Titans rise

Champ and challenger introduced

Berlin – Let’s tune in on Box TV, which is broadcasting the Super Lightweight championship match live in Germany and Europe, and retransmitting in North America.

Esther: “Welcome back to Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin for the main event of the evening. The final fight of our card features Alesia Schumann’s title defense of the Super Lightweight world title against her number one contender, Chloé Potvin.”

Anna: “This match has been a long time in the making. The two women wanted to square off earlier this year, but a broken hand forced Potvin to drop out to be replaced by a cracking Lightweight match with Virani MacVicar. This time, there’s no injury. The fight is on.”

Esther: “It is Schumann’s first title defense since she defeated Anastasia Orlova to capture the belt a year ago. At their press conference, our contestants avoided fireworks. What do you make of that?”

Anna: “Chloé admitted openly that she didn’t want to give Alesia motivation through her comments, so she thanked the champion for the opportunity. I know first-hand that Alesia was also very cautious because of her championship history. Two titles won in the amateur and pro ranks were lost in the first defenses. She didn’t want to make any statement that would have exposed her to any form of ridicule.”

Box TV intro 1

Half German camp

Esther: “I’m told that the fighters are about to come out. Let’s watch their entrances.”

Veronica: “Please welcome the challenger… Chloé Potvin!”

The woman from Québec City shows up not only with her coach Vanessa Leblanc, a former Canadian champion in the amateurs. She also has some German support. Sparring partners Leyla Abdul and Melanie Spitzer are by her side as she makes her way to the ring. Chloé gets a polite welcome from the crowd.

Anna: “Word from the Potvin camp is that Abdul and Spitzer did much work to prepare her for this fight. The first is a credible German Lightweight champion while Spitzer, the Super Lightweight German champion, fancies a showdown with Alesia.”


Popular Diva

Veronica: “Now please welcome Alesia Schumann!”

The crowd cheers as the sitting world champion makes her way to the ring. Sister Sophie, friend Virani and coach Regina accompany her.

Once in the ring, Alesia stops to pose and looks at the crowd, daring it to make more noise. The audience quickly obliges, with the loudest cacophony that the Diva ever had in a ring entrance.

Alesia: “Good. Now we can proceed!”

Esther: “Would you look at that. Schumann has this crowd eating out of her hand. She is, after all, the most popular German boxer since her coach Regina was the queen of the Flyweight division.”


Esther: “We put together a few graphics for you folks, so we can compare the contestants. Based on our analysis, Schumann has a couple more cards in her hand.”

Anna: “Yes. This rundown shows that if grace and technique decide this fight, Alesia will be the victor. However, Chloé has a little more in terms of power and volume. What matters is who can pull the blanket to her side for a warmer night.”

Esther: “Beware of the bed bugs.”

Alesia Chloé side by side

Battle points

Esther: “We’re also so generous that we put together some battle points. Those are the keys to victory.”

Anna: “Alesia is the finest tactical and defensive boxer in the world at the moment. She’s the master at outthinking opponents, disrupting their game and stretching fights. If she applies this science to you, I wish you the best of luck.”

Battle points Alesia

Esther: “Potvin herself must have thought about the game plan.”

Anna: “Of course. I say that she has to match Alesia’s tactical ability as much as possible. Much like Katia Nagel did a few years back in a German championship fight. Make this fight close and hope to edge the champion in the end. Don’t go into deep waters, though. Keep it simple and effective. Also, try to end it before Round 7 or 8. Alesia is at her most dangerous past that point, at this stage of her career.”

Battle points Chloé

Danger bird

We move to the introductions with Veronica Lillegard, who is Final Bell’s Vice President and ring announcer.

Veronica: “Introducing first and fighting out of the blue corner. She is wearing blue and silver, with red gloves. She is trained by Vanessa Leblanc at Dragon Gym. Her professional record stands at 22 wins, 18 of them by way of knockout, five losses and two draws. A Canadian toughwoman, she is CHLOÉ ‘OISEAU DE MALHEUR’ POTTTTTVINNNNNNN.”

Intro Chloé


Veronica: “Her opponent across the ring fights out of the red corner…”

The crowd cheers instantly.

Veronica: “Wearing black and white, she is trained at Halmich Academy. Her professional record? 13 wins, 11 of them by way of knockout, and three losses. A former WBC Silver and German champion. Now she is the reigning AND DEFENDING… Super Lightweight of the world… the queen of the ring! FROM MUNICH…. THE WORLD CHAMPION! ALESIA ‘THE DIVA’ SCHUUUUUUUMAAAAAANNNNNNN!”

