Power Out

Confidence is a very important aspect of a boxing match. When a fighter has it, they are at their most dangerous. When its taken away, a fighter is likely in deep trouble. Confidence is high in the MacVicar camp, while Zoey is trying to find hers.

Told by her coach to get the finish in this round, Virani starts aggressively. With two minute rounds, she knows that there isn’t that much time to get the finish in any given round and given a challenge by a coach she very much wants to prove herself to, time is not her friend.

It doesn’t take long for Virani to get a slowing Zoey to be dancing to her tune, and she does so by working a long, powerful jab. That’s not just a rangefinder, that punch snaps Zoey’s head backwards as it is propelled by the green glove of the Cobra.

Laila: “You can tell MacVicar is confident as her arms are low and even the jabs that she is throwing are snapping back the head of her opponent. Zoey’s punch resistance looks to be totally shot. It feels like its not a matter of if Virani gets the finish, but when she does.”

Sandra: “Quit playing with your food and finish this girl!”

Though it’s early in the round, Sandra Blohm exhorts her fighter for more.

Virani thinks: Okay. Time to be smart, we want highlight reel, so that means I need Zoey to come forward.”

Virani lets off the pressure, letting Zoey think that maybe the Cobra needs a breather. Keen to get anything going her direction, Zoey walks forward, right into the range where she can attempt to do some damage. The two exchange left hands, and Zoey’s connects, landing clean but not overly hard on the jaw of Virani.

Danger: Vicious Cobra in Vicinity

But trading in the pocket with Virani MacVicar is a dangerous thing to do. Even as Zoey’s punch lands, Virani is instinctively is shifting her weight and stepping into the next move, even while Zoey is still thinking about her first. Quick mind, quick hands. Virani knows this is when she can inflict real damage, because she knows Zoey is in punching range, having just been hit by a pink glove.

Coming right back over the top of Zoey’s left hand is Virani’s right, and Zoey doesn’t see it coming.


Virani catches nothing but chin with those green Paffen Sport gloves.

Laila: “A massive, massive shot from MacVicar! It came out of an exchange, but while Zoey connected with her punch, this was a huge reply. Whittaker may punch like her hands are pillows, but we know that MacVicar’s are pure dynamite, and the fuse has just been lit.”



What happens from the punch? Zoey’s lights go out, but not all at once. See, it’s kind of like a computer as it shuts down. You tell it to shut down, but it still leaves a few processes running before it can successfully shut down. That’s what Zoey is doing right now. She’s gone, she’s just trying to fulfill the last commands her brain was able to send.

The Pink Panther stumbles backwards, punch drunk and off balance.

Virani pursues automatically but she’s experienced enough to know that she doesn’t need one more punch to finish off her opponent. If she shows any sign of life, Virani is there to pounce, but there’s a restraint from the Cobra.

Laila: “Whittaker staggers away, she looks like she is going down!”



Zoey’s legs finally give way and she collapses to the canvas. Virani ends up almost stepping on the downed fighter, as she peers down on her. Zoey has been successfully shut down.

Tina: “Virani, neutral corner!”

Virani thinks: Why count. This is over. All the ref is going to get out of this is some counting practice. Zoey’s never getting up from that.

Laila: “And down goes Zoey Whittaker! That right hand from the Canadian Cobra was right on the button and Whittaker could not take it. She’s down for the first time in her pro career!”


True to her word, Tina starts the count on the downed Zoey. The undefeated prospect has barely moved on the canvas and shows little sign of being able to beat the count. The lights are still off at the moment.

Tina: “1….2…..3”

Confident of victory in the neutral corner, Virani is already gesturing to the fans and celebrating what she anticipates to be a victory in a few seconds.

Virani thinks: I really missed this feeling. It is just the best to be able to dominate and then knock another girl out. Can’t believe I get paid to do this.

…and out

To continue the computer metaphor, after the shutdown, Zoey Whittaker is starting back up again. But like a computer that you’ve booted up for the first time, not all the systems turn on at once. There’s a bit of lag, and things don’t quite work as normal.

Zoey rolls over onto her back, and one glance at the eyes of the Pink Panther is enough for Tina Twellman to halt the count and immediately wave off the fight.

Tina: “It’s over! She’s out!”

