Picasso’s rebellion

Sophie steps up in Round 3. How does the veteran react?

The bell rings and Round 3 can begin.

Sophie needs a dose of what Elsie has been having. Punches thrown to keep the opponent busy because it’s hard to find rhythm when you are constantly under attack.

The bitter orange turns into a pressure fighter in the early stage, letting her hands go with sufficient accuracy to slow the African down. Then, she goes for a tricky move. She throws a 1-2 in Elsie’s guard, steps back to bait the counter and bounces forward again with a short right uppercut that lands clean. It deform’s the number five contender’s cheek and snaps her head up.

The crowd cheers.

Esther: “Schumann scores with power that could make the Cameroonian think twice about these counters. The uppercut seems to be part of the family DNA.”

Anna: “With a difference. Sophie’s most effective uppercut is the short variety while her sister Alesia likes to unleash it from slightly more distance. The result is the same, though: a big bang in your face.”



Rocked by a rocket, the black girl creates some distance to buy herself a little time. The blonde sees a chance to build momentum, follows her around and resumes the offensive. She throws a five-punch combination with the fourth shot being a right hook that hits Elsie’s left glove. She continues by reloading and going downstairs with a vicious right in the abdomen.

Elsie lets out an “oomph” because that one hurt.


This spurs an attacking splurge by the young Bavarian. Orange leather is flying and unsettling her opponent, who isn’t given much of a chance to throw the red variety of leather lately. Sophie bosses her around the ring with a high work rate that ultimately creates chances to land something clean.

That happens with a minute gone. Elsie gets caught out of position while trying to circle around Sophie, who cracks her on the chin with a guided missile that makes a cloud of sweat explode around her head.

Esther: “Schumann is mounting a serious challenge against a proven contender! Landing lefts and rights almost at will thanks to a more active attacking style. Is that the solution to her previous problems?”

Anna: “As long as it works, she should stay busy. She’s got momentum, punches are landing and Nadege isn’t too sure what to do right now.”


Getting tighter

Elsie thinks: “Chick can hit. Beating me at my own game, though? I won’t let her.”

The veteran shifts gears. She turns on the motor to stay away from the number nine at Lightweight, taking a few seconds to “rest” from the early onslaught.

Thinking “it’s either you or me”, she throws flurries of straight shots to prevent the German from getting anywhere close, hitting the guard most of the time.

Elsie thinks: “That’s already better. She’s not landing.”

Sophie: “I gotta dodge those shots if I want to fire back.”

She does exactly that as Elsie comes in with an attempt to pop a solid left hook on her face. Sophie leans low to the right to make it miss by a decent margin. She then goes for the right uppercut on the counter, but the African leans back and steps out.


This exchange turns the action into a game of cat and mouse. The two boxers are unsuccessful at taking control of the action in this phase despite mutual determination.

Elsie: “Let’s give payback for that early bait.”

The athletic Cameroonian throws six punches at a high speed and steps back to bait the counter. Sophie obliges by coming forward to throw a right cross to take advantage of a split second of silence. Her counterpart bounces forward energetically with a powerful right hand that lands between the eyes. PISH.

Esther: “Round 3 is a competitive one between two women whose place among the very best Lightweights is at stake, and they are battling hard for it.”


Don’t fall off

Having finally found her feet, Elsie presses to gain the advantage. Meanwhile, Sophie’s head spins a little after receiving that hard right. It gives the former world contender a little extra time to multiply punches for restless attacking. Her firepower forces Sophie to step back into the ropes.

Elsie throws shot after shot, finishing her combination with an awkwardly thrown left uppercut that harvests Sophie’s right cheek. Weird punch, but it’s on target.

Esther: “Nadege is wrestling back control with the highest level of activity we have seen from her so far in this fight. I see many people on the edge of their seats in the arena, and hope they don’t fall off. They might miss something!”


Elsie isn’t just back on the offensive. She just won’t stop, using her strong core to generate attacks faster than you can say ‘box’. She works on Sophie from a longer range, where she is very comfortable, and dictates where the fight happens, with the German losing the middle of the ring.