The announcer’s work has an impact. The crowd rises to its feet for the loudest cheer while all Alesia does is keeping warm.

Regina thinks: “So much focus. She’s in the zone.”

Intro Alesia

Veronica: “Your referee, in charge of the action when the bell rings, is Rebecca Linden from Germany.”

The former fighter thinks: “Keeping a safe distance between us. That woman is scary.”

Intro Rebecca

Grumpy face

Rebecca: “Alright girls. Get here. We went over the unified rules in the dressing rooms. This fight is scheduled for 10 three-minute rounds. There is no three-knockdown rule. There is no standing eight-count. You cannot be saved by the bell in any round. In case of an accidental headbutt after Round 4, we go to the scorecards. If you knock your opponent down, you have to go to a neutral corner before I start a count. If you foul intentionally, I will deduct a point. The second time, you’re disqualified. Protect yourself at all times. Obey my command at all times. No cheating, no bullshit. Touch gloves.”

“How dare she put herself in the middle,” thinks Vanessa while staring at Regina.

“What’s up with that grumpy face? She must be nervous,” thinks Regina.


The ladies return to their corners, and coaches take their spots ringside.

Esther: “Alesia Schumann’s title defense against number one contender Chloé Potvin. A German against a Québécoise. And it begins now.”


Rebecca: “Box!”

Alesia Chloé touch gloves box 1

Alesia Chloé touch gloves box 2

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Alesia Schumann
Super Lightweight champion of the world, German champion and one of the pound for pound best. The Diva is known for her tactical strength and durability.
Alesia Schumann
A Québec City fighter who follows the footsteps of many celebrated local boxers. A tough customer and contender in the Super Lightweight division.
Chloe Potvin

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Wonderful job on all of the outfits and designs for everyone in attendance. Should be a good one.

    • Thanks. I like putting some emphasis on what people wear, and it’s nice when people appreciate it.

  2. Alesia,
    The calm before the storm, a storm of monumental proportions!!! Berlin and the World 🌎 are soon to be treated to clash that will produce a huge amount of lightning 🌩 and thunder ⛈!!! Lightning fast fists (Alesia Schumann) and powerful thunder punches (Chloe Potvin) 👊🏻👊🏻🥊🥊!!
    Although Alesia does have some serious thunder in her punches as wel!!

    And as always, accompanying the fighters (who are exceptionally attractive in thiet own right), is the pugilistic pageant of beauty, both in and out of the ring of current and former boxers, referee Rebecca Linden (one of the most attractive referees to grace a boxing ring!!), everyone!!

    I was excited to see Melanie Spitzer again. Her outfit and appearance speaks of her spunkiness, very cute 😍 and attractive!!

    Alesia holds the overall edge in a head to head comparison, although Chloe is a very formidable opponent for her to face. That’s what makes Alesia the champion she is, never choosing easy opponents. Even when the fight with Chloe first fell through due to Chloe’s injury, Alesia chose to fight her friend Virani, who gave her a good thumping in the ring before she ultimately prevailed.

    This is going to be one serious and hard punching fight. Let the festivities begin!!😀

    • High expectations, huh? I am well into producing this fight and I think you won’t be disappointed by the action. Chloé isn’t there to take a knee, and she will honour her reputation as the best contender to face Alesia.

  3. I really like these charts of attribute advantages and keys to victory for both. For my prediction on this fight before it really begins, I predict Alesia will win by a decision. I think the speed and technical ability will be the main key and with how it is said Alesia is dangerous past Round 8, I think it will be enough to hold off Chloe and win when it goes to the judges to decide. I don’t think either boxer will want to end their night on the mat with how big the risks are here.

    • It’s quite daring to predict a decision since it’s often easier for people to stage a knockout win since it make things happen faster. But, on this site, you never quite know!

  4. It’s finally fight night and the arena is fully packed with a bunch of fans ready to see some action.
    Not only is it packed with fans but there are a lot of lovely female boxers here tonight as well and they all look gorgeous ❤️😍

    They all look good in there outfits and both Alesia and Chloe look focused and prepared right now.

    Then we have the ref Rebecca who looks serious and a bit grumpy. But it just means that she’s taking this job seriously, wouldn’t want to get on her bad side that’s for sure, well wouldn’t want to get on any of there bad sided lol.

