McGale’s moment

Emma is confirmed as champion and she discusses with Mechelle

As Emma continues to celebrate, Mechelle is put on a stool and attended to by the ring doctor, referee and her cornerwoman, Sylvie. Though the former champion took a bit of a beating from Emma, it doesn’t take long for the ring doctor to give the all-clear.

Sylvie: “Thank you, referee. Good stoppage. We appreciate that you put yourself at risk.”

Victoria: “I could have maybe stopped it one punch earlier.”

Sylvie: “Don’t hold yourself to an impossible standard. The finish came quickly.”

Victoria: “Well, thanks. Glad you are okay, Mechelle.”

Mechelle: “Me too.”

The former champion’s head is still pounding a bit, as she talks with her coach. She’s still not completely ready to get to her feet.

Mechelle: “I went out, didn’t I? My recollection is a bit hazy.”

Sylvie: “From what I can tell, yes.”

Mechelle: “Damn. That girl can hit. And she’s so strong.”

Sylvie: “She’s a worthy champion. But so were you. Don’t forget.”

Mechelle: “I won’t. But I thought you said she doesn’t recover well.”

Sylvie: “I was wrong. We were both wrong. She dominated.”

With Mechelle’s health assured, it is truly celebration time for Emma McGale. One of the first people in the ring to greet her is a former champ and good friend, Virani MacVicar. She gets Emma up on her shoulders so she can carry the new champion

The crowd applaud Emma, having been a fan of the violence of that fight. Violence is a way to any boxing fan’s heart. No doubt the executives at Star Sports will have felt it was a fitting contest to open the show.

Virani: “You’re heavy, babe. Are you sure you are a Featherweight?”

Emma: “Quiet, my noble steed.”

The Official Results

Though everyone knows what happens, the official particulars need to be announced. It’s bit of a formality, but its great for photo ops and finality.

Ring announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, this stunning bout comes to a dramatic ending at 1 minute and 30 seconds of Round 9. Referee Victoria James stops the fight with one fighter no longer able to defend herself. Therefore your winner, by technical knockout and……NEW Featherweight champion of Canada is Emma ‘The Peach’ McGale…..McGale!”

Victoria raises Emma’s hand in victory as the crowd applauds.

Mechelle thinks: That dude sucks at his job. I’m sure I could do a better one and my ears are still ringing. Honestly, I must be concussed if this is what I’m thinking about at this moment. I’m in denial, probably.

Laila: “Aside from one moment, this was a really assured performance from Emma McGale, who was way ahead on the scorecards when this fight reached its conclusion. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here.”


After the official decision, the two combatants are finally able to get a moment together to talk.

Emma: “Hey. You okay?”

Mechelle: “Yeah. I’m okay. Going to have a splitting headache tomorrow. And every part of my midsection hurts thanks to you brutalizing it. But, hell, that’s just the job description. Congrats on the win, fully deserved.”

Emma: “Thanks. You were tough.”

Mechelle: “Nah, girl, you crushed me for most of the fight. I just had a few good moments. But one of them was a really good moment. How did you get up from that uppercut? You looked like you were out!”

Emma: “I’m pretty sure I was. That section of the fight is pretty fuzzy. I was just able to get up. It was a hell of a punch though.”

Mechelle: “You took my best and came through it. Then when you had your chance to finish me, you didn’t miss.”

Emma: “In fairness, you were an easy target.”

Mechelle laughs.

Emma: “Sorry. Cruel joke.”

Mechelle: “Nah, all good. Thanks for getting this on TV. We’ll do this for a rubber match at some point?”

Emma thinks: I’ll knock you cold, but It’ll be fun.

Emma: “Of course.”

Interview Time

In the ring is Laila Ali who interviews the new champion, Emma McGale.

Laila: “Emma McGale, champion of Canada, how does that sound?”

Emma: “It sounds absolutely tremendous. I’ve had a rocky road, but I’m glad I got to this moment.”

Laila: “I have to ask about Round 8. You were on cruise control until you got caught with a punch. What happened?”

Emma: “You can box a brilliant fight 99% of the time, but your opponent is also in there doing their best and that was a moment of brilliance from a very game fighter in Mechelle. She hurt me real bad. In many ways, I was lucky to get up.”

Laila: “Aside from that, was this fight all according to plan?”

Emma: “A bit of a slow start, but once I got going, I think I showed that I was the better fighter overall.”

Laila: “Absolutely. Congratulations, Emma. We look forward to seeing you again!”

Emma: “I’d like to thank my team, Sandra Blohm, and my promotional team, especially Anita Martin for getting me this fight. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

As Emma departs, there’s time for one more interview, this time with the former champion, Mechelle Gauthier.

Laila: “Mechelle, commiserations on a tough fight. What do you think the difference was between the first fight and this one?”

Mechelle: “Honestly, it felt like this was a different opponent. The Emma I fought in the first fight was a good fighter, but this version of her was just dominant, really. I felt like I was under siege for most of the fight. She’s just so physically strong, and she makes you feel it.”

Laila: “How effective was her work to the body? She really seemed to make it a focus this fight.”

Mechelle: “I’m glad I took some shots to the head, because they dulled the pain my body was giving me.”

Laila: “What’s next for you? Is a rematch something you are interested in?”

Mechelle: “Fighting for a title is always in my plans. But I think I need to get back in the gym and level up before I seriously consider fighting Emma again. But make no mistake, I intend to get the Canadian title back!”

Laila: “I hope we can bring that match to our audience when it happens. Thank you for your time, Mechelle.”

Once the media personnel are out of the ring, it’s time for a photo opportunity with the new champion.

