Big wins and shakeups in the rankings

Key fighters get wins and fresh rankings are out

Let’s tune in on Box TV with host Anna Schwartz for the Seconds Out boxing program. The former fighter goes on the air to present highlights and features so you know who did what.

Anna: “Welcome to our studio in Berlin. It was an eventful time in women’s boxing worldwide, with several big names stepping into the ring, and some of those stars shining brightly under the lights. I promise you won’t be bored since we will deliver the violence you are all craving for.”


Merciless Taylor

Anna: “Taylor Grant faced Allison Felix in New York City, in a Super Lightweight match which almost everyone felt was a given for the woman who loves white hair dyes, and who remains one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. In the prematch press conference, she thanked the promoters in advance for giving her an easy prey, which prompted Felix to wrestle her into the ground.”

Anna: “The imperial Grant waited for the fight itself to exact revenge, and she fully enjoyed destroying a game but overmatched opponent. She ripped a page from the Julio Cesar Chavez playbook, from when he fought against Greg Haugen in 1993. Grant outboxed Felix severely, but held back multiple times when she had clear chances to score a knockout, to stretch the beating. The sound of her punches, and Felix’s grunts, provide audible evidence.”

Anna: “The referee stopped the contest in Round 8, awarding the TKO to protect Felix, who was getting humbled by her opponent’s blazing speed. Grant’s record moved to an impressive 18-1 by looking sharper than ever before, making sure that she remains at the very top of the Super Lightweight division. Also, rumour has it that Chelsea Carter was cheering while watching the match from her flat in San Francisco.”


Chloé’s glory

Anna: “Two marquee fighters took to the ring at the same event at the Casino de Montréal, in Canada. Chloé Potvin headlined the show against the highly rated Delara Salimi, an Iranian-British fighter who is ranked number six in the Super Lightweight division.”

Anna: “Potvin edged a contested and action-packed affair with a unanimous decision. She didn’t seem to have problems with her previously injured right hand, using it to blast Salimi several times in the course of the action. With a record of 22 wins and 5 losses, the number one contender to Alesia Schumann’s crown hasn’t missed a beat despite past injuries.”


Heather’s leather

Anna: “On the same card, Heather Barker put together the most dominant performance of her career against journeyman Nancy Slater. The Kelowna native, who is a fan favourite in her adoptive land of Québec, was in charge of the action from the beginning to the end of this match. With this decision in her back pocket, she has a lofty record of 10 wins and one loss.”

Anna: “After the fight, Barker admitted that she felt so in control that she didn’t press for a knockout, so she could benefit from 10 full rounds of experience. A remark that Slater said she did not appreciate. When Barker offered a rematch to settle any dispute, Slater responded, and I quote: ‘No fucking way’.”


Wind of change

Anna: “In other news, BOX! Magazine have updated their rankings to reflect the last few months of action. There is a wave of change in the Super Lightweight division. While Alesia Schumann remains the top dog, she has new competition. Veterans Zohana Patel and Steffi Slater have entered the Top 5. New threat Chelsea Carter also enters the Top 10. Check out our Web site for more details.”

Anna: “In the Lightweight division, Zohana Patel still reigns supreme but several women are moving up and closing in. Heather Barker, Leyla Abdul and Elsie Nadege are all on the move. Top prospect Sophie Schumann remains at number 9 but she is rumoured to take on a Top 5 opponent soon. Our site gives you more details.”

A Québec City fighter who follows the footsteps of many celebrated local boxers. A tough customer and contender in the Super Lightweight division.
Chloe Potvin
Heather Barker
A former Canadian Featherweight champ, Heather Barker is a religious, caring and ambitious woman based in Montreal.
Heather Barker
Leyla Abdul
A Muslim boxer who doesn't mind going to war, works with the Philly shell and trades with anyone. A German Lightweight champion.
Leyla Abdul

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  1. Honestly? Not one bit of this surprises me. I’d honestly be surprised if even one of these top dogs got smacked back because they are at the top of their games! Of course, there’s still the matter of Alesia, who she’ll face next, and when. Oh, and of course Sophie too.

    • Some of these girls will have to face each other, or the other stars, to be threatened. There’s always a gap between the elite and the rest in boxing. Even among the Top 10 boxers.

      • True. Of course, there’s just a matter of who among them they’ll face and, like I said before, when.

  2. Alesia,
    This is an awesome piece! Bringing back some of your other premier fighters is a work of art!
    Taylor Grant got a chance to do what Chelsea Carter was able, this to shut up Allison Felix by beating senseless in the ring. Every time Taylor hammered Allison, it brought back lovely memories for Chelsea!!??

    I was glad Chloe Potvin came back from her injury and has returned to throwing punches in the ring. Delara Salimi was a formidable opponent, but Chloe was able to outlast her and show she was back at home in the ring.

    I was so excited to Heather Barker return to the ring. It was a welcome sight to see the purple haired beauty hammering punches away with her purple leather clad fists
    ????!! In addition to being a formidable boxer, she was made ever more sexy knowing she took her time beating up Nancy Slater, knowing she could knock her out whenever she felt like it! Unfortunately for Nancy, Heather decided to use her as a punching bag!