Virani creeps out of the neutral corner at that moment, using her gloves as pillows.

Virani: “Night night, Zoey.”

Laila: “And this one is over! It takes only four rounds for Virani MacVicar to leave Zoey Whittaker flat on her back. She started a bit slowly, but once she started landing her power shots, Whittaker could not endure for very long. A game challenger, but clearly outgunned.”


As more and more of Zoey’s senses come back, she tries to rise from the canvas, only to be kept down by the referee.

Tina: “Stay down, stay down, fight’s over. I’ve got you.”

Meanwhile, as she sees Zoey waking up, Virani takes a moment to find a camera and strike a pose. She wants to leave the fans at home with the a memory of this fight.

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Virani MacVicar
Current Featherweight champion. A Canadian puncher known for her knockouts that has developed a more all-round style.
Virani MacVicar

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  1. The punch probably hit like a freight train. I can feel the pain just by looking at the picture damn.

  2. If it wasn’t bad enough for Zoey as she gets knocked out by her idol, the cameras caught the well-defined abs of Virani to show that yes, she is in better physical condition than her fan. Small extra humiliation to be on boxing magazines alongside the poses. However, as Virani made a show ending KO that reminds me of Mr. Sandman from Nintendo’s Punch-Out, she is back and ready to climb again! Those past few losses are shaken off, but Sandra will have to take it one step at a time in deciding Virani’s next couple fights. Destroying an outclassed Zoey is good for her image but sooner or later, they’ll have to fight a top contender eventually before the boxing media catches on.

    • Zoey might not look back on this with much fondness.

      You are right though. Virani will have to step up the level of competition if she is to be taken seriously by the top fighters in the division.

  3. It is telling when a jab makes a boxer’s head snap back. Zoey is close to out on her feet in this Round 4. All Virani has to do is harvesting the finish like a low-hanging fruit.

    You can’t do that easily unless your opponent is roped, cornered or engaged. Virani doesn’t bother chasing, chooses to expose herself to a punch to hit back with a lot more power than Zoey can offer. It probably shortens proceedings better than chasing an opponent around the ring.

    Operation Confidence has worked 100%. Virani gets the win that says “I’m back”. Zoey gets, huh, a sleep session “sponsored” by an idol. If she isn’t too hurt, she can always look back at this match thinking “at least I got in the ring with her” and move on. Not that her hands are heavy enough to say there is much to build on in the ring, though.

    • It was a bad omen right off the start for Zoey, who doesn’t have the durability to endure round after round with the Cobra.  As with many knockouts, you can see this one coming.

      Virani is smart to just invite Zoey into range, knowing that she has nothing to fear from the girl in pink, and that by getting her to open up, she can land a shot of her own.  Which she does.  

      Operation confidence has succeeded according to plan.  Operation defeat your idol?  Well, it lies in rubble at the moment.

  4. I had a strong feeling that Virani had this one in the bag, no questions asked, and boy was I right on the nose! I just hope that she shows Zoey the proper respect and sportsmanship that she deserves, especially since she gave Virani a good fight in the beginning.

  5. All I can say is what a brutal Knockout, Virani saw her chance at taking Zoey out and she did. She knew she had to make her come to her to get the perfect shot right on the button!

    J think it’s safe to say (well not for her opponents lol) that the cobra is back baby!! 😁I like the way she uses her hands as pillows after seeing that Zoey was knocked out lol.

    But I do feel sorry for the girl, she was definitely outmatched but she wasn’t to face her idol. Well she did and she may not have had the power to hurt V but I give the girl props for staying in there a fighting, hopefully she becomes a better boxer with more and better training.

    Hopefully V checks on her. I know she’s brutal in the ring but I know she’s no jerk.

    • Gotta make a list of Virani knockouts by brutality.  I think this is in the top half 😀

      Virani shows that her confidence is not gone at all.  A win here and a good spar with Alesia shows that she is still very dangerous

      Zoey got in way over her head and paid the price.  Virani is a ranked Featherweight that has fought some of the best in the sport.  Zoey has not, and that difference, and, frankly, the difference in talent was laid bare.  And facing the Cobra is not like facing some other fighters.  She will knock you out, without compunction, if she can.

      I think Virani will be kind.  She generally is, after, of course, she gives them concussions 😀

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