Esther: “Nadege scores with another left hand that penetrates Schumann’s space and smacks her jaw as she tries to throw a right hand on the counter. What do you see, Anna?”

Anna: “I see that the veteran is outboxing the youngster at the moment. Just as Sophie was matching her ability to throw punches in bunches, she accelerated the pace even more. She isn’t just active, Esther. She’s very accurate.”


Another gear

Elsie is bossing it, and she knows. She’s got a round to win and a point to make. She maintains the rhythm with commanding presence and hand speed that leave the young contender astonished. Sophie just can’t regain the initiative as the veteran keeps the tension level very high.

Destabilised, Sophie makes a mistake. She accidentally drops her left hand after throwing a hook. It leaves her face unprotected and Elsie fires back with a laser-like right cross the connects clean. PAFF!

Esther: “Oh! Schumann’s knees buckled when taking that shot, and she might be in trouble late into this third round.”

Anna: “With less than 10 seconds left, all she has to do is hanging on, but it’s easier said than done after eating a bomb.”


Holding on she does. With marks appearing on Sophie’s face, Elsie advantages because she can literally see blood. Sophie throws a couple of short punches to delay this forward movement, but it doesn’t work. She has to grab her opponent for a clinch.

Elsie has just enough time to land a light left to the body before the blonde can properly tie her up to kill the final seconds.

Rebecca: “Break!”

Then, the bell rings.

Esther: “Schumann started this round strongly, but the final minute was a scorching one and Nadege scored with the hardest punch of the fight to probably take the points again.”


Be perfect

The talks are wildly different in the corners.

On the red side, Sophie takes a seat and exasperation shows in her face. Three consecutive rounds lost is something that never happened in her entire amateur and pro career.

Sophie: “Everything she does works. It’s frustrating.”

Regina: “We’ve got to create the right mix of defending and power shots to make her miss and make her pay for it. Stay in motion, be dynamic and you have to hit with authority. Girl’s got a good chin, and the punches have to hurt to make her slow down. Just as they did early in the round.”

Sophie: “Ok.”

Regina: “We can’t afford mistakes here. We gotta be as perfect as possible. When you throw a shot, bring your hand back up. I know it’s harder to do under pressure, but the basics matter to prevent her from scoring with a big one.”

Across the ring, the mood is far better.

It’s fun

Clifford: “What’s up?”

Elsie: “I’m in a fight and it’s fun.”

Clifford: “Haha. Keep this going, but there’s no reason to hurry. We have plenty of time with seven rounds left.”

Elsie: “Yeah. I don’t think she can endure this for 10 rounds.”

Clifford: “Wear her down until she’s ready to yield. A few more rounds of this and she’ll be ready to go. When she is, blitz.”

Esther: “How do you see the score, Anna?”

Anna: “It’s a clean sweep so far. 30-27 in favour of Elsie Nadege, who is making a statement about her intention to remain a Top 5 fighter at Lightweight. Schumann is under the weather and she has to react strongly to turn the tide.”

Rebecca: “Seconds out!”

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Sophie Schumann
The little sister of Alesia Schumann is a born troublemaker but supremely talented puncher. The mandatory challenger in the Lightweight division.
Sophie Schumann
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  1. Good lord, despite Sophie’s comeback, Elsie finds a way to get the fight back in her favor. With Sophie barely able to stand near the end of the round, I think the veteran is ready to give a knockout soon. She is determined and having fun, it is not a good sign for the young fighter.

    • It was quite a mature reaction for Sophie to hang on, though. Not sure she could have done that in the same situation a couple of years ago.

  2. Man! Sophie is starting to make a comeback slowly but surely, but Elsie is clearly not making it any easier! Either way, I certainly hope that Sophie finds a new second wind and shows Elsie that she came to win and that she’s not one to be toyed with. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind if the clinching didn’t stop here 😉

    • I think that you and @JjeanPhoenix can start the Clinch Gang ?

