Sarita and Julie Marks lock horns
Fight announcement

Classic prospect against journeyman

Final Bell Boxing announce that Sarita Waris will return to the ring to face Julie Marks on the undercard at the Tempodrom in Berlin.

The match, scheduled for eight rounds of three minutes under unified rules, will be the opener of a Box TV telecast.


Sarita “Princess of Darkness” Waris, aged 20, comes from Salo in Finland. Her record stands at 3-4 with two of her wins coming by way of knockout. She is coached by Maxim Weiß at No BS Gym in Berlin.

“Ok, I know. There’s a lot to prove and my opponent is the favourite in this match. That’s all I’ll concede. I’m gearing up for war because I have absolutely nothing to lose.”
Sarita Waris

Julie “Power Cube” Marks, 26, comes from the United States and her record stands at 6-1 with four of her wins coming by way of knockout.

“There’s nothing special to Sarita Waris. I’ve seen her fights and I’m not impressed. I’ll knock this chick out within three rounds and end her career on the spot. Not sure why she signed up to fight me.”
Julie Marks

The blonde showed confidence right off the bat.

Sarita Waris
I promise a big win! Julie Marks is all muscle, no brains. We know what happens to boxers who come across someone talented like me. It doesn’t end well for them.

The world will take notice that I finally arrived.
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Unsurprisingly, the bravado earned some spicy replies.

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Julie Marks
@saritawaris You got a big mouth for a little thing with a 3-4 record and no achievement to your name. Prepare to get crushed.
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Zohana Patel
@saritawaris I agree with Julie there. Show some boxing prowess in this match or be laughed at. You’re loud for someone with a losing record.
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Sarita Waris
Hailng from Salo, Finland, the “Princess of Darkness” has knockout power, supreme belief that she is the best and a remorseless bad girl attitude.
Sarita Waris
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