    “How dare she put herself in the middle,” thinks Vanessa while staring at Regina.

    “What’s up with that grumpy face? She must be nervous,” thinks Regina.

    Regina doesn’t know what she’s so grumpy about, I guess Vanessa still is jealous of seeing Regina in between them, shes been through this many times before.

    Well enough about all of that it’s time to fight! Looking forward to the next post:)

    • I have a feeling that Chloé isn’t the type that will attract everyone, but I do believe that most fighters have something going on, and Chloé’s strong appearance is among them as far as I am concerned.

      Grumpy Vanessa may have an issue or two, as we could find out later on 😆

      This should be a contested match.

  5. The introductions might not be the most action packed posts, but I always find this part enjoyable. It’s the last minute of ‘normality’ before the fighters do what they came here to do.

    Chloe has waited for this match for a while, an unfortunate injury led to the Virani-Alesia match, but its her turn now.

    “I know first-hand that Alesia was also very cautious because of her championship history. Two titles won in the amateur and pro ranks were lost in the first defenses.”

    -And how do you know first-hand, Anna? Oh, wait 😀

    Remember kids, its one thing to buy that dress that Alesia wears. It’s another to look that good in that dress that Alesia wears. Buyer beware :D.

    The infographic breaks things down nicely. Alesia is the more complete fighter, but Chloe is a talent in her own right. Chloe hits hard and is durable, that’s a tough combination to face any time, but especially in a title fight, where as long as Chloe is on her feet, she’s got a chance of sending a shock through the boxing world. Especially notable is the ‘past opposition’ category – Chloe hasn’t been in the ring with quite the level of opposition that Chloe has, and that can prove decisive too.

    I thin the two mentalities of a ‘marathon’ vs. a ‘sprint’ is also correct. A puncher is often a bit more dangerous in the early rounds, when they have their full power, and I don’t think Chloe can afford to be behind early, as that could be a long night for the Canadian.

    Veronica in white. Delightful

    Alesia looks calm and focused as ever during the pre-match hype, which is the body language I would like to see from my champion.

    The former fighter thinks: “Keeping a safe distance between us. That woman is scary.”

    I agree Veronica – Rebecca is scary. She could boss any heavyweight around without complaint!

    Okay, and now we get to the opening bell. Let’s hope for a good fight, and an Ally victory, of course 😀

    • Not sure how Anna gathered that information about Alesia. She might know her or something.

      Alesia’s dress is one that might generate a few sales after being put on display but I’m not sure that their owners will match the same way. You could say the same about Veronica, who rarely fails to rock one of her garments.

      Chloé’s obligation here is to avoid making a clear mistake or running out of gas, as it often happens to opponents. They match Alesia for some time, but doing so over 10 rounds of three minutes is usually the problem. However, that durability might come in handy.

      It’s always good to have a scary ref for these big matches. You just know she will keep things under control.

  6. Ohh! This is gonna be yet another good match, I just know it! Of course I have no doubt in my mind that Alesia will likely win, but the question is how many rounds will Chloe last against the Diva?

    • A quick look at Chloé’s record shows that she has recent decision wins and that someone as formidable as Taylor Grant could only finish her in Round 7. This means that even elite fighters find it hard to put her away, and Alesia may have to work patiently against her.

      • Case in point your honor. Of course, I wonder if there will be any clinching along the way. Regardless, I wish both ladies all the best of luck. Mostly Alesia of course 😉

  7. Creator’s notes

    This note is a little more about the “making of” this post than anything else because a few things came together after much experimentation.

    First, if you like the way Anna is dressed, you may see more of this style. Layering clothing for full body coverage with the headscarf is a little more challenging than putting a pre-made outfit on, but it worked this time. You also see the same approach working on Leyla Abdul as she walks out with Chloé.

    After a couple of years of experimenting with infographics, I think I finally nailed a solid style to present the fighters. It feels like the kind of thing they would actually put on TV, instead of amateurish design.

    The pure white on Veronica’s dress? That’s adapting the most challenging tone to a specific light set, with white being the trickiest one to pull off credibly.

    Now, if you look at the featured image on the home page for this post, it’s also the result of learning design. Isolating one character for colour after trying other effects.

    Oh, and by the way, the fight is on. The next post will be Round 1 🤘🏻

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