Lovely savages

Sophie and Elsie each predict a KO and deliver insight

Anna: “Welcome to this edition of Seconds Out. I’m your host, Anna Schwartz. At the top of the show today, we have Elsie Nadege and Sophie Schumann, who are set to fight in a couple of days. Welcome to the Box TV studio, ladies.”

The two fighters say hi, with a relaxed mood.


No gatekeeper

Anna: “Let’s start with Elsie. You are the number five contender in the Lightweight division, with 24 fights and a title shot against Zohana Patel in your resume. Why is Sophie the right match for you at this point?”

Elsie: “It’s no secret that top prospects like Sophie are matched with perceived gatekeepers by their promoters when they have already cracked the Top 10. They won’t put her in a title match yet. Instead, they’ll look for someone credible who they believe is beatable. I believe it will turn out differently in a couple of days.”


Anna: “Fair enough. How about you, Sophie? As you are ranked number nine with four straight wins since your debut, there’s a lot at stake in this fight.”

Sophie: “Elsie described it well. History never truly repeats itself, but this situation is similar to my match with Megan Thomas. The opponent has a good name and background, but I see myself as the better boxer who will get the job done and be rewarded in the rankings.”

Anna: “How does someone defeat Sophie Schumann, Elsie?”

Elsie: “I’ll do it my own way. You’ve seen my style in video. When most fighters throw a couple of punches, I throw four or five of them and I have a higher work rate than everyone else. I’m not the kind of fighter who sends people on the canvas, but I have a good chin and it’s hard to execute your game plan when my gloves are coming at you all the time. I don’t think that Sophie is ready for that. I predict a TKO.”

Everyone has a plan

The host turns to the blonde for a reply. “Let’s see what Picasso says to that.”

Sophie: “I see things differently. Everyone has a plan until they get hit, and I’m not sure that Elsie ever had a taste of the kind of firepower I generate. I won’t run and gun in that ring, though. I can defend, counter and wait until I see my chance before going for a knockout punch. Then, I’ll stop her.”


Anna: “Now, you guys are in sharp disagreement but there seems to be no animosity at all between you.”

Elsie: “That’s true. We actually get along. When we were matched, I gave Sophie a call and we talked for a while. Her amateur career gave her a reputation as rough around the edges, but I think she’s changed. She’s respectful unless you do something to her. Plus, I’m not that much into mind games. I don’t need those to win. I want my hands to do the talking on fight night, and we can promote the event by being together on every platform.”

Sophie: “Agreed. I was pretty rough on Megan Thomas, but only because she insulted me in public. I also appreciate what Elsie has done so far in her career. We don’t have that many top-ranked African fighters because the competition circuit is mostly based in Europe and the Americas. That means moving internationally, as Elsie did, to be in the thick of the action. I welcome the diversity that she brings to our sport.”

Brutal and primal

Anna smiles: “Well said. A question for Elsie. Enlighten our audience as to why women like yourselves like to box, beyond the money.”

Elsie: “Well, heh. Boxing is physically brutal and primal. The training is fun and most sparring partners are like blood brothers. I love being the centre of attention on fight night. I like having my fists inside red gloves – a colour that is sexy and aggressive. Landing a clean punch and hearing my opponent groan because of the pain is very satisfying. It feels even better when they are conquered.”

That makes everyone in the studio laugh.

Sophie: “It’s vicious, but true. You feel powerful when you stop someone!”


Elsie: “A fight is boring if I don’t get hit. I enjoy taking a good punch, keep standing, going after the other girl and beating her. I don’t care for those who cash in $1000 to take a knee. What I want is to win a good scrap.”

Sophie: “Haha! We don’t get into the ring to get stuffed, but your opponent is weak if you don’t get caught. It’s about being the best among two skilled boxers.”

Anne: “Insight into the mind of fighters. We’re unfortunately out of time. Thank you, Elsie and Sophie, for the fascinating talk. Make sure to tune in when they get into the ring on Saturday! We’ll have our next segment on the other side of the break.”

Sophie Schumann
The little sister of Alesia Schumann is a born troublemaker but supremely talented puncher. The mandatory challenger in the Lightweight division.
Sophie Schumann
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  1. Sophie wants to prove she is a title contender while Elsie wants to prove she is not a stepping stone for promoters to have prospects walk over. I predict Elsie will win this by a KO or TKO in round 8, I got a feeling she will have something that Sophie will not expect.

    • That sums up each’s situation. Quite a typical matchup of prospect versus the established fighter who is more than a journeyman.

      Let’s note down your prediction and see if it’s accurate!

