Generations – a fight for the ages

Talented youth and experience from the Top 10

Final Bell Boxing are excited to announce a top clash as the main event of a fight night at the Olympia Eishalle in Munich, featuring Sophie Schumann and Elsie Nadege.

The fight, scheduled for 10 rounds of three minutes, will be broadcast live by Box TV across Europe.


Sophie “Picasso” Schumann, 4-0 with three knockouts, needs no introduction as the fastest rising artist in the fistic arts. Aged only 22, she jumped to number 9 in Lightweight rankings according to BOX! Magazine, doing it in just four professional fights. The latest was a KO win against Megan Thomas, the American champion.

“I’m excited to get into the ring with a top contender, says Schumann. This is the biggest test of my career against someone I respect. Well, I’ll drop that respect when the bell rings.”

Elsie “Your Highness” Nadege is aged 36 and ranked as number 5 in the division. From Cameroon, she has a professional record of 17 wins (9 KO) and 7 losses as a pro.

“They may think they have signed a gatekeeper to feed to Sophie but I’m far from that, says Nadege. I fully intend to give the princess a taste of my royalty, and I don’t think she will like it.”

Presenting Elsie

Born on January 16, 1985, Elsie “Your Highness” Nadege an uncommon beast in boxing.

From the city of Douala, Cameroon, she had a privileged childhood since she is a descendent of the Duala rulers, who preserved their fortune and turned to politics to remain influent when the country turned into a republic. Always taunted as “Your Highness” in school due to her family history, she found the nickname so posh she had to embrace it.

Friendly with a touch of charisma, Elsie became friends with a tough group of boys and girls because they were just plain cool. She had a first and informal taste of boxing when aged 14. Her friends acquired two pairs of boxing gloves, and fought for fun outside without a ring. The technique was rudimentary, of course.

Although thin, Elsie found that she had natural skills for pugilism, and sting to her punches. After having fun roughing up the girls, she was put in the “ring” with one of the guys, and gave him a good shiner. He still gets teased for it to this day, but it doesn’t hurt as much anymore since Elsie made a name for herself. She can beat most human beings around her size.

Humble beginnings

How did she do it?

Well, it wasn’t simple. There was a small boxing gym to train in Douala, but the sport has its limits in Cameroon. Elsie’s talent needed competition to blossom. Her father “exported” her to France when she was 20, so she could live with his sister, study and take up amateur boxing.

Potential was realised in the Featherweight division. With training, Elsie showed sound ring generalship, speed and technique to outscore opponents in a system that counted each clean punch as a point. She racked up national and even two European titles to end that part of her career with a record of 63 wins and 9 losses.

Turning professional at the age of 30 was a lot more challenging. The jumpy, hyperactive style that is tailor-made to score points in the amateurs made her go 2-3 in the first five fights. Having moved to Super Featherweight to accommodate growing size and muscle came with a shortcoming. Elsie has a good chin, but opponents were “sitting” on their punches to land the cleaner, hurtful shots to win decisions.


At that point, Your Highness had a decision to make. Would she reform or retire? A respected English coach, Clifford Little, said that he saw talent but required a move to London and an appetite for change.

The Cameroonian went for both. Clifford’s guidance made her game more sophisticated, with volume punching, to bring her record to 10-5. He also made her fight less often to minimise the wear and tear for a boxer whose body already gone through more than 80 amateur and pro fights.

In her mid-30s, making weight became too draining, forcing a move to Lightweight. That proved to be the perfect class since Elsie felt even more comfortable at 135 pounds. Performance actually improved since she could throw punches in bunches without feeling the same fatigue after a few rounds. Elsie’s record jumped to 15-5 with five straight technical knockouts. This earned her the number 5 position in rankings and a title shot against Zohana Patel.

Unfortunately, Zohana outclassed Elsie for an easy decision. This was followed by a bounce-back win against a journeyman, but then a disappointing decision loss in which she looked out of sorts. Today, the Cameroonian missed a chance to become world champion, and observers are asking if she is overstaying her welcome. She has a name, but has she lost a step?


Sophie Schumann
The little sister of Alesia Schumann is a born troublemaker but supremely talented puncher. The mandatory challenger in the Lightweight division.
Sophie Schumann
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    • Of course she will have done all preparations. The question is how she fares against Elsie, who is a pretty solid fighter at that level.

  1. A wonderful and welcomed step up in competition for Sophie. Should be an exciting contest. Not the end of the world by any means if she were to slip up as it would simply mean she has more ‘growing’ to do so to speak. Well done with the characters!

