Million Euro Baby

Big money on the table

The world championship fight between Alesia Schumann and Chloé Potvin is set to generate the biggest numbers in women’s boxing. Let’s check out what’s happening.

The fighters will get the biggest paydays of their careers, as reported by a tabloid newspaper in Germany.

Million Euro Baby

Foto Bild are right on the money. Pun intended. How exactly did that happen?

Final Bell Boxing went to work behind the scenes. From offices in Munich, they proposed Berlin as the location for the match. Chloé’s camp asked for an estimate for New York as well, to see if a neutral location could host the match viably.

Heidi Becker, CEO at Final Bell, calls the Canadian camp. Alesia’s fights are handled at CEO level and the promoter takes matters even more personally since this is the biggest match in company history.

Heidi: “Hi guys. Let me show my screen. You got my numbers?”

Heidi financials

No peanut market

Chloé’s agent examines as the promoter shows slides while explaining the structure of the deal. The fighter herself doesn’t hide that she thought North America would fetch at least as much as Germany.

Chloé: “I’m comfortable with the 60-40 split, but I’m surprised that Berlin generates 30% more and everything is bigger across the board. The United States are a big market.”

Heidi: “Germany is bigger with us, actually. Box TV broadcasts on free-to-air across Europe, retransmitted in North America, and Alesia is the main draw. The two of you together don’t get the same money in the US, in terms of audience, TV rights and sponsorships. The competition’s business model isn’t comparable.”

Chloé: “Really?”

Heidi: “With a fight in Germany, millions will watch. In the US, a few hundred thousands at best, and the time zone turns Europe into a peanut market at 5AM. We can still go to an open purse bid instead of taking my deal, but I don’t expect anything to beat what Berlin offers, to both of you. Your choice.”


The Canadian fighter has a word with her manager on the side. They agree that while someone might pretend to submit a bigger deal, some event organisers don’t uphold promises. Final Bell has a reputation for delivering, as Bavarians are serious at doing business.

Chloé: “Berlin it is. I want to be sure I’ll get my big payday with this title shot.”

Heidi: “I was hoping to hear that. What do you think about the other main terms of the deal? We think that Rebecca Linden should be the referee because she’s the finest. One South American judge, one from Belgium and one from the United States. Eight-ounce gloves. We can agree that you wear Reyes while Alesia wears Paffen since both of you have binding deals.”

Chloé’s agent: “Fine with us. All fair. Please send over the contract for review and we’ll get back to you within a day if everything is in order.”

Heidi: “Expect it within minutes. It’s already drafted.”

A day later, they send it back with all signatures. The promoter messages Regina to say that it’s a done deal. She calls Alesia soon after.

Alesia: “So, did she finally say yes to Berlin?”

Regina: “Yeah. Heidi showed her the numbers. Negotiations went pretty smoothly with that.”

Alesia: “Good. It’s not about being the home fighter. Money talks.”

Regina: “Yeah. That’s how it worked for me, and it’s how it works for you. What will you do with your purse?”

Alesia: “Mostly saving and investing. Just got out of the stock market in anticipation of a spectacular crash. I’ll get in to pick up the good stuff after the slaughter.”

Regina: “Smart girl. Now, we can set up our training camp. Did you respond to that potential sparring partner?”

Alesia: “Not yet. I’ll do it right away.”

Regina: “Good. Show up tomorrow at 9. I’ll outline the plan.”

Alesia Schumann
Super Lightweight champion of the world, German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann
A Québec City fighter who follows the footsteps of many celebrated local boxers. A tough customer and contender in the Super Lightweight division.
Chloe Potvin

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  1. Alesia,
    All the makings of a Superfight!! Two bruising, punishing boxers are going to hammer each other into submission!! Only one will be left standing!! And to enhance the excitement, a huge payout!! Let the punches fly!!🥊🥊

  2. Well on the bright side, regardless of who loses, both fighters will be paid and have something to gain in the end. However to the both of them, that World championship will mean more than any paycheck will. To be on top of the division and the world too? That is priceless. This fight being in Berlin, I think it will be a big factor for the champion as far as the German crowd will go. I think Alesia will put on a big show for them. First title defense, no one would want to go down so soon, I think she will be the more determined of the two to keep it.

    • Both matter. Obviously, the dream of being a champion means a lot. However, these two women like money as well 😆

      It’s home ground for Alesia in Berlin, and fans can sure provide a psychological boost. However, boxing is complex enough that you can never take a thing for granted. Not with someone who has the power to floor pretty much anyone with a good combo. Or one of her signature right hands.

  3. Keeping this one short since I just woke up and cause usually lost when it comes to negotiations and that stuff lol.

    Seems like both teams are in agreement to fight in Berlin, I think fighting in New York wouldn’t have been bad either but since Alesia is the defending world champ it makes more sense.

    Now that they both got that out of the way it’s time for some serious preparation for this upcoming fight, who will those two be training with to get them ready for this fight, looking forward to it 🙂

    • I bet you put the fun in dysfunctional when you get up in the morning 😆

      Of course there will be a training story soon. As this is a big fight, there are special sparring partners involved 🙂

      • I just don’t have that energy waking up, well sometimes lol.

        I can tell there sparring partners will be on the same level as them I assume. 🙂

  4. Ah the financial side of boxing. Forget the titles, this is what fighters are doing it all for, they are fighting to make a living, and importantly as Ally points out, getting paid to compensate for the physical risks she is taking in that ring. Few are lucky enough to be like Ally, a big star in their home country with a large promoter backing her, but we see that it can be quite lucrative for boxers who do reach this level. A win could see her getting a million dollars from the fight. That is, as they say, not bad for 12 rounds or less of boxing.

    The challenger does well for herself too. A 40% split of the purse will be an excellent pay day.

    Behind the scenes we see Heidi at work, running the numbers and getting the deal done. A Berlin based fight is the best financial play, Heidi projects. I think it makes sense too. A fight in Berlin would take place in the early afternoon North American time, easy enough to capture that market. A fight in New York would have only European direhards staying up late to watch the fight. More eyeballs on the fight = a bigger payday!

    And its not like Germany (and the surrounding countries) is a small market either. I’d say its quite large actually. With the Euro also being reletively strong, it makes sense for Chloe to pack her backs and travel to Berlin.

    Alesia isn’t going to spend her purse all in one place. Which is smart. Sock it away for a later date – this is her retirement money we are talking about here – it needs to last.

    • Yep. Many good points here. There usually are two things that the boxers pursue.

      Achieving the dream of being world champion is the emotional goal. You want to be the best and be on top as long as possible if you make it.

      However, many athletes are more business-savvy than previous generations. They know there is money in the game, especially for those who can establish popularity with performances and stage presence. Careers are short and they want to secure their financial future.

      While Alesia and Chloé are set to clash for the title, they have the financial aspect of the matchup in common. They’re at a critical point in their careers. The one where they should monetise the sacrifices and risks associated with their sport while it’s possible. It’s about more than throwing and dodging punches.

  5. Creator’s notes

    Win or lose, there will be big money for the two contestants after this battle. Sponsors and TV are handing it out to see the top clash happen, and that might explain why working out the deal went smoothly.

    Alesia has a clear plan on what to do with it. Hopefully Chloé will handle her big payday better than many real-life pro boxers have in the past.

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