    I’m really looking forward to see Sophie Schumann return to the ring!

    • Since I commented on the other stuff already… brace for some Sophie action soon. The bitter orange will get back in the ring faster than most people think.

  3. This is a nice way to start a post, showing Anna looking gorgeous as always ❤️ She may not be a boxer anymore but it doesn’t stop her from looking good ?

    Looks like Taylor is doing well, and seeing taking care of Felix was satisfying and Chelsea seemed to enjoy it as well, kinda wish we got to see the whole fight of Taylor dominating her lol.

    Then we have Chloe making a return to the ring after her hand injury, glad she is also doing well and winning her fight.

    And then there’s the lovely swan, she’s really proving that she is not one to be messed with in the ring.
    Looking forward to there future fights, and looks like Alesia has a lot to competition:)

    • Anna is solidly anchored as a broadcaster. You can count on her to delight while delivering boxing information!

      It would have been easy to dismiss Taylor and Chloé, but no. They’re strong, and each of them may have to be dealt with, unless another contender can take them down. I do think that a French Canadian woman will finally get her shot at the title, though.

      Heather’s rise has been steady. Not an easy one to displace now that she’s on a serious winning streak. If someone can beat her, the victory could be costly.

  4. Some interesting updates here. With another win, Chloe proves herself to be the undisputed number one contender as the only opponent that seems to be able to defeat her is named Injury. I also look forward to how Heather Baker keeps rising as she seems like a sleeper contender that can become champion when given the chance.

    • Miss Barker isn’t one who’s easy to face. Take her a little lightly and you will remember the taste of purple leather, lol

      Chloé is the real deal as a number one contender. It’s entirely logical for Alesia to give her the title shot she’s been working for.

  5. Anna looking glam and as host of her own show? Not bad for a fighter that was once in the middle of a match fixing scandal!

    Jeez, Allison Fenix going from fighting Chelsea to fighting Taylor? Talk about fighting the toughest in the country! The sadistic side of Ms. Grant seems to show in this one as she made this one a prolonged beating instead of Chelsea’s crunching knockout. Still, stopping someone as tough as Allison is no mean feat.

    “rumour has it that Chelsea Carter was cheering while watching the match from her flat in San Francisco.”

    I can imagine Chelsea enjoying watching another beating being dished out to her one time rival! 😀

    Chloe Potvin is back and looking as good as ever. Looks like her right hand is back to full strength. Delara can attest to that 😀

    Loving Delara’s look though. Hopefully the hot prospect can come back and leave her mark at some point!

    The Purple Menace aka Heather Barker is back in the ring. Seems like Nancy Slater did not enjoy the experience of being in the same ring with the White Swan, especially one that doesn’t hunt for the finish. 10 rounds of punishment. Worth it to be in the same ring with Heather? Hmmm… Nancy didn’t seem to think so 😀

    As for the rankings – looks like Alesia and Chloe are set to have their match. Sky, and Taylor are hovering, while Steffi seems somewhat highly ranked. I guess that’s what a long career will get you – respect in the rankings!

    Lightweight is ruled by Zohana who is so dominant she’s the lightweight champ and a top ranked Super Lightweight! Sheesh! Takara, Heather and Sophie seem like the long term challengers to that belt.

    • Welcome to Anna’s expansion as a broadcaster. This format is most likely to replace the Boxing Zeitung newspaper format because, well, it fits better on this site. Our Berliner is good at framing action.

      Poor Allison is probably wondering why she accepted this offer from Taylor’s camp in sporting terms. It probably took a decent payday for her to get in there and take her green leather. The variety she once promised Chelsea, who probably had a laugh when the Pest was fed more than she could chew on.

      Delara is tough in all senses but so is Chloé. Damn woman never misses a beat and yes, it looks very much like she earned that match with Alesia after years of hard work.

      We haven’t seen enough of the lovely Heather lately, so a nice update was in order to set up the table for her upcoming match. Nice? Well, Nancy may have another opinion on what happened in that ring.

      Chelsea and Steffi are seeing their rankings in previous divisions credited in their new ones, on the back of recent wins.

      Zohana? Yep. She’s a creative destroyer. It will be a challenge for anyone to take her on. We hear that Takara wants a crack at her.

  6. Creator’s notes

    Now that character cast questions are settled, we get a bit of an update to show three fighters’ recent activity to set up the table for future matches.

    Taylor Grant has absolutely no problem dominating Allison Felix. Chelsea is probably happy and impressed by the fact that a new division mate is so strong that she has none of the trouble she had in getting rid of her.

    Chloé Potvin shows incredible resilience in coming back from a badly timed injury. The French Canadian tells us that she’s not going away.

    Heather Barker gets more of a tune-up that helps cement her rise in the Lightweight division. At number three, she is now a serious contender.

    These new rankings show us that Alesia has a deeper selection of contenders than before, and that Sophie is rising in a competitive division.

    Also, credit to Alex for the idea of a TV news update format with Anna. That’s an idea shared some months ago, when I was figuring out what to do to expand her role as a broadcaster.

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