Shifting Tide

McGale shows the improvements in her game as she bullies the champion

It’s the start of the 4th round. Mechelle comes out of the corner with far more of a spring in her step, absolutely wanting to set the pace. She does it with her jab, using it often to keep Emma from getting too aggressive. The Torontonian is able to block or parry most of the jabs that come from the champion.

Figuring that the early output is sure to end shortly, Emma leans forward, intent on getting back inside, where she was able to do so much good work in the last round. Unfortunately for the challenger, she’s stopped by a clean jab right to the chest. It’s hard to move forward when getting hit in the chest, Emma finds.

Emma thinks: I can’t decide if she did that on purpose, but it worked for her.

Laila: “Every fighter in a rematch comes up with different tools they’d wished they’d used in the first fight. We may be seeing this adjustment from Gauthier to contain McGale from getting inside.”

Getting jabbed in the chest or not, Emma will not stop coming forward in Round 4, and that aggression ultimately unlocks Mechelle’s defence.

As Emma shifts to go low again, changing the point of attack, Mechelle brings her left hand up to protect against the expected overhand right that Emma will be throwing. But that’s not the punch the challenger had in mind, it’s instead a powerful hook to the body. Without any opposition from Mechelle, the punch thunders home, drawing a groan from the champion and applause from the crowd that appreciates the good work from the challenger.

Laila: “McGale’s body work has to be taking a toll on the champion, as even through only 4 rounds, she has landed some absolutely sickening body punches. McGale could be carving the path to victory here as we speak.”


Round 5

The fifth round has Mechelle really wanting to use that jab that she used to good effect in portions of the fourth round. Sandra has already told Emma to be more elusive when trying to get into her preferred range, and she takes this advice to heart. Though no one will confuse her for Alesia Schumann, Emma does show that she isn’t a stationary target that is just there to be hit, especially causing Mechelle trouble when she tries to control the fight with her jab.

Laila: “Though this is not the highest level of boxing we will see tonight, that does not mean that there is not skill on display as she weaves nicely to avoid a jab from the champion. It’s moves like that which do not end up on highlight reels that often make the difference in the fight.”

Sandra thinks: Emma is boxing well and more importantly, boxing confidently. We’ll see if Mechelle can keep pace. I suspect that most in the division can’t handle Emma wearing on them the whole fight.


Though the champion is trying to get momentum back in her direction, she doesn’t manage it in the fifth round. Instead, it’s been the story of the fight so far, as Emma’s best work has been to the body, and Mechelle has not been very appreciative of it. Emma’s not a one-punch KO artist, but no one has confused her with a light puncher either.

A quick left hook to the body after an exchange scores nicely for Emma, as she shows a bit of diversity to her attack.

Sylvie thinks: This one is getting away from us.

Laila: “The Pretty Warrior might have will have her good looks after this fight tomorrow, but she will not be feeling very good, win or lose, after these repeated blows to the body. A win might at least make her feel like it was worth it, however.”

A Painful Round 6

Round 6 is… more of the same. Mechelle tries in vain to get the better of Emma, but the challenger has the answer and then some. No earth shattering punches are landed, but it’s clear to everyone at ringside (including the most dunderheaded of judges) that Emma is winning, hands down.

Early on in the sixth, Emma underscores this by landing a very good long left hand to the body that draws an audible reaction from her opponent.

Mechelle: “UNGH”

Laila: “People at ringside are being treated to an array of grunts from Mechelle Gauthier as Emma McGale continues to exploit the openings in the champion’s defence. This one was a well thrown jab to the body that uses Mechelle’s own momentum against her. Few will want to sign up for a fight against McGale if this is her approach from now on, because she is showing the ability to be a true body snatcher.”

Very late in the round, Emma wanted to add an exclamation point to the round and she found a perfect opportunity, leaning in and driving her arm up into the solar plexus area of Mechelle Gauthier. The dark grey glove compresses that sensitive area of the body.

Mechelle: “Uggh”


How good was that particular shot to the body? Well, it takes a second, but as Mechelle’s brain registers that air is no longer reaching it easily, her legs completely lose all strength and she collapses to the canvas in absolute agony.

Mechelle squirms on the canvas as Emma stands above her, admiring her handiwork. Persistence paying off.

Emma thinks: Ouch. Looks like that hurt. Remind me to not get hit in the solar plexus.

Laila: “Gauthier goes down! It looks like that was in the solar plexus of the champion! She is writhing on the canvas in pain, and I’m not sure she’ll make it up from that one!”



Emma takes a second to get to the neutral corner, which gives Mechelle just a second or two more time than she might have if she got to the corner with appropriate haste. Small margins.

Victoria: “1…2…..3…4……5”

Mechelle writhes on the canvas for a few seconds, but as the count continues upwards, she pulls herself off the canvas with an effort of will.

