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big fight results, Taylor Grant gets justice

Berlin – Let’s tune in on Box TV to watch the Seconds Out highlights show presented by Anna Schwartz. She has several important pieces of news for viewers.

Anna: “Welcome to Seconds Out. The world of boxing has been very busy lately, with many fights and the outcome of a judging controversy. Up first, a result in the Super Lightweight division.”


Anna: “Sky Houghton took to the ring in London to defend her British title against Minnie Nelson, ranked at number 12 worldwide. While Nelson proved to be a worthy challenger, Houghton proved versatile and accurate to have a strong start.”


Anna: “Now coached by former world champion Nadia Monteil, Houghton showed not only her maturity as an elite fighter but she used strong leg work to lower her center of gravity to take the body in trademark fashion. Nelson was a game fighter but she didn’t have an effective response to the blonde’s aggression and agility. Judges handed in a unanimous scorecard for Houghton, who kept the British title.”



The broadcaster also brings news regarding the judging controversy related to the match between Taylor Grant and Delara Salimi last year.

Anna: “Under pressure from its own judges, the British Boxing Board of Control granted an unprecedented request by the World Boxing Union to have the match rescored by a trio of international judges. They held a live viewing session in a video room with multiple camera angles and handed in a unanimous 97-93 decision in favour of Grant, whose ‘defeat’ turns into a win.”

Taylor Grant win

Total win

Anna: “In another unprecedented move, the WBU indicated that it will publish reform plans regarding the work of referees and judges. Our sources say that top dogs at the international federation favour requiring new recruits and existing officials to pass a certification and testing program to earn or keep a license. The news we welcomed by many promoters, starting with Final Bell Boxing.”

Final Bell tweet 1

Anna: “Such developments are the equivalent of an earthquake in professional boxing, a sport in which personal connections made numerous officials gain their current positions. It’s also a total win for Final Bell. The promoter threatened economic and sporting retaliation against British judges when the Grant-Delara controversy erupted.”

Anna: “The boxing press also saluted the intention to introduce tighter regulation but it had questions about the power of Final Bell.”

Box Mag tweet
Final Bell tweet 2

Close call

Anna: “Back to London, where a Lightweight world title match was staged between number one contender and mandatory challenger Elsie Nadege and reigning champion Zohana Patel. This rematch between the two women was hotly contested. Nadege took the fight to the champion with an irresistible work rate in the first half of the fight. Patel took more punishment than in any other title defense from recent years.


Anna: “However, Patel accelerated the pace and used her unorthodox style to reverse the tide in the second half and championship rounds. In the key moments, she made Nadege miss and overreach before landing mindboggling punches on the counter. Judges gave the defending champion a unanimous decision win, scoring the bout 96-94.”


Anna: “Thankfully, there was no controversy this time. Both parties agreed that the score was reasonable after a close match.”

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  1. Alesia,
    I always enjoy the Goddess Sky Houghton perfecting her craft inside the ring. Her punches thrown are like poetry in motion! She is a beautiful and solidly built boxer. Who could imagine such a beauty can do some damage with her fists ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป! She schooled Minnie in grade A fashion!

    I was very glad to see Taylor Grant receive the righteous earned victory. Taylor is a very attractive lady, made more so by her fistic prowess!

    Zohana once again showed again why she’s up there with the boxing ring Royalty! Elsie definitely showed she can hang with the best of them, but ultimately Zohana won out!!

    Continued excellence Alesia!! The development of all the women in your boxing stable continues well written narratives that are engaging and creative, just plain awesome!!

    Anyone of these women can be a potential opponent for the “Fab Four”,…Alesia Schumann, Chelsea Carter ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐ŸฅŠ๐ŸฅŠ, SophieSchumann, and HeatherBarker (in thier respective divisions of course), exciting!!!!

    • There are plans for Sky. I’m sure that, given time, you won’t be disappointed. And yeah, she knows how to punch someone silly and looking good doing it.

      Looks like people are unanimous about the Taylor Grant result being overturned. Real-life pro boxing is still very far from taking steps towards reform to create more fairness. I hope that one of these actors will follow the example given here ๐Ÿ˜†

      Elsie is as fantastic a fighter as anyone. There was just one problem for her: Zohana is in a class of her own. Matching her mad skills appears to be impossible. At least for now.

  2. Well, that settles Elsieโ€™s championship dreams. She tried her hardest but two losses to the champion Zohana undisputedly proves that Zohana is meant to hold the gold over her. Now, this opens the door for any other challengers that want to make their way up the rankings and get a shot at the title. Sky did a good job showing that she is a rightful contender for the World championship and I think she might provide the biggest challenge to any of the champions on the website let alone Alesia (though with that British title, I guess technically she is already a champion on the website. lol). Good for Grant to get the decision overturned. I think she would have been fine even with the decision loss as she thinks about a potential American title match, but it is a nice pad for the record and to give consequence to those judges to show that they canโ€™t expect to unfairly judge boxers and get away with potential match fixing.

    • The only thing that could cause disagreement here would be Taylor Grant being fine with the decision loss. She hated it, LOL. Getting it overturned and seeing boxing reform getting started must be satisfying in the circumstances.

  3. As long as there are people making questionable scorecards for fights there will be clamor for reform and review like what you just showed in this story. Well done!

