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Sarita scores a memorable knockout

Sarita and Julie are about to go into battle again for Round 4. Both confident that they can do very well. Ding.

The American visitor needs to get close. There is little room for hesitance if you wish to make that happen, so she must attack. The Finnish host is well aware of what her wannabe stalker is doing, circling around her with superior footwork. She avoids physicality and throws punches from outside.

Esther: “Marks gets close and throws a left hook but she gets beaten to the punch by Waris, whose zippy overhand right is on target.”

Anna: “It’s obvious to me that Waris can outbox Marks, but does she have the endurance to do it and stay out of harm’s way until the end in Round 8 against someone who has a granite chin and hands of stone?”

Bold taunt

Moments later, the blonde has an idea. “If I wanna make a statement, gonna knock her out with a surprise.”

The surprise takes the shape of a taunt. Sarita stops, leans forward, withdraws her left hand and points her right glove to the chin.

Sarita: “Come on, meatball. I’ll tell you where to hit. Right here.”

Julie thinks: “She’ll throw the uppercut but I’ll flatten her with the right hand.”


Smurfing shot

Eager to punish the youngster, Julie goes in. She’s convinced that she will make the boat tangle with a powerful right hand. At the same time, the Finn shuffles her feet and puts every bit of torque she can behind a short left hook. Timing and placement are perfect for the red glove to land. PISH!

Esther: “What a crunching left hook! Marks got baited and ran into a huuuuge counter.”

Anna: “There is a high amount of leverage in this one.”

Akane thinks: “My god. What a shot.”


A short-circuit hits the brunette’s entire body. She makes a big ‘thud’ when falling heavily on the canvas and the crowd goes wild.

Anna: “Marks goes down. She got SMURFED. The way she fell makes me think that she’s out of it, Esther. She went lifeless in an instant.”

The fastest referee in boxing makes the same observation, rushes in while Sarita clears the way.

Akane: “OUT!”

The crowd cheers once more.

Esther: “Sarita Waris scores a spectacular one-punch knockout! The first woman to stop Julie Marks does it in style and boy, do I expect view counters to go bonkers on YouTube with this highlight-reel finish by the Finn.”

Excited by the lightning stoppage, the blonde does a cut-throat gesture with draws both cheers and jeers from the audience.

Enfant terrible

The downed American gets time to get back on her feet and she’s okay. Well, besides a badly bruised ego. After a few minutes, post-match rituals can commence.

Veronica: “Referee stops the bout at 1:57 in Round 4… in favour of your winner by a stunning knockout… Sarita ‘Top Draw’ Warrrrrrrisssss!”

The mix of cheers and boos continues.

Anna: “Is this the birth of a new enfant terrible in women’s boxing? Waris has great looks, solid talent, a big knockout to brag about and her demeanor is bound to be controversial. The one you love to hate may be indeed the best way to describe her.”

Sarita Waris Julie Marks 20

Extreme confidence

The smoke clears after this explosion of violence and badassness. Esther asks Anna to do the interviews because she doesn’t want to talk to Sarita.

Anna: “Sarita Waris. Big knockout. Big win to improve your record to 4-4. First impressions?”

Sarita: “I hope you didn’t blink! With one big shot, I smashed a big piece of meat that even the great Sophie Schumann couldn’t send down. I told you all that I was going to make things happen in boxing and here I am. Any volunteers to get punched silly next? Form a queue and I’ll pick one!”

Anna: “No one will question your talent and the result but aren’t you getting ahead of yourself there?”

Sarita: “I’m the real deal, baby. Took me a while to get used to the pro ranks but I landed tonight. You shall expect great things from Sarita Waris. I’m destined to the top and believe me, I won’t take prisoners. No one is safe!”

Anna: “Well… who do you expect to fight next?”

Sarita: “Haven’t thought about that yet and quite frankly, I’m not the matchmaker. My coach Maxim and the good folks at Final Bell can handle the business side. My job is to perform on stage. Tonight is just the beginning.”

Anna: “Alright. Thank you.”

Sarita Waris Julie Marks 21

Marks… question marks

Anna: “Julie Marks. We have every reason to believe that you expected a different outcome. Any regrets here?”

Julie: “I can’t believe I just got knocked the fuck out. Especially that way, in responding to a taunt.”

Anna: “What happened at that particular moment? What was your thought going in?”

Julie: “I expected a right uppercut so I went in to strike with the right cross. Thought that it was a guaranteed hit but she surprised me with the left hook. Didn’t see that one coming at all, and the timing was perfect. It was the punch I wasn’t ready to take.”

Anna: “What’s next for you?”

Julie: “Huh… I got stopped brutally and made fun of by a chick who was 3-4 will go viral and I’m not sure how much credibility I have left. I gotta think about it. I don’t know what the future has in store for me. I just don’t know.”