      Elsie is probably the most challenging kind of opponent Sophie will ever face. Experience, style and attitude combined to make things difficult. The only more difficult opponent could be Zohana Patel (pound for pound champion) herself!

  3. Alesia,
    Make room in the archive! Another piece of boxing brutality and beauty on display. Sophie has awakened, Picasso is creating another boxing masterpiece. Using her skills and fistic power, she’s showing Elsie that she’s not just another youngster in the ring trying to make a name.

    Sophie does have a battle on her hands. Elsie is a volume puncher, but her punches are far from light and annoying, she packs a punch.

  4. Nothing like a little teenaged young woman rebellion :D. Somehow I think Sophie is partial to the topic.

    That first punch was one that would have felled a vast majority of Sophie’s previous opponents, and even if it didn’t knock them down, it would have had them reeling and afraid to engage. This Elsie though, she’s a different chick. Not only can she take a punch (and the follow up punches) – she can endure and give back as good as she gets.

    Sophie’s followup to the uppercut is admirable – she doesn’t headhunt and she keeps the workrate up – almost as if she is the terminator and she is learning from Elsie’s success in the first two rounds.

    Elsie’s courage under fire is laudable. She doesn’t cover up – she’s got the veteran experience to know that she needs to stand up and return fire. She misses at first, but that slows down the avalanche for a moment.

    “I see many people on the edge of their seats in the arena, and hope they don’t fall off. They might miss something!”

    Esther is in fine form this evening as well 😀

    With a minute to go, Elsie starts landing. You can tell by Sophie’s expression that these aren’t punches she is taking easily. These punches aren’t just little love taps. These punches hurt.

    And then that right hand from Elsie near the end of the round, well that one probably knocks down a fighter not made from the Schumann Steel Factory (patent pending). But Sophie’s expression says it all. That hurt. A lot.

    Sophie literally holds on, but the damage has been done. The strongest start to a round so far for Sophie, but Elsie has taken it, endured and gave as good as she got.

    What a round!

    Renders of the round: Sophie’s initial uppercut, and the right hand from Elsie at the end are 1-2 in some order, but the clever clinching scene at the end must draw some plaudits as well!

    • These two have survived moments that would make many fighters think twice about their life choices. Still, they’re up and fighting. Probably leaving a little something into that ring in such a battle.

      Heck, it might give other fighters second thoughts. Who wants to be in the ring with someone who can do what both Sophie and Elsie are doing now? It takes courage.

  5. Creator’s notes

    We see two important things in this round.

    On Sophie’s side, the ability to match Elsie’s quality shows up, and she’s pretty dominant for more than a minute. She’s more active, accurate and she lands solid punches on the visitor.

    On Elsie’s side, the ability to shift gears and be even busier than in previous rounds. A little maddening for the blonde who felt like she was going to take control of this match.

    Regina places a tall order in the corner. Gotta be perfect to win.

    • Your definitely right on both. Sophie starts the round off well with her little rebellion. But Elsie rebels back at full force. Now I see why she’s a top 5 veteran fighter. She just keeps coming.

      I really thought Sophie was gonna have this round in the bag but Elsie showed her how wrong she was, but Sophie was able to land a decent amount of punches. Punches that did hurt the veteran.

      Regina is right though, it may be tough but she has to be perfect and better to win this fight, she has to keep up the pressure as well.

      Fave pics has to be that uppercut and belly punch Sophie lands early in the round, I find them really hot ?
      Other favorites is the awkward left uppercut Elsie lands, and that clinch landing that light blow to the body. There’s punches were timed well but it’s Elsie who wins this round. Let’s see if Sophie can still step it up.

      • Sophie’s short uppercut might be becoming one of her big weapons. She can land it with lots of power.

        Elsie, though, still feels like she has no future if she doesn’t win this match, so it looks like she is set to give everything she’s got. Sophie will have to give even more intensity if she is to topple her.

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