Slick veteran

Elsie has a crafty start against Sophie

Esther: “Sophie Schumann plays host to Elsie Nadege in a key matchup in the Lightweight division. The action starts…”


Esther: “… now.”

Elsie approaches the middle of the ring calmly, looking solid and determined in the face of the kind of Top 10 entrant that took down most of the opponents she faced. Sophie is also pretty calm. A lot more than in the past, when she would zoom to the middle and immediately look to pound the opposition.

The first punch comes very quickly, though. Just three seconds gone and the African opens hostilities with a sharp jab. Picasso has to lean back to make it miss by a hair as a red glove slips inside the orange guard.

Sophie thinks: “That’s some intention.”

Elsie thinks: “Welcome to my world. I throw a lot and this time will be no different.”


Love tap

The Cameroonian keeps darting quick shots to keep the blonde’s defense busy. When she’s trying not to get leathered up, it’s much harder to work on setting up the devastating power shots that she is known for. Impetus gives the black woman some control of the action in the early phase.

Now experienced enough to understand that she can’t leave the stage entirely to her opponent, Sophie starts firing back. She double jabs, making Elsie block with her right glove. Then, she follows up with a right hook. Your Highness makes a sweeping motion with her left arm to bat it down and deflect the arm, as the inside of her glove controls Sophie’s.

Esther: “What’s the difference between elite fighters and the rest?”

Anna: “Speed of execution. In the upper tier of any sport, the athletes make accurate and technically correct moves much faster than everybody else, just like Elsie’s little tap to kill a punch. You have to be strong and confident to do that.”

Esther: “Something that world champion Zohana Patel, who is ringside, certainly can appreciate.”

Akane: “Who’s this stunner across the ring?”

Alesia: “Zohana, the champ I faced in an exhibition.”

Akane: “Damn. I’m not into women but I’m into Zohana Patel.”

Ally laughs.


The perfect defensive move messes with the German’s balance. The African shifts her weight to the right hand to pop it in the middle of Sophie’s face.

Sophie: “Unnffff!”

Elsie thinks: “The sound of the gloves in their faces, and their little groans? It never gets old.”

Alesia: “Such a clever move.”


Border police

The young Bavarian doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She gets to work by increasing the pace and going forward. Not willing to throw caution to the wind, she bobs and weaves between combinations, looking to force Elsie into making a mistake and leaving an opening.

The African remains steady, with little blocks and dodges that don’t disrupt her stance while preventing major damage from the bitter orange.

Sophie can finally connect as we approach the halfway mark of the round. She comes in to drive a solid left hook that crashes into Elsie’s chin. The visitor fires back at the same time, with an uppercut that thumps the blonde’s chin.

Esther: “We have a fair amount of action in the opening round, with good technique on both sides. I do believe that the African has a bit of an advantage so far, like the border guard that doesn’t let you through easily at customs. What do you think?”

Anna: “We’re seeing that you have to pay the price to have a good chance to hit her. Nadege keeps throwing and her hands are very accurate. It takes elusiveness to evade border police!”


The counterpainter

Sophie thinks: “She’s good, but I can hit her.”

A successful strike is all Picasso needs to turn on the lights of her studio. The fistic artist applies some pressure while playing cat and mouse with Your Highness. A little feint here, a dodge there to avoid the volume punching, and a lot of space measurement to find the right range.

After some fruitless exchanges, the Bavarian stands still with her left hand a little low to tempt her opponent to throw the right hand. When she does, Sophie leans forward and lets a straight left fly. Pish! A splash of orange in the jaw, to the delight of the Munich crowd.

Elsie: “Well done. Got me there.”

Sophie: “Heh.”

Esther: “Sophie Schumann is a creative boxer and Elsie Nadege just got fooled by a devilish little manoeuvre. Who ever thought that counterattack painting would be a thing?”

Anna: “That part of her game has grown in significance in the last couple of fights, and she needs it to work today. Countering effectively is the best way to weather the storm of punches that the visitor made her trademark over the years.”



The battle continues with a few more skirmishes. In the absence of clean contact, the German makes it clear that she can stalk and threaten the Cameroonian without making herself an easy target. She comes close to scoring with power shots on several occasions. In this phase, Sophie makes the ring hers.

Elsie thinks: “Time for a little roughhousing so she can feel my strength.”