  2. Alesia,
    As always, you amaze with your narratives! I am so excited to see Sophie back in the ring, a very exquisite puncher! And putting her up against a more mature and experienced boxer, awesome! That speaks to the character of Sophie, who will always challenge herself and fight anyone, no matter thier age or experience. She can beat Elsie, as Sophie can take a punch, but she does have her work cut out for her against Elsie.

    • It’s a big, big fight. Taking on a Top 5 boxer in her fifth outing as a pro is something big for Sophie!

  3. Sophie makes a return to the ring against a veteran that’s in the top 5! This will definitely be an exciting match?
    Also that is one awesome poster! Nice job. ^^

    And Elsie definitely doesn’t sound like someone she’ll easily walk over, this woman has come a long way even getting the chance to face Zohana, even though it didn’t end well for her.

    But this fight should be very interesting, let’s see if Sophie can come out on top or will Elsie take her down.

    • Thanks ?

      This is a riskier match than any other Sophie had so far. A past defeat to Zohana doesn’t undo that pedigree, as the reigning Lightweight champion has been pretty stellar, as show in her exhibition against Alesia.

      In case of a win, Sophie demonstrates substantial growth. If not, credit could go to Elsie for still being a top fighter when aged 36.

  4. Sophie returns to action!

    First we have the poster and it’s one of your best for sure. They look like a pair of olympians reaching for the summit. In the end, only one of these two lovely fighters will be getting their hand raised like they are in this poster. (Well, unless it’s a draw….)

    At 4-0, Sophie has already started to climb the ranks – given her slew of victories and strong amateur background, that makes complete sense. Given that she’s sending girls to the canvas with viciousness, Sophie has complete star potential. The only girl that managed to stand up against her was the very durable Julie Marks.

    Final Bell could have given Sophie another tune up, but they are reaching for a very capable opponent in Elsie Nadege. The #5 ranked Elsie is quite experienced, both in terms of her age and her time in the ring. 17-9 isn’t going to make the hall of fame or anything, but 17 wins in the professional ring is nothing to sniff at.

    “They may think they have signed a gatekeeper to feed to Sophie but I’m far from that, says Nadege. I fully intend to give the princess a taste of my royalty, and I don’t think she will like it.”

    • Strong words from Elsie, but then again, history is littered with gatekeepers who have said the same thing, only to be proven to be stepping stone for a prospect

    Elsie’s background is an interesting one. Usually boxing is a sport for the lower classes, but Elsie is a true aristocrat that joins the circle of boxers.

    Having to leave Cameroon to chase a dream gives Elsie a sympathetic backstory. While she’s carved out a pretty good career, she seems to have fallen short of taking home and major honors in the pro ranks. A late transition to the pros can make for a rough time though. Though boxing is boxing, the difference between amateur and professional styles can take a while to suss out.

    Elsie’s late career resurgence seems to have sputtered out. Though she did get to share the ring with Zohanna, she found herself coming up short, and now tumbling down the rankings. Is this just a last (hard earned) payday for the veteran, or her ticket for a climb back to the top.

    Against any other prospect, you might go for Elsie. Going up against Sophie…I don’t hold out too much hope for her.

    Those red gloves really do stand out for Elsie. She might be ‘old’ but she’s still lovely!

    • Yeah, this no tune-up. Elsie has every bit of background you can expect from a veteran who is in the Top 5, from the large number of amateur fights to a few losses in which hard lessons had to be learned. Plus a previous title shot.

      Sophie has a growing reputation, but doesn’t have the same depth. Megan certainly didn’t offer that the last time around. We’ll have to see how the bitter orange can handle going up against this much, and if Elsie can leverage everything she knows to perform better than her previous opponents.

      Red gloves on a character with dark skin always work for me. They pop out visually.

  5. Sophie certainly seems like she has her work cut out for her this time. No doubt that Elsie will give her a run for her money and then some! Either way, even if Sophie can’t beat Elsie, even though I’m hoping she will and if not by knockout then by decision, I’m sure that no matter how this turns out, they’ll earn each other’s respect and admiration no matter which way it goes.

    • This should be pretty challenging for Sophie.

      Comparing pedigrees, Megan was a bit of a protected fighter while Elsie is not. This time, the girl who will square off with my bitter orange does have the amateur background that makes pro fighters a lot more effective in the ring.

      Given your comment, I think you will be quite interested in the pre-match relationship between these two.

  6. Creator’s notes

    Two important things are going on here, at least as far as I am concerned.

    First, Sophie faces the most important challenge of her career. After taking down the American champ, she steps up even further by taking on the number 5 in her division. No small task. Can she own it once again?

    Second, this marks an addition of diversity. Elsie is my first African character. Someone who overcame the challenges linked to establishing yourself in a business that is mostly Northern and Western since the money is mostly in those parts of the globe.

    I hope you will enjoy this special event ?

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