Uppercut Equalizer

One punch turns the fight around completely

A hurt champion emerges from the corner cautiously, knowing full well that she needs to be aggressive to overturn the deficit on the scorecards. It’s a conundrum, but Mechelle knows she can’t win by knockout if she’s already been knocked out. So she tries to take it easy in Round 7.

Emma has other ideas. While Mechelle does well in avoiding the worst of the punches, the pressure from the challenger is relentless. Where Emma has the most success is when she is able to get up close with Mechelle and push her around.

Later in the round, Emma gets Mechelle in the ropes and goes to work. She is able to create the space she needs to punch by using her physicality to overpower her opponent. Not only does the crisp let hook that she lands hurt, she is fatigued by having to deal with grappling with Emma.

Laila: “Few do it better in tight quarters than Emma McGale. She seems like a sweet girl outside the ring, but get her in close and she will use all of her tools to make her opponent’s night a long one.”

Round 8

As Round 7 is notched as win for Emma, Mechelle now knows she needs something spectacular to turn the fight around. Her punch output drops, but she puts more on her punches. Trying to hit a homerun as it were.

As Mechelle is more willing to enter into trades, she often finds herself taking a good punch in exchange for nothing. Case in point, Mechelle wants to end an exchange with an uppercut, probably her best punch, but Emma sees it coming, makes sure she gets out of the way and counters with her own punch, a quick overhand right that lands flush on the jaw of the champion.

Emma thinks: Too slow, too predictable

Laila: “McGale continues to be on top here in Round 8. She’s boxing quite well tonight and seems to completely have the measure of Gauthier. That overhand right has been one of her best punches.”

Knowing what your opponent wants to do is pretty key in a one-on-one contest like boxing. Emma knows full well that Mechelle is getting aggressive not because she wants to be, but because she needs to be. Emma doesn’t let that knowledge make her passive, but it does make her way to dictate the fight more.

As Mechelle tries to get into prime punching range and throw an overhand right, Emma meets her with a stiff jab that not only completely disrupts the punch, but it jolts Mechelle’s head as the dark grey glove meets cheek and jaw.

Sandra thinks: I’m not sure Emma is the domestic level fighter people think she is. I think she can be more.

Laila: “McGale certainly seems to have moved up a level. She displaying a complete set of tools tonight against Gauthier.”

The Haymaker

But the beauty of boxing is that it can all change in just one moment, just one punch. And with her back to the wall, the champion produces a moment of brilliance.

Emma has been going low to avoid the incoming haymakers from Mechelle, but this time, Mechelle times her perfectly and catches Emma right as she is ducking down with a massive uppercut.

Laila: “OH! A rocket of an uppercut has connected from Gauthier! The champion has been throwing haymakers and that one connected! A massive shot! Can McGale take it?”


The short answer is no.

The reaction from Emma is instantaneous. She collapses to the canvas, falling flat at the feet of the champion, who looks as surprised as anyone by the quick turnaround.

Laila: “McGale is down! She took an absolute howitzer on the chin from Gauthier and she looks like she might be out! Is this the turnaround that the champ needed?”


Victoria thinks: Holy shit, that girl might be out. A one-hitter-quitter. But before I decide anything, Mechelle’s going to be in the neutral corner.

Victoria: “Neutral corner, Now!”

Mechelle makes her way to the neutral corner, not exactly sprinting, but taking in the moment which may be the highlight of her career.

On the canvas, Emma has not moved.


The Count

Here’s what happens to Emma. She comes to on the canvas, disorientated and with the sound of the crowd roaring in her ears. Her instincts tell her that she needs to get up, and while her brain thinks this is a good idea, her body is slow, and sluggish to react to her commands.

Victoria thinks: Glad this girl is moving, because it would have been a shame to have the fight end on one punch in a fight she was bossing. Still, she seems plenty hurt. I’ll give her a count, but I’m not fully convinced.

Victoria: “1….2….3…..4…..5”

By the count of 5, Emma’s no longer strewn out on the canvas, but she is struggling to get her limbs to do what she wants them to do.

Laila: “A game challenger is showing her heart here, but she might have had the fight knocked out of her by that incredible uppercut from Mechelle Gauthier.”

Victoria: “6….7…..8…”

By the count of 8, Emma is to her feet, though she hardly looks steady.

Victoria: “Do you want to continue?”

Emma: “Yes, ma’am.”

Victoria: “You’re on a short leash, understand?”

Emma: “Yes, ref.”

There’s not much time for subtlety once the fight resumes, and Emma doesn’t try for it. She simply pushes forward and drives Mechelle into the ropes, drawing a warning from the referee, but also wasting time.

Seeing no chance to get in a punch, Mechelle opts for a verbal dagger.

Mechelle: “Gotcha with the uppercut again. I’ll knock you out in the 9th like I did in the last fight.”

Emma thinks: I’d rather you talk with your mouth than your fists at the moment.


That is the last major action of the round as Emma is more or less saved by the bell. We go now to the corners.

Emma’s corner

Sandra: “Will you stop looking so hurt! Christ, you look like someone battered you with a 2×4 for 10 minutes. Fucking sit up straight, or I’ll stop the fight right now.”

Emma thinks: This coach has no chill.

Emma sits up and the coach gives her a quick drink of water.

Sandra: “Okay. She fluked a punch to catch you. Not your fault. We can drop a round here, no problem. Just don’t let her fire away on you. Grab, hold, delay, whatever. You know all the tricks, its time to use them.”

Emma: “Okay.”

Sandra: “And listen to me. I ain’t gonna stop the fight. This ref ain’t going to stop the fight. That means it’s all on you out there. If you can stay on your feet for FOUR minutes, you’ll be champion. You can do it.”