The black woman grabs her white counterpart and gets a good grip to outmuscle her and stifle the attacking momentum. Elsie keeps the upper hand in physicality until the official forces a break.

Rebecca: “Stop! Let her go.”



The devious little move has the intended effect. Sophie stays a little more distant to avoid getting caught by a pincer. It gives Elsie the space she needs to let her hands go. She throws flurries to keep the German away.

While most punches make little clean contact, the African gets a breakthrough with less than 20 seconds left. The blonde tries to fire back with a left hook to silence the veteran’s guns, but that turns out to be a mistake. Elsie finishes her combination with a left hook thrown a nanosecond before. She twists her torso and the red glove gives Sophie’s jaw a solid whack. Paff!

Esther: “Schumann got caught while trying to trade. The cleanest, hardest and surely the most painful punch of the round. In the Battle of the Braids, the woman with the tail may be stealing the first round. What meaning does that entail?”

Anna: “That pun made me groan. Anyway, there are still a few seconds left before we can make that assessment, but Elsie Nadege’s pedigree makes this contest inevitably more difficult than any other that Schumann had in the past.”


Taking the points

Elsie takes back the initiative to fully clinch the round. At a rate of three to four punches thrown every second, some of them landing partly, she drives Sophie back near the red corner.

What happens next is exactly when happened previously. When Picasso has to defend herself by hitting back, the woman wearing a shiny gray outfit takes the opening and cracks her on the chin, this time with a fast straight right. Pish!

Esther: “As hinted seconds ago, Nadege is taking the first round with relentless punching. What a skilled boxer she is.”

Anna: “That’s true. It’s the first time I have seen anyone winning an opening pro round against Sophie, who never likes dropping even a single round in a fight. She has high standards, and I don’t expect her to be pleased.”


No respect

A couple of trades later, the bell rings and the contestants get back to their corners.

As predicted, the German is not happy but Regina signals that she must remain calm.

Sophie: “She doesn’t respect me.”

Regina: “Get used to it. You never get any of that from the Top 5. Now, we need to make an important shift in patterns. We’ve worked a lot on your defense and we need it now. This girl will always throw more punches than you do, and how you react is essential.”

Sophie: “Ok.”

Regina: “Parry and dodge. Find the timing to hit back when you’re in a good position. The only way to earn her respect is to make her feel the pain, and we know you can dish it out.”

Picasso nods.

Regina: “I want you that this isn’t easy, but I know you can do this. You have the skills.”

Sophie smiles.

In the other corner, the other coach is more cautious than anything.

Clifford: “Good round. Unless the judges are super biased, you took this round.”

Elsie smiles.

Clifford: “There are still nine rounds left in this fight and I don’t want you to become careless at any point. That blonde in the other corner is a little tank. It doesn’t take her much to hurt someone. One punch is usually enough. Stay focused, keep throwing shots to keep her busy and don’t get too close.”

Elsie: “Got it.”


Esther: “What say you, Anna?”

Anna: “I make this a 10-9 round for Elsie Nadege on my card. If you are a fan of Sophie Schumann, you shouldn’t be overly worried but the London-based African knows what she’s doing in a boxing ring. It’s a bigger challenge than at any point for the talented Bavarian.”

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Sophie Schumann
The little sister of Alesia Schumann is a born troublemaker but supremely talented puncher. The mandatory challenger in the Lightweight division.
Sophie Schumann
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  1. Great round by both fighters, but I cannot wait to see how Sophie is able to use Regina’s advice to start building momentum. Elsie is certainly very crafty in the ring.

    • There are sometimes gaps in the Top 10. A Megan was well ranked, but this chick looks like the real deal. A good challenge for Sophie.

  2. Well now! Elsie is certainly proving her worth so far! Now, Sophie will have to earn her respect and do it with grace and flair in the next several rounds.

    • Yep. It’s the most demanding task she ever faced. Let’s see how well she reacts in sporting terms.

  3. Alesia,
    Perfect, exactly as I expected! Both Sophie and Elsie began by probing the waters before they strike. They both have a healthy respect for each other in the ring, which shows thier professionalism. Elsie acknowledges knows that Sophie has some serious power in her fists, and Sophie acknowledges that Elsie has some serious experience in the ring. This fight can really go either way.