Anna: “Thank you.”

Sarita Waris Julie Marks 22

Esther: “This wraps up the first match of our telecast. Stay tuned for more violence on the other side of the break.”

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  1. Damn. That’s a statement win from the brash and beautiful Finn.

    We’ve seen Julie stand up to some top fighters in the division. Anna sums it up nicely – we know the Finn has the skills to outbox Julie, but does she have the endurance and focus to do it for the duration of the fight. Sarita solves that equation nicely to send Julie down and out within the distance.

    She does it by taking a risk, but in retrospect its a calculated risk and kind of a clever one. She gets Julie out of her comfort zone and then smashes the American’s aura of invincibility with one big shot. The left hook Sarita lands is nothing short of monstrous.

    Julie collapses like a puppet whose strings have just been cut and thats all anyone needs to see – including promoters who will surely be making video packages of that moment for years to come.

    Sarita takes this big win with calm and poise and grace. Well, no, she celebrates with the emotional maturity of a ten year old.

    “The mix of cheers and boos continues.”

    I think Sarita should get used to that. Some will just applaud a knockout and the violence. Some will not appreciate a brash character like the fiesty Finn. But we certainly have not seen the last of her.

    • Sarita got serious bragging rights here. Chelsea couldn’t knock her out. Sophie, who may be the hardest pure puncher here, couldn’t do it either. Then this little brat shows up and produces a crunching video highlight. That will get a few people talking.

      Of course, she’s all grace, sportsmanship and playing nice with everyone 😆

      She can probably expect to get further boos the next time she steps into the ring. Boxing fans being who they are, though, will they stop viewing if they know that Sarita’s hands can produce a spectacular ending? Probably not 😆

    • Talent is there and Maxim seems to have found the way to deal with her in the gym. I see potential!

  2. Alesia,
    I am not surprised by the result. Sarita managed herself well in the ring, even when getting hammered 🔨 by Julie. Sarita’s training and patience paid off with a knockout 🥊🥊 victory! The young boxer surprised 😮 Julie with her power and ring savvy. Her confidence gave her the energy and drive for the fight. I have to admit, her confidence and assertiveness made her even hotter🔥🔥 and sexier then she already was! As long as she keeps herself grounded, she can certainly add more wins to the win column! Alesia, continued excellence on a well written narrative and very well illustrated tale of boxing lore!

    • Sarita has… huh… style.

      Not necessarily the style that draws a unanimous response. However, boxing pundits can hardly criticise the quality of the display. If you’re the opponent, what can you say after getting stopped cold instantly? Can’t argue too much with the result.

      This is where a fighter who works hard in the background can afford some antics. If you perform, boxing adopts you.

  3. Oh MAN! Marks got knocked out and knocked out in the most humiliating way possible. After the mind games Slater pulled in the last fight and the taunting done here, it seems the Maxim camp is becoming well-known for turning on the switch in an opponent’s head and then turning it right back off with the knockout! Though granted, Sarita probably pre-learned that when she started. lol A pretty good knockout and now having an even record again, it seems the young boxer is back and better than ever as she even has the guts to mention Sophie by name. I wouldn’t recommend a fight with her, but at least the confidence didn’t leave her from before. A champion, a sweetheart, and an upstart. This camp will be crazy fun to watch in the near future. I would love to sit in that Final Bell office with the potential PPV fight cards they can come up with.

    • Looks like we’re getting the Sarita who terrified opponents in the amateur ranks. Bad Girl Reloaded with explosive hands. Julie has a rock solid chin and she got “clean knocked out”. Ouch.

      This chick has potential to take on good fights and probably to divide a crowd as a must-watch, whether you love or hate her.

  4. Damn! I didn’t expect Sarita to win that way. But MAN! She pretty much showed that she can talk the talk AND walk the walk! Question is, where does Julie go from here after that? And, what about Melina Kaplan? Will we see her in action anytime soon?

    • After that brief incident they had in sparring, that is one fight I would like to see official someday.

  5. Creator’s notes

    As I did last time, comments are open for a short time window.

    Now, this story has been one in the making for a little while in partnership with RCola. Sarita had a bumpy start to her professional career in part due to her attitude. Clearly, she isn’t the archetype good girl. She’s got a big mouth, she’s confident, she makes mistakes but she’s also very talented.

    This knockout of Julie Marks, who hasn’t been stopped before, represents a breakout moment. Now we see that with guidance that’s fair but firm, she has genuine potential to perform. If you recall the most recent posts about her comeback, you’ve seen that it wasn’t an easy one but she managed it.

    • Thank you for this story, by the way, I enjoyed reading it every step of the way!

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