Mechelle thinks: Fuck, this hurts, but I’m going to get up, or I’ll never forgive myself.

At the count of 5, Mechelle is still in obvious pain, but she seems to be heading towards getting to her feet.

Sylvie: “COME ON, Get UP!”

Laila: “The champion is struggling and has obviously been hurt, but she is giving it everything she has ton continue on with the fight. Given that the bell will ring shortly, I suspect that I’ll she’ll need to do is beat the count to continue on.”

Victoria: “6….7…..8..”

With a groan and a last effort of will, Mechelle pushes to her feet and turns to face the referee. Her legs are not recovered, so she leans against the ropes to give her the stability that she needs.


Victoria thinks: She’s lucky that the round just ended, because I’m not sure she’s fit to continue. Still, the round is over, so she gets a chance to recover.

Victoria: “Round is over, go to your corner.”

Emma thinks: I got her good. Now I’ve got a big lead. Almost won the title right there.


In the corner between rounds, Emma’s corner wants more of the same. Now that Mechelle is hurt to the body, Sandra wants her to keep going back, and if she starts protecting it, shift up high.

In Mechelle’s corner, Sylvie tells Mechelle that she has to drop her guard to protect her body better, because she’ll get knocked out if she doesn’t – even if that does mean taking a clean punch or two to the face.

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Emma McGale

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  1. Oh dear, Emma has a clear advantage and one can argue she probably would have gotten the KO there if it wasn’t for that bell! With the rate Emma is fighting at, I think this fight won’t even need to go into the championship rounds. She can end right here and now as the champion looks like she still needs more time to recover. My prediction for the next round: It will take three more big punches to the body to get another big knockdown.

  2. Holy crap, this side of Emma’s boxing game is a sight to see! The peach is working the pit of Mechelle’s core!

  3. Wow! So were some…peachy rounds and these rounds had a lot of lovely peachy body shots. (Don’t know what I’m doing 😆)

    But for real though, Emma has been dominating the champ for 4 straight rounds with perfect body shots that are takings it’s toll on Mechelle.

    Mechelle starts the 4 round off using that jab like her coach told her to, but even using that wasn’t enough to keep the ear peach at bay for long. She just kept on going, and going and going. She just won’t stop.

    And it’s not until the 6th round where Emma an body punch to get the first knock down of this fight. She definitely isn’t the hardest puncher but she ain’t weak either and she went to the body a lot this fight.
    Funny you’d think that for all those rounds Mechelle would think to defend her body by now, then again Emma hasn’t been making it easy, she’s been showing some great defensive skills in the ring. ❤️

    Now we only have 4 more rounds left. Half of me feels like this fight won’t last long, especially after that knock down, but I also feel maybe it might last some more if Mechelle makes a comeback.

    Sandra wants Emma to keep going to the body but go upstairs if Mechelle starts to defend.
    And Sylvie wants Mechelle to defend her body more, which is kinda what I’m sure the peach will be expecting. Curious to see how this will turn out.

    But I do hope we get a lot of more in close action, and maybe a clinch or two 😉

    • Emma’s boxing quite well. A turnaround from the last fight where Mechelle dominated large stretches of the fight. Like you said, Emma keeps going and going and going. Tenacious, 100%

      Mechelle’s in a tough spot now. She’s behind on the scorecards and clearly more than a little hurt. That means she has to go for it, and see how much she can take in the hopes of getting something decisive to hurt Emma back.

      This fight will still be up close and personal, don’t worry 😀

  4. Rounds 4 and 5 have turned into a clear clash of styles. Mechelle needing a little space to let her hands go and Emma wanting to take the body not only to wear down but to get inside.

    If Mechelle declares that it’s worth taking the body shots as Laila suggests, she might still find nursing the pain annoying for a few days.

    Emma truly gets her way in Round 6, though. Cutting air supplies is a most effective way to send someone down. While Emma may not be a knockout artist, she can punch to hurt in the right circumstances.

    Mechelle shows her courage by getting up. Luckily, time is on her side with only a few seconds left in the round. Facing the body bully immediately after that might have resulted in a loss.

    On to what could give Emma an advantage. If Mechelle drops her hands to protect the midsection, Emma could take openings at chin level 👀

    • It’s been a good few rounds for Emma McGale. She’s really imposed herself on the champion and is making an impression with those dark grey gloves of hers. Even if Mechelle wins, she’s going to be feeling the pain of being in the ring with Emma for little while.

      Emma isn’t exactly a crushing puncher, but that punch to the solar plexus is crushing in its own way. Mechelle shows the heart of a champion by getting up in a fight that is getting away from her, but that had to take quite a bit out of her.

      Certainly with Mechelle looking to protect the body, that opens Emma for the possibility of landing big shots to the head. An overhand left did put Mechelle down in the last fight as well….

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