    Although, in my humble opinion, it’s the power in Sophie’s fists that will carry the fight down the road. She slowly punishes and beats up her opponents, and they don’t even realize it’s happening!!!!

    • A powerful puncher always has a good chance to win these matches. The right timing with the right punch and boom, the opponent is hurting so much she can’t fight back.

      Elsie will be challenging, though. You see how good she is a boxer in this round.

  4. This one doesn’t take long to come to a boil. This one starts out right at a high pace – and I think that suits Elsie just find. And Sophie as well, but Elsie has the edge in the first round for sure.

    It takes merely seconds for Elsie to start with the barrage, and as Sophie notes, this isn’t a feathery jab to find range. That is a punch thrown to do damage.

    We can tell that Elsie finds her groove early, as she bats down Sophie’s punch. That’s not easy to do, especially early in a fight when you are still deciphering how the opposition fights. A successful block like that sends a message. And then after sending a mental message, she sends a physical one – a leather glove right down the pipe. PAFF!

    Akane: “Damn. I’m not into women but I’m into Zohana Patel.”

    LOL Akane. Hasn’t lost that sense of humor, I see.

    Sophie comes back, as we all knew that Sophie would. She takes one to give one at 1:45 of the round, and for Sophie, thats usually a good plan, because..Sophie hits hard. Looks like both of them suffered a little there.

    Elsie thinks: “Time for a little roughhousing so she can feel my strength.”

    The African is not going to let Sophie push her around. Literally. She’s going to be the one initiating the rough stuff. It’s an interesting approach to stop the momentum of Sophie, but it also shows that you were a bit wary of how the fight was going.

    A clever little left hook stops the rest of Sophie’s momentum in the round, and a long right hand definitively puts the round into the veteran’s favour.

    Don’t think this round definitively says anything about how the rest of the fight is going, to go, but its a strong start for Elsie.

    Render of the round? The double hit at 1:45. Elsie is just delectable in those renders 🙂

    • I wouldn’t recommend starting too slowly against Elsie. If you do that, she’ll take you to the cleaners with a smile and probably leave the ring without even a drop of sweat.

      The early defensive move sends a message across as well. “I can block difficult punches and catch you instantly.”

      Now, Sophie has to stay calm and get to work in this very challenging environment. Win and you convince the boxing world that you are worthy of the “title contender” tag after just five fights. Not many people can do that so quickly, and Elsie will test that ability.

      I agree on the best scene, and about the fact that Elsie was gifted with nice “body rendering” genes. Heh.

  5. What a first round that was! It had plenty of action in there.

    Elsie is showing why she’s a veteran boxer, she really knows how to put a fighter under pressure, not to mention she punches fast as well, speed and power make a dangerous team in boxing.

    But Sophie doesn’t back down and comes back landing a few good shots to Elsies face as well, she’s fighting smart but Elsie isn’t making it easy for her at all, she needs to earn her respect and use more defense in there.

    Good advance from both coaches, now we have to see how both fighters execute that advice.

    Fave pic is the exchange between Elsie and Sophie, Sophie landing the left hook while Elsie lands an uppercut as well, this is some lovely high quality boxing! 🙂

    • Elsie’s got not only experience, but great skills and a solid coach. You don’t take that kind of fighter down easily. If Sophie is to win, she will have to earn it. I think that Picasso was right: Megan was nothing in comparison with this chick!

      • All so true! Sophie is gonna have to smart smarter and harder for the next few rounds. Let’s see Picasso get back into this fight! 🙂

        Though I will say I really like Elsie, she’s really beautiful and like you said she’s very skilled ❤️

        • I’m glad you like Elsie. I wanted to create a Black African and like the result very much ?

  6. Creator’s notes

    How easy is it to fight? It’s not. It gets harder when you step up against an experienced Top 5 boxer.

    Sophie is fighting intelligently but Elsie puts her through a tough test in this first round. Every time that the bitter orange makes a good move, the African comes up with a clever answer. Even when the German lands a good, clean left hook, she still squeezes in an uppercut to resist the assault.

    Ringside, Zohana put on her rock star clothes and she’s probably taking notes. One of these women may still be a relevant title contender and her younger counterpart may be a future opponent as well.

    For now, though, Sophie is in more of a battle than at any point in her career.

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