Winter Wonderland

Ring Kings and Star Sports 2 have announced today that kicking off the televised portion of their January 2022 card in Ottawa, Ontario will be a rematch between Mechelle Gauthier and Emma McGale for the Canadian Featherweight title.

The fight will take place over ten rounds of two minutes each.

The defending champion, ‘The Pretty Warrior’ Mechelle Gauthier (9 wins, 2 losses) feels confident going into a rematch that she won by knockout in Round 9 of their last fight. “I won last time, and I don’t see why this fight will be different,” said Gauthier. “Emma gave me a heck of a fight and I respect her, but I intend to defend my championship in style, as befits a champion. I promise the fans a good time, and of course a knockout.”

The challenger, Emma ‘The Peach’ McGale, rebounded from her loss by decisively knocking out Australian Featherweight champion Vicki Groves in her last fight. Now with a new head trainer in Sandra Blohm, expectations are high for the challenger now 11-6. “I’m far better than my record suggests, and I intend to even out my record with Mechelle,” said McGale. “This time, the one on the canvas will be her. I will cement myself as the best in Canada.”

Tickets are on sale starting at $40 for presale and redeemable with the Final Bell app.

How the fight was made

Emma McGale is traveling to a city that she does not have particularly fond memories of: Montreal. Last time she was there, she got knocked out in her bid to win the vacant Canadian Featherweight title. Hardly a happy memory.

She was coming to the city on the invite of the victor of that fight, Mechelle Gauthier. Emma figured that she might as well combine this meeting with a short weekend vacation.

The two fighters meet at Mechelle’s home, a modern apartment in the quiet part of the city. The two exchange polite chit chat for a little while, as Mechelle plays the gracious host. Then, it’s down to business.

Emma: “I’m guessing there’s a reason that you invited me here, and it wasn’t to wine and dine me.”

Mechelle: “Well, my boyfriend is away for the weekend, so I needed someone to drink wine with. But yes, I obviously did invite you out here for a reason. I want to have my next title defence against you.”

Emma: “You didn’t need me to come here to ask me that. You know I’ll fight you whenever you want.”

Mechelle: “I know that. But I have demands for the fight.”

Emma: “Demands? This is a regional title, not a world championship.”

Mechelle: “Look, probably neither of us are going to fight for a world title. All I want, since you are signed to that fancy Final Bell or Ring Kings or whatever its called, I want the fight to be on Star Sports 2. I don’t want it to be on a streaming service that most of my friends and family have never heard of. I want to be on a main card, on TV. Get that for me, and I’ll give you your rematch.”

Emma: “I don’t control what promoters do. I can’t guarantee that. Heck, the only time I get on the main broadcast is when they want me to lose to some prospect they are hyping up.”

Mechelle: “Then I’ll just wait until you are made mandatory challenger for my title and we can fight then. I don’t mind waiting. Look. I want to make the most money I can – these title fights are the best money I make in this sport, and it’s still not that much. I want a title fight, where I get the champions split of the purse. That’s when its worth it for me to put my title on the line. Otherwise I’ll beat up some hopeless contenders here in Montreal while you wait.”

Emma: “You are being kind of a bitch about this. I thought we were on good terms.”

Mechelle: “I am. I like you, Emma. I enjoyed fighting you, and I’ll happily do it again. But I can’t ignore the finances. Not when I, for once, have the leverage.”

Emma: “You’re lucky you’re so cute. I’ll see what I can do. No promises though.”

Mechelle: “One more thing. I want a rematch clause.”

Emma: “And do you want a pony too?”

Mechelle: “Pony? Nah, I want a unicorn.”

The two laugh.

Mechelle: “Look, to make it easier, I don’t care where the fight is. I just want it to be on Star Sports 2.”

Emma: “And the money that comes with it.”

Mechelle: “Now you are catching on.”

Emma: “As I said. I’ll see what I can do.”

Mechelle: “Cool, now do you want and come see the city with me? I’d be happy to play tour guide. And dinner is on me.”

