Tamed by the journeyman

Author Alesia

Sarita clocked by Melina Kaplan

Training camp is ongoing at No BS Gym in Berlin. Coach Maxim Weiß is helping Sarita Waris to get ready for her match with Julie Marks.

The stakes are high for the young Finnish fighter. It’s a must-win to reboot her career.

One of her sparring partners is Melina Kaplan since she’s affordable. The woman who lost fights to Anna Schwartz and Astrid Olsson is considered as a journeyman in the business, plying her trade both in sparring and in competition. The sort of fighter whose basic skills are okay, but who can’t crack the code that leads to greatness.

A very focused Sarita is bossing her around most of the time. The blonde moves with confidence. She uses her southpaw stance to switch hit from various angles to confuse the purple haired visitor.

Sarita cracks Melina on the chin with a left bolo punch that is impossible to see coming.

Several rounds of dominance lead to overconfidence, though. The girl in pink repeats the move several times successfully, which makes it possible for the journeyman to read the motion and react appropriately.

Melina pulls back a little when the left hand starts moving, creates distance, plants her right foot firmly on the mat and comes back in with a right cross at full extension. PISH! Gloved knuckles meet the open chin.

Sarita is hurt. She stumbles and grabs a rope in an effort to maintain some balance. That’s when her coach realises she needs to be protected. Otherwise, Melina could easily turn Sarita into a personal punching bag.

Maxim: “Stop! No more punching. Today’s session is over.”


A disgruntled fighter keeps hanging in the ropes.

Sarita: “Why the fuck is it that whenever I do well, I get clocked.”

Her sparring partner puts an arm around her.

Melina: “Care to listen to some advice?”

Sarita: “Sure.”

Melina: “You get overconfident when leading, so you take your foot off the gas. You get pissed off when things turn against you. All emotion. If there’s one place where you can’t let feelings guide you, it’s the boxing ring. Otherwise, you can get beat up by people who don’t have your talent.”

The blonde shoots her a look.

Maxim: “She’s right. Gotta keep your emotions in check.”

Melina: “Look at the great fighters in your division. Alesia, Steffi, Chloé, Taylor and Chelsea. They’re ice cold in the ring. Focused on the job and kicking ass. When they trash talk, it’s all for giving a show. Wanna be like them? Grow the fuck up.”

Sarita: “Man.”

Maxim: “Alright girls. Time to call it a day. Give some thought to it all, Sarita. It’s an important lesson. That and not repeating a move because it worked.”

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