Emma: “Everyone strike a pose.”

A victorious Emma thrusts her arms into the air like she’s a character in a Rocky movie, while Virani goes for a pose straight out of a fashion runway.

Sandra thinks: One fight, one title. Not bad, Sandra. And the more I see Emma, the more I believe she’s capable of fighting at a higher level than this.


Boxing Canada was quick to take note of Emma’s victory, posting a graphic on their Twitter of Emma’s win. 

In the locker room, Emma and Virani are having a laugh about it.

Virani: “You’re a social media star now.”

Emma: “Don’t make me laugh.”

Virani: “Enjoy it, Em. This is the fun part about being a champion.”

Emma: “So what’s next. Do you want to fight me for the championship?”

Virani: “We do that enough in sparring. It’s yours, enjoy it.”

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The Reversal

Emma McGale

Emma McGale is an original character created by Alex. Living in Toronto, she is the Canadian Featherweight champion.
Emma McGale
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  1. Really like the friendly rivalry between the two and Emma essentially thinking the same thing Mechelle did in the beginning of the fight. I’m looking forward to seeing Emma evolve as a fighter.

  2. New coach and already we have a new champion! This fight helped showed the boxing media that Emma can accomplish more than the expectations they set upon her. No hard feelings despite the title change, and if this is the result for 1 fight under Sandra, then there has to be a bright future ahead for when she helps Virani and Emma’s championship defenses. I think this might become the greatest decision Virani and Emma ever made, just need more time to confirm it.

    • Pretty good record for Sandra, no doubt. But this is Emma’s moment for now 🙂

  3. That final hurdle is always the tallest, the sharpest, and the most difficult. Can’t say Emma didn’t earn this one at all but let’s not forget the new and certainly key variable here in Sandra.

    One fight. One title. 🙂

    • As someone who (briefly) did hurdles, I confirm that last hurdle just seems taller 😀

  4. The stars are aligning for everyone it seems. Emma and Sophie both are heading up and it feels like nothing can stop them now.

    • I think Emma would be delighted to be compared to Sophie! But Sophie is an A+ prospect. Emma’s a bit below that level 🙂

  5. So, Emma gets the belt after winning the fight? Sometimes your sense of logic to reach conclusions is amazing.

    Mechelle will be okay, and that’s great. Boxing fans love a knockout but those who want the “knockee” to get hurt for more than a few seconds are few and far between.

    The biggest question is where she goes from here. The action with Emma was competitive enough over two legs to make a third match possible, but did Emma turn a corner in the second fight? Mechelle nailed her with a strong uppercut and it appeared that she could win again, but the overall feel is that the Peach had a peachy time.

    The biggest problem for the French Canadian may be that she can be bullied inside. She can fight with grace from a distance and probably hurt most opponents in that context, but what happens when it gets close?

    Gotta work on your weight lifting, Virani. Having 135 pounds on your shoulders is never easy 😆

    Urgh. That ring announcer. I hate it when they repeat last names. I side with Mechelle there.

    Emma seeing her arms raised as the winner and receiving the belt is the highlight of her career so far. Perhaps that could give her the kind of confidence to push further. Because if that doesn’t do it, what else will?

    Emma thinks: “I’ll knock you out cold, but it’ll be fun.”

    What a warning 😨 But the kind of attitude that might enable her to knock more chicks out.

    The sportsmanship between the two fighters is cute. While definitely not an obligation for every fight because that would be overly repetitive – and supremely boring if you are into creativity – these two are like two peaches in a pod. It says something when you can go to someone else’s flat in her city and talk about a match to make it happen.

    A big winner here, as I said in a previous comment, is Sandra. Looks very much like she can take fighters to new levels. That might sell gym memberships as well.

    • “Sometimes your sense of logic to reach conclusions is amazing.”

      Hey, some of us aren’t so smart, ya know? 😀

      Mechelle is kind of in an odd spot. She seems to have been surpassed by Emma, but she’s only had two losses in her career. Probably not ready to throw in the towel just yet I suppose, but its hard to see her catching up to Emma.

      The repeated last name things is a weird affectation from way back in the day. I have no idea why some announcers persist with it to this day.

      Emma’s actually quite confident for someone who admits that they went out for a moment just a few moments previous. But its good. I’d like to see Emma be a little more sure of herself.

      I agree about constant sportsmanship, but in this case it makes sense. Both are magnanimous about the result, because they are similar in their own way.

      Sandra will be in demand if she can take Emma (and Virani) to the next level. Hopefully she can do so!

  6. What a great fight and win for Emma! And of course there’s nothing wrong with seeing some good sportsmanship in the end. Emma and Mechelle are already good friends to begin with 🙂

    Mechelle was expecting another easy knockout after that uppercut to Emma’s chin, but she wasn’t expecting her to recover so fast. She definitely isn’t like she was before, the peach had a good upgrade.

    Again I say this but Sandra has proven to be a great coach for the two! Well for Emma at the moment, looking forward to seeing her and V in action!

    Also love the pic with the three posing together, that belt looks good on Emma! And V looks really hot in that dress 😍😍😍

    • It was a great fight, I really enjoyed doing it. Mechelle and Emma were already friendly so there isn’t much surprise the friendship continues.

      Sandra hasn’t proved much, yet! But the initial returns are good.

      The Peach seems to have been upgraded, lets see how far a good coach and maybe some confidence can take her 🙂

  7. That’s the kind of sportsmanship that I’ll never get tired of! Only question now is, who will Emma face next?

    • It will be interesting to see who Emma fights next. She’s talked about fighting national champions before, but it seems like Sandra wants to aim higher.

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