Emma: “I can never deny you. You are too cute.”

Internal politics

Back from her brief vacation, Emma goes to visit with Anita Martin. No longer head of Cobra Promotions, she has been made a regional manager for Final Bell. A little bit lesser of a role, but within a far larger company. Emma needs Anita to go to bat for her to get the fight made.

Anita: “Bright and early on a Monday morning. How can I help you, Emma?”

Emma: “I had a face to face meeting with Mechelle Gauthier over the weekend. She wants to fight me for the Canadian title.”

Anita: “Great! I assume they want to put it on one of their cards, so maybe I can reach out to Ricota Promotions and see if I can help in any way.”

Emma: “Ah… well, here’s the hitch. She had a few conditions for the fight. The big one is that she wants it to be on Star Sports 2.”

Anita: “Oh. So she wants it to be on one of our cards. Emma. Card space is so limited, we don’t just put anyone on those cards. And you are asking, not just to be on a card, but have a title fight on that card, which means it needs to be 10 by 2 minute rounds – that’s just such a time commitment. And it can’t be on just any card, it has to be a fight card in Canada. I don’t think I can get them to go for it. I don’t even think I can ask.”

Emma thinks: Stay calm. Make logical arguments.

Emma: “We are talking about one fight. A rematch of an action packed fight with several knockdowns, between two, dare I say, quite attractive young ladies. I’m not asking to be the main event. I’m asking to replace one fight between a half decent prospect and some journeyman from Ecuador with a completely fabricated record.”

Anita: “Look, that fight isn’t without its financial merits. But, this isn’t Cobra Promotions anymore, where you are the best friend of the owner. This is Final Bell. Where there are shareholders that we report to. Shareholders that care only about the bottom line.”

Emma: “Look, if the answer is no, then it’s no. Just say it.”

Anita sighs and shakes her head.

Anita: “Look. I’ll see what I can do. Because its you, and I like you a lot Emma. And I think there is merit to putting on a good, well contested fight on a fight card instead of prospect ‘A’ beating up journeyman ‘B.’ But it’s going to come at a price.”

Emma: “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Anita: “You won’t like it. This one favour means you can never say no to another fight. And they will want you to pay them back. They’ll put you in against fighters that outmatch you and not give a shit. Just think about if its worth it.”

Emma: “I need my shot at Mechelle. I’ve already been thrown to the wolves. If I have that belt around my waist, at least I’ll have something.”

Anita: “Okay. I’ll make some calls. But no promise. And Emma? If I make this happen, you owe me.

Emma: “You’re the best, Anita.”

Getting a break

There’s radio silence from the regional manager for almost two weeks. But out of the blue, Emma gets a call.

Emma: “Hello?”

Anita: “You are the luckiest girl on the planet, you know?”

Emma: “Tell me that you got it done, Anita.”

Anita: “A fighter just dropped off our card in Ottawa in three weeks’ time. With that little time left, the choice was either bump a fighter from the prelims to the main card, or find someone who doesn’t mind fighting on short notice. You don’t mind, do you?”

Emma: “Fuck no. If the fight was tonight, I’d be sprinting to my car already. Mechelle agreed? To a short notice fight?”

Anita: “Her promoter wrangled a really good purse out of us. But there wasn’t that much choice. A local contest was what we needed to sell tickets. This fight fit perfectly. She gets a decent payday and airtime on Star Sports 2.”

Emma: “Holy shit, I don’t believe it. I didn’t think you could make it happen.”

Anita: “Emma. I’m telling you, you better win this one, and it better be the fight of the night. I stuck my neck out on this one for you. If you don’t win, I’m not sure we are on speaking terms anymore.”

Emma: “I’ll win. I’ll totally win!”

Anita: “Call your coach. You need to sort out a camp, and pronto. And Emma?”

Emma: “Yeah?”

Anita: “Remember to thank me in the post-fight acceptance speech. My kids find it amusing when their mom gets a shout out.”

Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale
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  1. Not enough people understand that hurdles that promoters and managers may have to jump through to get the fight that their fighter wants, especially when it comes to broadcasting/streaming rights.

    Low level to high level, there’s so many variables to consider and this is a wonderful peek into the background of boxing.

    • Yup, the politics of boxing can be a fascinating thing. Maybe its just me, but I enjoy it 😀

  2. Emma sure is taking quite the risk here, but such is life after all. Hopefully she takes it home with a nice victory.

  3. Emma is risking herself with a lot on the line to get this match promoted, and I can respect that. Makes you wonder which fighter dropped off from the card at such a short notice before their scheduled fight. I also agree with Mechelle’s mindset about wanting her fight to be on a bigger platform as it would make her look good as the Canadian champion to get a deal like this and it would raise her stock even higher if she is able to retain her title with more eyes watching. Even though there is a good chance Emma might set her up for later disaster with this, I think she will be alright. Whatever it takes to win the championship, that is the mindset I follow too.

    • Emma is sticking her neck out there in a political sense. A loss here probably marks her as a fighter that will only be used to be a record padder for others.

      Emma wants the platform as well, but she’d be happy fighting in a back alley in front of an audience of 5.

      Going to be a good one!

  4. This is the side of boxing people rarely see or care about. What it takes to get the matches in front of viewers! Let’s hope it is worth it!

    • I’ve always found the behind the scenes of boxing fascinating.

      Hopefully this fight is worth the backroom shenanigans!

  5. One of the rematches we’ve been waiting for! Wasn’t expecting it to be so early!

    There new coach wasn’t kidding about having Emma become Canadian featherweight champ. But it’s more of a surprise to me that it was Mechelle that asked her to have the rematch, thought it’d be the other way around.

    Well when money is involved and a lot of it I can’t blame her, and they both get what they wanted heh, not to mention she wants it on TV.

    Now I don’t have any hate for Mechelle, glad she and Emma are still cool, and not to me both look gorgeous in home clothing ❤️ But this is Emma’s big chance to win the Canadian belt, now let’s see what her new coach can do to prepare her for this fight, hopefully this time she’ll do a lot better then the last one and fight the way she needs to fight.

    Love the poster for the fight. Also wonder wonderland does sound like a Disney thing, like a Disney theme park lol

    • I’ve been waiting all year to bring this rematch. Now it’s on 🙂

      Sandra wants Emma as champion, but Mechelle wants to make some money now that she is champion, and she knows that outside of Virani, Emma’s the best way to make some of that money.

      The two of them get along quite well. There’s no hard feelings either way.

      But now’s Emma’s big chance. Two losses to Mechelle would be a big problem!

  6. Winter Wonderland would sound like some Disney fairy tale. Or maybe not because a fight between Emma and Mechelle gets violent 😆

    We quickly see the impact of Emma joining a new promoter. People want things. Mechelle is keen enough to be featured in a TV broadcast to make it a condition for the rematch that Emma wants. Being the Canadian champion, she has more leverage in matchmaking than in the past.

    Emma: “And do you want a pony too?”

    Mechelle: “Pony? Nah, I want a unicorn.”


    Anita’s pretty tough regarding the commitment but indeed, a scrap between Emma and Mechelle can draw some people in, so it would be overly rough to turn it down. Just gotta find the right moment to schedule it.

    As for the fight itself? Not an easy one to predict. These two have produced a war the first time and it could have gone either way. I expect either more of the same because it’s too close, or someone gets lucky with an early stoppage.

    • Winter Wonderland may lead to violence. Not quite Disney now, is it :D.

      Emma doesn’t have the same freedom she did promotionally with Final Bell. But things break in her favour and she’s able to get what she wants. If Virani wants a fight, Final Bell will make it happen, but with Emma, its a different proposition.

      Anita plays tough, but she gets it done for Emma. Now Emma and Mechelle have to make use of the card space.

      This one could be tough – the last fight was a war, and rematches don’t tend to get less violent.

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