Zohana to defend title against Takara

Final Bell Boxing announce that Zohana “The Dementor” Patel will defend her Lightweight world championship belt against Takara “Love Muffin” Oshima at the Copper Box Arena in London.

The main event of the evening is scheduled for 10 rounds of three minutes each.


Patel, aged 36, is the reigning Lightweight champion whose record stands at 37-1, with 25 of her wins coming by way of knockout. Hailing from Bombay, India, she is recognised as the best pound for pound female fighter by BOX! Magazine.

“A new contender rose quickly through the rankings and she deserves a title shot, says Patel. I don’t expect this fight to be particularly easy since Takara is explosive. Yet, I intend to dispatch her in style.”

Oshima, 25, is undefeated with 14 wins including 11 knockouts. The number two contender to the crown made her mark with power in both hands. Coming from the celebrated Warrior Academy in Tokyo, she resettled in London to be coached by Clifford Little.

“I believe I will be the one who stops Zohana, says Oshima. It’s time for regime change in the Lightweight division. If you want to overthrow a queen, you have to do it with violent revolution.”

Tickets for the entire fight card will cost £100 online and at the door.

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  1. Alesia,
    Another continuance of your awesome narratives and artwork. This should be one interesting fight. I look forward to it!!

  2. I don’t know if I’ve realized that Zohana’s nickname is ‘The Dementor.’ Not only is that a cool nickname (with an added benefit of a Harry Potter reference), but an actually fearsome one too.

    It’s a moment long deserved for Takara, who has adroitly punched her way through the Lightweight ranks and there’s no question that she deserves this title opportunity. But this is against a fighter that isn’t just a champion, but a dominant, overwhelming force. You don’t beat Alesia in a 10 round contest and collect a record of 35-1 without being, ya know…real good.

    On the other hand, Takara is 14-0 with 11 knockouts. So It’s not like this is an unproved challenger either. Takara can certainly punch, and any challenger with that kind of power is a dangerous one.

    Let’s see which of these ladies comes out on top. Hopefully it’s a good one 🙂

    • Now imagine Zohana showing up at the fight wearing a black cloak ?

      Two impressive records are on the line in addition to that belt. Takara has credentials but Zohana has to be considered as the favourite. At 37-1 with an impressive display of skills earlier this year, she’s the woman to beat.

  3. This fight makes sense to happen now, Takara has been rising in the boxing world still undefeated, she showed an excellent performance when she faced Akane awhile back.

    This will be a good challenge for her as Zohanna is no easy opponent to beat but I’m sure she’ll give her a run for her money. This fight is gonna be an exciting one 😉

    • Takara will have to succeed where others have failed, and that’s landing solid punches on a very elusive fighter who has driven a few people mad.

      If someone should be able to do that now, it should be her. Let’s see if she’s got what it takes.

  4. I was wondering when we would get to see Takara again after Akane had been recently retired into referee position, but against Zohana?! Well, obviously this time, Takara has her work cut out for her just like Sophie. Question is, who will give their all more and how will Zohana fare against the Love Muffin?

    • If you look at it at the moment, the best ranked fighters who can face Zohana are Takara and Heather. Based on previous performance, Takara looks very worthy of a title shot.

      However, Zohana is by no means an easy sitting champion to face. The challenger will have to let her hands go without exposing herself too much to the counterattacking creativity that the Indian woman has put on display.

      Anyone who needs a little refresher about her fight style can find it here:


      • Oh, I remember that fight that Zohana had with Alesia. The question in my mind though is how will Takara be ready for such a challenge? Something tells me that Camp Alesia has a few lessons to teach our Love Muffin.

  5. Creator’s notes

    I teased this one a couple of times recently, and it’s finally happening.

    It’s the first title defense we see involving Zohana Patel after her storyline debut in an exhibition against Alesia earlier this year. We have seen a creative boxer holding back due to the nature of the event. How is it when she fights at full strength?

    Takara gets the rumoured title shot, which is well deserved after scoring knockouts against credible fighters. A world championship fight is the dream for a fighter. Now, she has to deliver against the pound for pound best.

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