    It’s not rocket science and I don’t know why it’s taken this long… to say nothing of three minute rounds for women.

    • Promoters and federations have interests. They often benefit from dodgy decisions. I recall watching the April Hunter-Kirstie Bavington fight. Short notice for Bavington against Hunter, who was the A-side in that match. Bavington fought better but Hunter could have gotten away with being given an undeserved win. Yet, judges scored it accurately and Bavington won although a fair decision was unexpected.

      As long as promoters won’t nudge governing bodies to professionalise judging, it won’t happen. I think that three-minute rounds is only a matter of time.

  4. I love Anna. Wishing that highlights shows had her as a host in the real world.

    Sky Houghton impresses me. Big. Strong. Smart. She moves well. Her win against Minnie and her rank say she is the only one who should face Alesia with a chance to win IMHO.

    Judging on that backstory, Taylor Grant got the win she earned in the ring. Good.

    The judges story is something else! Final Bell used influence to force change and they’re getting it. Professional boxing doesn’t want this because promoters count on hometown decisions to get their way. I’m loving it though.

    Zohana and Elsie is the match made in heaven. Two heavenly women fighting at the highest level. Zohana edged it but not without difficulty. A battle between amazing boxers who can knock anyone else out.

    • Sky and Taylor are where they belong. Top contenders. The question now is who will be picked by Alesia’s camp.

      I’d like real-life promoters such as Matchroom to do the same than Final Bell in this story. They have market power and probably the clout to force federations to clean up their act.

  5. It’s a busy update in the world of the Lightweight and Super Lightweight divisions.

    We see Sky Houghton continue her winning ways. She’s clearly ensconced as Alesia’s next challenger, and that is a fight I am really excited to see. Sky is no pushover, and she is a lovely fighter, almost a competing version of Alesia. She deserves her time in the sun, even if Alesia is able to defeat her.

    Then we see a right of a wrong as someone in boxing finally has a great idea and re-scores the match. I’d probably be deeply unhappy if I was Delara, however in terms of justice this seems like a positive result. However, I do wonder if Final Bell will be so happy when the shoe, inevitably, falls on the other foot and they get a favourable result that gets overturned.

    One can hope that Final Bell continues to have a positive impact on the boxing world.

    Lovely graphic showing the lovely Taylor too. Looking forward to seeing her against Chelsea!

    And last but certainly not least is the Lightweight title fight between two lovely fighters, Zohana and Elsie. The only disapointment is that this was not a full sequence, but the renders we got were tantalizing enough! Elsie once again acquits herself well against the dominant champion, but falls just that bit short, though she does avoid the fate of Takara Oshima, who was badly humbled by Zohana.

    Elsie will remain a high level gatekeeper and I wonder if we will get a rematch with her and Sophie. I’d love to see it, if only to see more Elsie :). As far as Zohana goes…I mean, who even beats her at this point? When its a good result to just hear the final bell against her, you know you are fighting someone truly dangerous.

    • Alesia facing Sky is the next logical thing. The Englishwoman earned her title shot and she hangs in there very well. Plus, seeing more of Sky in a full sequence should be delightful.

      The outcome of a judging controversy definitely makes Taylor Grant the individual winner. She didn’t deserve to get robbed and her promoter decided to take up the fight for change. Obviously, the interests of various boxers in Final Bell’s stable is always a talking point but boxing results being fair broadly serve a promoter’s business. It’s the credibility of the sport and the events you organise that matters the most in the long run.

      If you’ve seen Zohana’s knockout ratio, you know that Elsie making the distance and getting a 96-94 decision means she’s as good as it gets. Must be why she was able to stun Sophie last year.

  6. This was an interesting update.
    We get to see Sky rising in the rankings after defeating another opponent.

    But was more interesting was to see Taylorโ€™s fighting record being fixed giving her the win for a fight she so called lost. Iโ€™m glad they fixed it and gave her the win ๐Ÿ™‚
    And having them try to get better judges and refs for future fights is also a good idea. If only it was that easy to do with our stupid government lol.

    Also we get to see some of the rematch between Zohanna and Elsie.
    Actually wish we got to see the whole fight lol but you can tell it was a good match.

    • Taylor getting justice is a big deal here. Finally something done about the judging, with changes that will probably eliminate a number of controversies. I wish that real life will follow one day.

      Sky is in the conversation for a match with Alesia. No doubt about that. Zohana and Elsie had their match and while it would have been fun to see it all, the main stories are still about the four stars.

  7. Wow integrity in boxing??? Sounds too good to be true. Looks like Sky’s getting ready to face the Diva.
    I’m very curious where you take Elsie now that she’s had her second and final shot at the champion.

    • Chance are that some of the things you see here will foreshadow future events from the real world. Demands for three-minute rounds in the women’s game and for better regulation of officiating are pretty strong. At least one of those changes is bound to eventually happen.

      Sky is in a good position now as a mandatory challenger.

  8. Nice to see other fight recaps, and even better to see not only a reversal but an effort to change a clearly corrupted system. I love the realism you bring to the stories, even if they don’t happen as quickly in real life ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks dawg.

      The officials reform is directly inspired by comments made last year by the WBA boss. He said that the ideal system would be to recruit and give formal training to judges in the future. In his view, a knowledgeable fan of boxing who gets that would make for a better judge.

      Well, fuck it, Iโ€™m having it ๐Ÿ˜†

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