Mechelle’s Corner

Sylvie: “Heather has the uppercut, I think your uppercut needs a nickname after that.”

Mechelle: “Championcut? Prettycut?”

Sylvie: “We’ll stow it for later. But right now, you need to throw everything at her. She’s hurt, and we know that she doesn’t recover that well. You have to at least put this girl on the canvas again this round. The scorecards are not going to be favouring you. Throw everything at her. If you get caught, you get caught, but I don’t think she has the ability to take punches from you.”

Mechelle: “She’s tough, but not durable.”

Sylvie: “Exactly. Put her out and we’ll celebrate. That’s what I want, okay?”

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Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale
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  1. Thank goodness Emma was able to get up! In the past, that punch would have been the end of Emma without a shred of doubt being given. Now that she is more motivated than ever, that is not the case. She had it. She had this fight all the way up until that strike. I also like that Sandra will not throw in a towel. She wants Emma to go out there and win it, and she does not want to be responsible if Emma does fall down again and come up short again. 4 minutes. 4 minutes is all Emma needs, but it almost got quickly taken away in just 1 moment. If Emma doesn’t overcome this, it might be a point of no return for her confidence. I believe she’ll get through this, if that punch did not stop her, I do not think anything else will.

    • If Emma didn’t get up, I think that would consign Emma to being only a journeywoman. Getting knocked out twice in national title fights would give her a real reputation for sure.

      Sandra gives it to Emma straight, no pampering, no nothing. Just go out there and do your job.

  2. Dang Emma can’t catch a break against Mechelle. All that lead gone in an instant. Glad to see she was capable enough to buy time and hopefully recover in the next round. I’d love for Emma to be a step above regional level but haven’t seen it yet, especially with her suspect jaw.

    • In fairness to Emma, that was a huge punch from Mechelle, and she did get up. But yes, her average durability is a big hinderance to her.

      Still, this one is up in the air, and is anyone’s fight.

  3. “This going well, I’ll win this fight… stay the course for a few minutes and I’m Canadian champion…”


    That knockdown is mentally difficult to take when you are on a roll. Emma was bullying inside, scoring from outside, attacking, countering, you name it. Then, that massive Prettycut is a visually spectacular moment and a very dramatic one in this match.

    It takes a turn for the worst when you get hit with this:

    Mechelle: “Gotcha with the uppercut again. I’ll knock you out in the 9th like I did in the last fight.”

    Talk is cheap and trash talk is common in boxing, but it’s something different when you’re making desperate moves to survive after getting nailed. Mechelle is stating: good work but I have your number and I’ll finish you in a minute. It’s genuinely intimidating, and it will take Emma fortitude, or luck, or both to overcome the kind of sentiment this can bring about.

    Emma thinks: This coach has no chill.

    You’re in a pro boxing contest with a coach who has authority. Chilling is only set for later 😆

    Questions over Emma’s durability have returned. She could be ahead on the cards, but you have to be on your feet when that final bell comes to benefit from it.

    • Splat! 😀

      The knockdown is hard to come back from because it changes so much about the fight. Emma was cruising through the middle sections, but now she has to worry if she will even hear that final bell. Plus, with the fact that Mechelle is now confident and she knows that she can end the fight, like she did in their last encounter, its a hard thing. Many fighters would wilt.

      You get the sense in her interactions with Sandra that Emma and Virani were being coddled by Thomas. Now Sandra ain’t got time for things like ‘being hurt.’ She’s got titles to win.

      Emma, much like her gym mate, will not be confused with a durable fighter. If she wants to succeed at Final Bell, she’s got to be on her feet at the final bell 😀

    • I think we get the sense from this fight that Emma is the better fighter, she just has a lot of doubts about whether or not she can get it done.

  4. Dang….I was afraid something like this might happen later in the fight…Emma can never get it easy can she:p

    So far she’s been dominating this whole fight, the peach is definitely on a whole new level since last time, she wins the seventh round with ease pushing the champ around.

    And she would have won the 8th round as well if she didn’t get caught by that haymaker, that sent her down hard…

    “Victoria thinks: Glad this girl is moving, because it would have been a shame to have the fight end on one punch in a fight she was bossing. Still, she seems plenty hurt. I’ll give her a count, but I’m not fully convinced.”
    I have to agree, would have been upset and probably pissed if she got knocked out a second time after she was just doing well.

    In the corners she’s still obviously hurt but not out, and Sandra is having none of that lol, she doesn’t play around. And she’s not gonna stop the fight, only way this ends if Emma wins by knockout.

    Next two rounds will be tough, the 9th was the one she was knocked out in before. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself again.

    Like I said I don’t have anything against Mechelle…but seriously Emma better knock her ass out cause she’s sounding bit overconfident from that turn around, anything can happen in boxing 🥊

    Don’t mind the early reply, I’m still up right now lol

    • Early or late, I just want to see feedback so no worries 😀

      Nothing easy ever happens or Emma. She was winning the fight and then bang one punch puts her down and almost out. Heck of a punch from Mechelle though, it has to be said. She put everything into that one.

      In the corners, Sandra doesn’t waste time on sympathy, she tells Emma how it is. You can get the sense that she is a much stronger presence than Thomas. A bit more willing to tell it like it is.

      The 9th was the round that ended it last time, and it could be again. These two are fairly well matched, you’d have to say.

      • That’s true, but it felt like there pats match was more even then this one.
        Emma has been dominating most of this fight till that uppercut.

        The 9th round could end the fight….I just hope it won’t be the same as last time… but you said Mechelle put everything into that punch so that also could have taken a lot out of her as well.

        Emma just has to keep pressing forward and find the right off switch

        I know she ain’t gonna let one punch stoop her from becoming champ! It better not

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