  2. Alesia,
    “Lovely Savages” is so appropriate. Both Sophie and Elsie are lovely, and to be successful in the ring, one can’t be nice and polite, one has to beat up and pummel the other to come out on top, in other words, being Savage!

    Sophie and Elsie are both very beautiful outside of the ring. Of course they are even more attractive in the ring, in thier fight outfits and thier gloved fists!!! Centered with the beautiful Anna Schwartz conducting the interview.

    They are being very cordial outside the ring, but when they climb into the ring, the niceties are over and thier gloved fists are going to do the talking for them!

      • Definitely. I really like hearing how Elsie likes to land a punch and hearing her opponent groan after receiving a good punch! That just tells me she likes to box, and beat her opponents up! Very sexy!!! Even more sexy that she likes her fists inside of red boxing gloves!

  3. Lovely savages being interviewed by a lovely lady ??

    This didn’t go as I expected, really thought that these two would be throwing insults at each other trying to get under the others skin, they still both sound confident about beating the other but they show now serious beef between each other, well that’ll change when the fight starts ?

    Both aren’t afraid to tell there’s plans for the fight in front of each other, something like that could backfire but also be a good setup for something else planned in the ring.

    I do agree with Elsie that about the not getting hit part, well no one wants to get hit of course lol but it would be boring if you didn’t get a good challenge from your opponent.

    Looking forward to fight night!

    • I find it refreshing to write a chapter in which the two fighters truly get along. No prison talk between these two, but it probably won’t change a thing to their violent streak in the ring, LOL

      Elsie isn’t afraid of saying it exactly as it is. I can just imagine her looking at a girl who just took a one-sided KO and thinking “gee, you didn’t even hit me. What’s wrong with you?” ?

      • It could happen lol, I know there was fight that’s didn’t even happen, as soon as the bell ringed the fighter left the ring

  4. An appropriate title as these ladies certainly are lovely (Elsie shines in that yellow dress, while Sophie isn’t too bad herself in more casual garb) they certain don’t seem to shy away from the ‘savage’ desires either.

    Anna adroitly hosts, showing that she’s not just about showing highlights but is able to stand between two fearsome boxers and conduct an interesting interview without it going too far off track.

    Elsie knows the score of why she’s been chosen for this fight. Sophie’s camp think that she’s past her peak and want to cash in on her name value while its still high, while Elsie wants to show that she’s got something left in the tank.

    Elsie also doesn’t shy away from revealing her plan, much like a supervillain would. But I think this is a display of confidence from Elsie, much like Sophie’s declaration. Sophie says ‘I have the power that will take her out of her game, but will wait for my moment’ while Elsie says ‘It’s hard to land power punches when I have a fist in your face’ Diverging, but largely offensive gameplans. If it plays out like this, it could be a dynamic, and short lived fight.

    Elsie and Sophie get along swimmingly in the interview. Those two should make an appointment for after the fight to share a beer :). Two peas in a pod!

    Elsie “…Landing a clean punch and hearing my opponent groan because of the pain is very satisfying. It feels even better when they are conquered.”

    Too honest there Elsie! But far from that being savage, I think that’s the emotion that drives a lot of boxers, that feeling of dominance of superiority. That feeling of being in the ring with someone whose trained to be dangerous with her fists like you and then conquering them. Even Sophie agrees! 😀

    • These two may already have scheduled their post-match beer. Haha.

      Both have a pretty clear communications style in this one. Speaking openly about their fight styles, what they expect from the match and the business of matchmaking. It takes some confidence and serenity to do that in front of cameras instead of posturing or saying empty words.

      Hey, at least Elsie is able to translate the emotion of fighting into words ?

  5. Now here are two fighters who believe in good sportsmanship before the fight even starts. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few times that proved just as well, but this is one of the few times where there is definitely no animosity towards the fighters and where we see common ground. Question now is, will Sophie prove her worth or will Elsie prove to be too much for her to handle? Personally, I do hope that Sophie will emerge victorious whether it’s by knockout or decision.

    • They are saving aggression for the ring, probably conscious that they can’t actually intimidate each other with words and facial expressions. That will change when the bell rings and hands are thrown, though.

      This is a major challenge for Sophie. Either Elsie is just over the hill, good enough to provide that test but falling short, or she’s a bit too much at this stage. We shall find out soon.

  6. Creator’s notes

    We often see animosity and beef ahead of fights, but Sophie and Elsie break the mold a little by being on good personal terms. That won’t prevent them from fighting hard, but it sets a different tone as they promote their fight on different platforms.

    Elsie is quite transparent about what makes boxing fun for herself, from the colour of her gear to how she likes beating someone into submission ?

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