big victory had already made the rounds on the local sports broadcasts and was racking up hits on YouTube at an alarming rate.

Virani closed her eyes for a moment, “I’m always going to be on your highlight reel from now until the end of times. One the one hand, I’m kind of happy that I’ll always be part of your legacy, on the other….”

“… you’d probably prefer not to be the one that got flattened,” Alesia finished.

“I’d rather not be known as ‘the girl that Alesia Schumann knocked out.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” said Alesia, rubbing Virani’s shoulder in encouragement.

Virani nodded, “Thanks.”

Ready to go

“You know, you scared me when you went down like that. I knew I landed a rocket of a punch, but it hurt to see you down like that,” the world champion admitted. “It’s strange to be so elated by a great win in a great fight but terrified at the same time.”

Virani reached out and gently jostled Alesia’s shoulder, “I’m fine now. You don’t have to regret it. I was trying to do the same to you. To do anything less would have been an insult to our friendship.” Virani rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling, “I thought that I had you a couple of times too. I just couldn’t… couldn’t find the magic punch to finish it.”

“I was ready to go a couple times,” Alesia admitted. Alesia gently grabbed Virani’s right hand, “That fist contains dynamite.”

There was uncertainty in the air for a second after that.

“Speaking of dynamite, can I ask you an uncomfortable question?” asked Virani. “No obligation to answer.”

The Diva nodded.

“I need to know if you forgive me for what I did in the early rounds,” said Virani.

Alesia: “I don’t understand.”

The Canadian looked uncertain but the German prodded her with her eyes and got even closer to seek shoulder to shoulder contact. Virani took her in and wrapped an arm around her.

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Feeling guilty

Virani: “You don’t get it?”

“No. You’ll have to explain.”

“I mean, come on. The other night, I picked on you. How did I feel in those three rounds? I enjoyed it. Every moment. The feel and sound of punches landing. The sounds you made when receiving them. The sensation of control. The knockdown. Feeling dominant and flexing over you. It was great fun. I could do this to anyone else, but I feel guilty for having done it to you.”

The Diva waves it off. “I don’t care, but if you’re looking for forgiveness for anything, you have it. Here, now.”


The German nodded.

Virani tightened her arm around Ally. “Thank you.”

Under your spell

“Besides, added the German, it’s not what bothered me at ringside. The fear I talked about to Esther was real.”

The Canadian was shocked. “What?”

“I remembered being saved by the bell in the second round of our last sparring session. I was nervous when we touched gloves. You said a couple of hard things before the fight, so I knew you meant business. When it started, you were eager to crush me. It was there, in your eyes. I knew that the hands in your gloves were explosive. It was such a powerful presence, made even more stronger when you hit me. For the first three rounds, I could only see you giving me the beating of a lifetime.”

“You were… under my spell?”


“Damn. That’s similar to my fight with Masae, when she cornered me in Round 3. I never thought you’d feel that way.”

“I’m not a superhero, V. It’s easy to be beaming while on a winning streak, but we all have our moments of vulnerability. What we need is a counterweight to our weaknesses. To me, that’s Regina. When I may be about to crash, she stops the fall. I think you may need that in your coach, and I’m not sure that Thomas can offer it.”

“Yeah, sighed Virani. He was outgunned by Regina.”

From a distance, Anna shouted: “HEY LOVERS. BREAKFAST IS READY.”

The two women laughed out loud.


“Thanks for letting me stay, by the way. It’s better than being back home and fending off for myself.”

Alesia rolled off of the bed and stood, “It’s be good to have your company. We can have Akane and Sophie pop by too later.” She grinned: “That will add noise to the scene!”

“Tell Anna that I appreciate this. Because I do.”

“This is what friends are for,” said Alesia simply. “Let’s get coffee. I badly need it.”

“Weird, said Virani. I feel like we’re closer than before.”

“We are,” quipped Alesia.

In the kitchen, the Diva checked something on her phone. “Face ID still works. You should have punched me harder, Cobra!”

Anna snorted out her coffee and Virani spilled some while laughing.

Alesia Schumann

The reigning Super Lightweight champion of the world, former German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.

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Virani MacVicar

Current number one contender in the Featherweight division, by Alex. Click on her fighter card for her full profile and fight history.

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